Spirits Being Trance Channeled

An update about the "Healing Erik Medhus" video. I want everyone to know that I meant no harm to its creator, Abbey Normal. I feel like her intentions were good in that she sought to help my son. I just recoiled at hearing him called a demon. Unfortunately, there's been a lot of backlash toward … Continue reading

Kim Trance Channels Erik, Part One

Well, we got up early to head for our first destination, Wetherford, TX, and right as we leave the house, Annika decides to cancel her summer school course (Logic, gross) to come with her. Of course it took her 30 minutes of agonizing pros and cons weighing, then what seemed like three years to … Continue reading

Erik Gets Around

A blog member sent me this YouTube of a medium who trance channels various entities to let me know that Erik popped in as the second in line. I think this guy's the real deal. It's truly amazing to hear him speaking in anything other than a girly, mousy voice. Erik grew a pair! Yay! I've edited … Continue reading

Erik’s Trance Channeling Event

For all of you guys who missed the Channeling Erik Weekend in Denver, here's something you're sure to love. Next Wednesday, Jamie is trance channeling Erik to answer your questions. It's informative, fun and cheap considering what you get out of it. Here are the details: Web Channeling with Erik … Continue reading