More Kudos for Erik

Enjoy these Erik Praises! Praise #1 I left a message on here while my grandfather was dying in 2015. Erik was with me as I wrote you in extreme distress from a Chicago hotel room. He never left my side in my years' long journey. I had to hide with my special needs uncle in a hotel room … Continue reading

My Baby Journey

Here's another story for which I forgot to push the publish button! I love this story from a blog member. It's also timely since my daughter just brought her brand new baby girl home from the hospital a couple of hours ago. Welcome home, Harper Lee Braly! I am a twenty year old and my husband … Continue reading

Erik Pays a Visit!

We're planning on spending Memorial Day at the house, hosting a swim party for Arleen's 11th birthday! Little does my husband know that I bought a Slip N' Slide for the party as well as a huge inflatable floating mat. He's going to be pissed! He hates those things because they're hard to store and … Continue reading

Thankful for the Blog

Raylene is on her way over to stay at our house. Unfortunately, her flight Friday was delayed so she rescheduled it and can only stay until Monday afternoon, but we'll make the most of it! Enjoy these heartwarming stories: Story #1 My name is Danielle and I am a skin care specialist and … Continue reading

Two Sweet Thank You’s

These two testimonials made my heart smile. Praise #1 Dr. Medhus, I want to profoundly thank you for creating Channeling Erik. I have become a huge fan and have watched many of your YouTube videos along with reading a ton of information on your website. Being a parent myself, I cannot even … Continue reading