Am I Seeing Things ??

This Happened over a year ago, I’ve been following the same daily routine of going to my factory job of 21 years, and had been reading your book on Erik ( My Son and The Afterlife) everyday at the time and also reading your blog archives, I thought, what a blessing it is for us that Erik is doing what he does (Pranking) and validating, but I always believed in this stuff anyway, but never the less find it inspiring, then one warm day I’m making the long walk across the factory parking lot to enter the plant and around the corner of the lot comes an old beat up Chevy Camaro, loud and smoky exhaust, it certainly got my attention since I’ve never seen this car before and what I saw next had left me scratching my head still today… I saw what looked EXACTLY like a skinny ERIK in a white T-Shirt, one hand on the wheel like Joe Cool and a smoking tailpipe….I literally stopped and watched him drive by and off leaving me completely speechless, I have never seen this car since… Holy smokes Erik ! Bravo Dude !

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Elisa Medhus

  • nancy martin

    Great story! Is there any way we can ask Jamie if it really was him? I need to ask her to verify my story too!

    Last night I was taking a late night walk by the light of the moon and was overwhelmed with the beauty of the night. I was listening to a channeling Erik episode on YouTube on my phone as I walked. It was the first radio show Erik and Jamie did with another reader (Im sorry I don’t remember her name)
    Feeling very connected to God, Erik and Jamie at that moment, I asked Erik if he would appear to me right then and there.
    He didn’t but then, I really didn’t expect it, I just wanted it. Im sure you know that feeling 🙂
    About 15 minutes later, i was back in my neighborhood and the street lights lit the night pretty well, but when a tall, thin, young man around age 20+ with a faded orange knit cap came around the corner out of the shadows, I tried not to be alarmed. I just said, “Hi” as I walked by. He didn’t say anything, just nodded. It was 10:00 at night on a Monday night and the only people out were late night dog walkers. He looked out of place and like he should have been driving instead of walking and I had never seen him before. We live in a very safe established bedroom community. I walk every night and he was out of place and old enough to be driving not walking. I walked a block or so and turned around and he was gone. All of a sudden I thought, “OMG, I think that was Erik!” Where’s real life instant replay when you need it?
    Note: As Im writing this, my music keeps shutting off for no reason, three times to be exact. I asked Erik if he could shut off the lights instead, I like my music, haha. He has pranked me twice before, no doubt it was him. I love you Erik.

  • Al Garza

    I submitted this story, but I sat on it for a long time because I wanted to try and verify what I could, I have never seen that clunker again, I had this question on my QHHT session but we never got to it because my Subconscious insisted on dealing with certain things in my past life, I did give Erik an invite to show up though, maybe next time he will 🙂 I believe anything is possible with Erik 🙂

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