Time and Space

Be sure to join Erik, Kim and me tomorrow at 2:00 PM CT on the Joy Ride Radio Show. Many of you submitted questions. Find out if yours was answered by listening HERE during the hour long show.  Kerry Pobanz sent me this interesting letter. Enjoy! Thanks, Kerry! Dear Elisa, When I first … Continue reading

Time Travel

This Memorial Day weekend, we're taking the whole family to Lake Travis in the Austin area to camp. We've got our little boat in storage there, so we'll go tubing, kneeboarding and other things that are not meant for klutzes like me. Plus, I shy away from anything that might include a lake water … Continue reading

Time and Reality

One thing I noticed from the feedback about Erik's new book is that people are really getting a picture of what his life was like and what a profound tragedy this was for my family and me. It's easy to forget, while reading post after post, that this was all borne through something horrific and … Continue reading

Wormholes and Chicken Butts

I hope all you peeps had a great weekend! Mine was wall to wall errands and yard work. It's was broiling and humid outside, (Yay, Houston. Sigh.) but the sky was blue, and I was determined. As usual, my gardening left my arms and legs all cut up and bruised. People gave me looks in the grocery … Continue reading