Tech Zombies, Part Five

We're working our way back home. Although this has been one of the best vacations of our lives, I miss my kids and Easton so much! Kristina and Houston have moved back to Houston and will close on their house today. They move in on Saturday, so remind me to go into hiding around that time! Just … Continue reading

Tech Zombies, Part Four

Yesterday, we did several things, but the highlights were off-roading in Monument Valley and going to the place where Forrest Gump stopped running and turned around to go home. Check this out: Here are two videos, one with us being trapped on all sides by a flash flood. Flash … Continue reading

Tech Zombies, Part Three

What a great day we've had today! This morning after breakfast, Arleen and I, to Rune's dismay, scrambles up a mountain of rocks. I proved his prediction wrong when I didn't limp back with a broken hip. Then we went to Antelope Canyon, a place that is supposedly on the bucket list of many people. … Continue reading

Tech Zombies, Part Two

We just got back from the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. It was thunder storming in the area, but I asked Erik to keep us dry and he did. The views there are breathtaking, and the temperature was very pleasant. Now, we're back at the campsite catching up on work. I will be on the road this Thursday, … Continue reading