Sensing Spirit Energy

Before we delve into how to sense the energy of your deceased loved one, spirit guide, guardian angel or other being behind the veil, I have two important questions for you: Why can't I use scissors to cut anything using my left hand? Why do drive up ATMs have Braille for the … Continue reading

Near Death Experiences

Quick note: I will be attending my daughter, Annika's, college graduation on Thursday so I won't be on the radio show, but fear not, Kim will take over my role (which is pretty insignificant anyway) so we're definitely a go.  Sorry this is so short, but I have nothing intelligent to say! Enjoy … Continue reading

NDEs and Energy Healing

Such a frustrating day! My Internet was down until just now. I had to go through a long troubleshooting process only to find that an outage with Xfinity existed and it would be corrected by 2:40 PM my time. Long after that, still no Internet. More troubleshooting, escalating up the ladder of … Continue reading