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Time for another contest! This one is going to be fun. Here it goes: The first one who guesses Erik’s shoe size wins a Tarot reading from a blog member who is dear to my heart and who has saved the blog from techno Hell: Michael Hulse. Of course Erik suggested guessing the size of one of his other body parts, but… Take your best shot and email me at Only one guess per customer, obviously.


As far as the celebrity poll goes, I’m going to discuss this with my publisher mid January. We’ll get Erik to play a more interactive part. I also plan on having him help us solve some of the “Great Mysteries of the World.” We’ve done some of them already, and I have a list of about 60-70 more! Of course the main course on the menu will always be Erik divulging his insight on death, the afterlife, what it’s like to not have a body and all things related to the human experience. These other things are like those tiny cups of sorbet you get between courses at a fancy shmancy restaurant. (I don’t get much of that, because they don’t serve these kinds of things at Taco Bell or McDonalds, so…

Enough rambling. It’s time for Erik to nudged me aside.

Me: I always wanted to know, you guys use thought to create reality, and it happens so quickly. Over here, it takes so long to think of it and manifest it. How does that work?

Erik: How does that work? It’s taking too long cuz you’re fucking with yourself.

(Pause while Jamie blushes.)

Me: Okay, that’s not a good image.

Jamie has a very tight-lipped smile. Something’s up.

Jamie (laughing): Thank you for recognizing that image.

Erik: You’re putting obstacles in your own way without even knowing it. You’re putting them in your way, because you’re fucking trained that way. You know, your parents said, “No pain, no gain,” right?

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: “Paaaaitinence!”  “If you chill out, you’ll get what you want.” There’s really no right answer or wrong answer, but you need to move at the speed that your emotional body says you need to be at. When you’re feeling awkward, uncomfortable, ungrounded, you need to make changes right away. There doesn’t need to be some freaking pause. You have to rescue yourself whenever you are feeling separate, separate from the whole. A lot of people will think, “What the fuck is separate from the whole?” But if you’re having an emotion where you can’t ground yourself, connect yourself; you feel uncomfortable; you feel like you’re in a funk, then I’ll tell you just right off the bat that something is really wrong, and you’re not owning up to it, and because you’re not owning up to it you think you can just push through it, ignore it “ignorance is bliss” and all that fucking crap—

Jamie grins, clearly embarrassed at his sailor talk. I don’t think she’ll ever get used to it.

Erik: That you—

Jamie giggles and sways back and forth uncomfortably.

Erik: Jamie’s stumped! She’s officially stumped.

Jamie: Go again, Erik. Take two.

Erik: If you start believing that ignorance is bliss, that you have to push through it to get to where you need to be and ignore what’s happening, then you are choosing to put obstacles in your way. You’re choosing not to be emotionally honest with yourself for whatever reasons, and it’s your own shit. It’s not mine; it’s not your neighbor’s, it’s not your parents; it’s your own shit, right? Cuz ultimately it’s up to you to decide what is going to be your own truth or not. That’s the shit that makes it take so fucking long to really create what you wanna create.


Erik: And you know there are people who actually do it really well, right? And they get all the shit that they want. You know, we look at them, and we call them “lucky.” “Oh, they’re so lucky!” And then what do we normally do? We look at them and we go, “I hate you for that!”

Jamie (to Erik): Nice Valley Girl.

Erik: You put a judgment on them, and you want to shun them instead of being happy for them. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Be happy for each other. It’s so crazy. It’s such an attacking kind of a community.

Jamie: Earth. When he’s talking about community, he’s showing me an image of Earth.

Me: Okay. So really, it’s not that you guys are different; it’s that we are. The natural state is creating things instantaneously.

Erik: Yes.

Let’s do an exercise together: Pick one thing you really, really want (not a million dollar yacht or anything. We’re talking Creation 101 here) and scan your heart for any emotional dishonesty. It’ll feel different than a thought. That, you feel in your head. Emotions are felt in the heart or the upper part of the abdomen, usually.

Ask yourself if it will serve your highest purpose, what obstacles you’ve created for yourself, and visualize that creation/manifestation. You can’t just say or think, “Okay, I want abundance,” and just think that’ll do it. You need to keep that intention in your heart and mind all the time. Then, be patient.



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