On October 6, 2009, my 20-year-old son Erik, took his own life. Since that sad and tragic day, an overwhelming sense of grief and despair propelled me into a search for answers. Answers that would provide me and others with comfort and hope. Some of those answers came from the many books I bought, but many came from an unexpected source: Erik himself. Read more.

Interview with the Annunaki, Part Two

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather was gorgeous here in Houston, so I spent most of it outside. As always, I have a couple of housekeeping announcements before delving into the exciting second Annunaki Interview. First, don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show tomorrow at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM...

More Erik Encounters

I’d like to announce a couple of upcoming events in Houston that you guys might like. My lovely friend, Sara Kujawa (Of Doing Grief Differently fame) is having a healing event in her home Friday the 8th of November. Here is the information you need:  The following two days, November 9th and 10th, my other...

The Missing 411

I must lead a very sheltered life, because I had never heard of this mystery before. But I received so many requests from blog members to uncover the unanswered questions surrounding it, that I decided to devote a session for it. Denise Ramon channeled Erik beautifully. Check her out at deniseramon.com. Here’s an important message...

Where to Begin

If you're new to Channeling Erik, I recommend you read the backstory first. Then, I suggest you start with the very first post. In doing so you can follow my journey just as I did, through the inexplicable, inconceivable, and yet utterly undeniable surprises that I have encountered since my son''s death. Welcome.


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