Call for Aborted Suicide Attempts

Hey all,

I was contacted by a producer of a reality show who is considering using an “Erik story” for an episode. Of course this is a long shot, but I would love it if you can share a time when Erik may have literally prevented you from committing suicide and whether you’d be willing to share that story on the show. If you do, please email it to me at


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Elisa Medhus

  • Thanks!

    Erik did help me one time to step away from suicidal or extremely depressive thoughts. He made it through a post you (Elisa) made here with a song. But that is all I can share. It was not like, I was going to kill myself if it did not happen. I probably would not take that step that far, but the help Erik gave through that post on that day was spot on and was the one thing that helped me immensely and definitively on that day.

    Thank you Erik and Elisa!

  • Sarah

    Are you doing comments anymore?

  • Lorna

    Hi Elisa as you know I live in England and Eric saved my life around three years ago.

    I attended a ‘Mind Body & Spirit Fair’ at my local Monastery and I was drawn to a particular story in the free booklet issued. The title was ‘Channeling Eric’ and to be honest it would not be something I would read normally. I am so glad I did as this lead to going to the site and ultimately not taking my own life as per the below.

    I written a post regarding my depression and you Elisa picked this up, you said “Erik told me he wants to talk to you and he wants you to talk to the guardian angel that’s with you from birth to death. That said, I want you to make an appointment with Jeannie Barnes and I will pay for it”. Erik wouldn’t ask me to do this unless he thought you were meant for big things, so please do this. You’ll be okay. You just need to know what direction to take. Once you have an appointment, let’s go over some questions together. You said “You’re not alone. A lot of people in the CE family have feelings like you do and we’ll all help each other”.

    The topic was about suicide and how it effects everything and is not a get out to a life with no pain or regrets. You Channeled Erik after you read my comment. (He popped in when you was in the bathtub thinking about me. He’s easiest to channel when you veg out in the tub.)

    This is what Eric said to you – In today’s session, Erik had a message for you. First, he thinks you’re cute. He says the work you need to do is not about trying to stay connected to earth and being alive, it’s about staying connected to Love–being able to love another person and have them love equally back. He said, “Tell her to go to therapy just about receiving love. She’ll learn her self-worth by loving somebody else. Commonly, that’s not how it works. But if she can find a FUN therapist–think fun, not traditional.

    Eric came to me in my dream that night and did work on my self-esteem, he repeated positive messages over and over – I think Robert was there also? (You said this to me)

    I have a much better understanding of why I am here, what I am to do and Eric helped me on a soul level with his working in my dreams.

    Love Lorna xxx

    • Luna

      4 out of 7 days, i dont want to be here. I find things to keep me busy. learning, make me feel useful, but there is still the part of me that has a general rage about being incarnated. I would say that i have suicidal tendencies. its not that i hate myself, or any specific situation is too much for me, because i have overcome more than i can believe. Its just that i want to go home, where i am understood completely. I never expected to live this long, frankly. Had a few near death’s/
      I have googled exit points countless times, suicide from a souls perspective countless times and i always come back here to this website because it is a comfort to me to not be judged for these feelings. Just finding a space of non-judgement about the feelings themselves doesnt seem to exist on earth, so the website is a solace.
      i have attempted suicide seriously twice. the second time i remember being out of my body and doing something like a review of all the people that i loved and knowing that my actions would effect them and they would blame themselves. I remember making the decision to come back into my body and stay because i loved them so much and didnt want to affect them in a negative way.
      i havent been personally “saved” by erik, but the blog and a few much needed laughs have helped at times when i ruminate over the option.
      Erik actually Pranked my IN my meditation the other day. I was listening to a guided meditation to contact spirit guides and i was finally relaxing into it. It was saying something like “a bright white ball of light appears in front of you” and i remember thinking “is this my spirit guide or something?”
      all of a sudden a figure juts out like Pans shadow or something, flailing and coming towards me, but all black like a silhouette and on the left side of my line of vision. and he yells “ITS ERIK!!” it was like being peeked (slang for when someone yells your name across a public place to get your attention and then acts like nothing happened, so ur just looking around confused) i could hear him laughing kinda fading away and i said “YOU ASSHOLE! im trying to meditate! haha”
      It was much needed cuz i dont have a ton of playful people around me at the moment. anyway, i thought you would appreciate that!

      • Lona,You should ask ERIK what you’re to do (after seeking the help of a mental professional first, of course. Leaving this life has so nay reasons all different for each person.

      • You should ask ERIK what you’re to do (after seeking the help of a mental professional first, of course. Leaving this life has so nay reasons all different for each person.

  • goodsheri

    I just want to let you all know that I am thinking and praying for you. I have learned so much from reading all these posts and blog entries from Erik. My biggest wish is that I could figure out my path because I know without any doubt in my mind that I am suppose to help people here on earth but I just don’t know in what way? It is a constant struggle that I have been having about WHAT what am I suppose to be doing here?? I wish I could figure it out. But just know that I want to support anyone on here If I can in any way even if It is just mental support! Peace to everyone!

    • No doubt someone–Erik, your guides, or all of the above–nudged you to the blog so that you could find your path. You know your calling; it’s a matter of how to craft it so that it affects more people. Why don’t you ask Erik to give you hints? One blog member was in your same place, unsure what to do with her life, and Erik made he computer screen show a bunch of moving pencils. She became a writer. If that doesn’t work, ask him on one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls. There are three types. Go to

      • goodsheri

        Thank You I am sure you are right! BTW I have had something odd happen to me the past week or so. I keep smelling Onions very strong when I am near my 12 year old daughter it seems…ha ha and she does not like or eat them so it is very weird. It may be that Erik is trying to get my attention in some way between me and her we have been moving apart as she is pre-teen stage and becoming more defiant and separate from me. Also in my car by myself this morning I smelled the worst fart smell every and it WAS NOT ME! 🙂

      • Yep, that’s definitely Erik. What a rascal he is.

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