Am I Seeing Things ??

This Happened over a year ago, I’ve been following the same daily routine of going to my factory job of 21 years, and had been reading your book on Erik ( My Son and The Afterlife) everyday at the time and also reading your blog archives, I thought, what a blessing it is for us that Erik is doing what he does (Pranking) and validating, but I always believed in this stuff anyway, but never the less find it inspiring, then one warm day I’m making the long walk across the factory parking lot to enter the plant and around the corner of the lot comes an old beat up Chevy Camaro, loud and smoky exhaust, it certainly got my attention since I’ve never seen this car before and what I saw next had left me scratching my head still today… I saw what looked EXACTLY like a skinny ERIK in a white T-Shirt, one hand on the wheel like Joe Cool and a smoking tailpipe….I literally stopped and watched him drive by and off leaving me completely speechless, I have never seen this car since… Holy smokes Erik ! Bravo Dude !

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