Give ’em and Arm and They’ll Take a Leg

After looking at the poll, it seems like the majority want a mix: what we’ve been doing, but not the super weird fringy stuff, the great mysteries of the world, the spiritual basis of diseases/disorders, and all things related to being a human, including loss and grief. Of course, as you know, I plan to start the Ask Erik posts again, but only once a month. Details to come. At the end of this post, I’ve put out a request. Please do this for me. I’ll beg if I have to. This is important to the success of the book and therefore to spread the healing well beyond our little community. This posts starts off after we experienced a lot of Erik-induced electrical problems. The “electrical box” Jamie is referring to is the RF detector she uses to play around with Erik’s communication skills.

Me: That’s what he did with his siblings: pestering and pestering and teasing all the time!

Jamie: He’s a hoot. I’m turning off the little electrical box that I’m having him play with, and I’m kicking him off the couch, telling him to get behind the camera.

Me: Good.

Jamie: Maybe our recordings won’t turn off anymore. That’s the first time, and I’ve used QuickTime Player a lot.

I found out, in a recent session, that Erik’s energy has grown tremendously, mostly because of all of the love and intent he receives from you guys.

Me: All right. So where do we start now? I don’t know where it cut off.

Jamie: How we are.

Me: Oh yeah. How we are as the individual and the collective at the same time.

Jamie: He’s giggling at you and saying, “Well I’d have to describe that as an emotional definition, and a lot of times, once—


Jamie: Sorry, he’s having a small tiffy.

Not sure if that was the word she said, because it was almost unintellible.

Erik: Mom, do you mean how we’re still in spirit or how we are when we’re in a body?

Me: I guess in spirit.


Me: Or we can do both.

Erik: Good. No, no, no. That’s easier to explain.

Me: Slacker!

Jamie laughs.

Erik: How we are in spirit is a collective whole. We don’t move together all in one piece, but we have an awareness of our movements—of all the spirits.


Jamie: He’s talking about it being similar to mechanics, the details of mechanics. He’s kind of talking shop so I really don’t understand all the terms.

Me: Well he loved mechanic type stuff. He used to work on cars and all anything with a motor.

Erik: Do I surprise you?

Jamie giggles.

Jamie: So he’s talking about all these parts, and he says that we all have a purpose within the whole.

Erik: Yeah, but we still have free will, so if you’re looking at how we are, we’re exactly who we define ourselves to be, even in spirit: If we want to be further away from the whole or closer to it. That’s what humans do with their belief systems. They can shut down and become further away or they can open up, be open-minded and they become closer, the um—

Jamie: He’s just going on a little tangent.

Erik: Belief systems, uh, remember, belief systems lie in the head so you have to be open-minded, right? It’s the way your perceive things. But faith, that’s more of an emotional term that requires the heart to understand even if there aren’t’ definitions or terms to go with it. So you still have all this free will when you’re in spirit. When you’re asking me to describe how we are or what we are, I would say that we are a whole—a smaller whole of the Prime Source that has independent feelings and knowledge and destiny, but all of it serves the greater purpose of the whole.

Me: Well said!

Erik (to Jamie): High five!

Jamie (to Erik): I’m not touching you. You’re screwing with all my electronics!

Me: Exactly. Stay away from that boy! Okay, here’s one that my husband asked. It’s so cute. When somebody’s arm or leg is amputated, do they still have that energetic appendage?

Jamie (chuckling): Yeah. He’s doing some like weird thing. Ooooh.

Jamie makes worm like movements with her arms.

Erik: That’s dance, Jamie!

Jamie and I laugh.

Jamie (to Erik, with a look of doubt): All right.

Me: He was all feet, tripping all over himself when he danced.

Jamie (to Erik): All right. Give me the answer then.

Erik: The answer’s “yes”. Even if the body part’s not there. How about women who have hysterectomies—

Jamie (to Erik): Well, that’s very nice of you!

Erik: Or people who have –


Jamie (to Erik): Are you trying to say appendicitis?


Jamie burst out in laughter.

Me: Aw!

Jamie: Okay

Erik: Any body part that’s removed, an organ, fingers, arm, things of that nature, the body will still behave as if it’s there, energetically. Even if it’s removed, the energy still exists, and it’s still functioning as if it’s there. It sends signals to the nearby three-dimensional body, which then sends signals to the brain. When the phantom arm or itch has an itch or needs something or a woman that—

Jamie (to Erik): How do you know this?


Jamie: I’m like, ‘How do you know this?’

Erik: A woman that no longer has a uterus, you know, if it’s cramping, things of that nature, there are still those kind of symptoms. They’re considered phantom because, physically, this cannot happen, but energetically it’s giving those signals. That should be the goddamn proof that when people feel sick and they go get checked out and they’re perfectly fine, then their energetic body is fucked up and needs to be dealt with. They should go to someone that can do the energy work. This shit needs to be validated NOW, because there are so many people out there who are suffering who might say they have chronic stomach pain, but when they get their stomach scoped, there’s not even a fucking ulcer in there. These are all energetic woes.

Me: It’s like phantom limb pain, you know?

Erik: Yes! And the phantom limb pain! They should see someone who does energetic work. They can work on that energetic arm or finger or uterus or whatever.


Jamie (smiling): I think he just likes to say the word “uterus.”

Jamie and I giggle.

Me: That’s so funny. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that before!

Here’s my request. I’m trying to increase the number of stars on my Amazon page so people will be more likely to buy the book. Think of how many people we can help this way. This will take less than a minute.


Be careful out there, guys. This winter storm is dangerous. Stay off the icy roads!

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  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    Erik is right on about the energy of the body part, organ still being there.
    I have worked on people who have lost a hand or leg and one who lost one of her kidney’s, it changes everything for them. Peace!

  • Kathy

    Thanks Erik. I have had headaches for 40 some years. I get about 78 per year. I have been to many MD’s, and had many tests over the years, even at the Mayo Clinic. The last Mayo Clinic Headache Specialist told me; ” The reason why you have these headaches is because it is apart of your DNA, just like one person has brown eyes and another person has blue eyes. Nothing we can do about that. Just keep what you are doing, take your Excedrin Migraine if that works for you. Been to a well known healer too, but nothing works. I figure that is just my curse, so live with it. I am just hoping that these headaches will not carry on with me in the after life because that would really suck !

    • BarbaraSparks

      I hope you will keep trying other energy facilitators, just like you would go to different doctors for different opinions. The Mayo clinic told me some “there is no hope” news and I refused this message spiritually and energetically and the health situation changed eventually.

    • Patrick De Haan

      About 78? Not 79 or 77? Wow…that’s precision measurement! I wouldn’t be able to keep track within two dozen, one way or the other.

      It is not a curse and you can rid yourself of the headaches; it’s a past life carryover. Remember the head injury and events leading to it – from a past life – and the pain will begin to subside. I am not getting what the events and injury are – but that’s what is doing it now.

  • cristina

    aaww <3 this is beautiful "I found out, in a recent session, that Erik’s energy has grown
    tremendously, mostly because of all of the love and intent he receives
    from you guys."

    DONE the rating Elisa 🙂

  • Lorelei Dunn

    Hey are we going to get the celebrity posts back? And are you going to do anymore again?

    • I’ll ask the publisher now.

      • Michele Matthews

        Yes please ! Fun !

  • Michele Matthews

    Hi Elisa ! I gave your book 5 stars and a glowing review on Amazon UK, where I have purchased several books. I have also bought several books from Amazon .com in America. When I tried to write another review on that site, it wouldn’t let me , saying that I had already written one ! Not fair!
    What I will do as well, is to ask the people I gave your book to, to also write a review.
    As far as Eriks pranking goes…….has he ever knocked anyone off the site ? This seems to be happening a lot with me ! I get knocked off and back to my home page !

    • He does all sorts of crazy computer things: Changes their desktop pic (once to a photo of him!), turns off the screen, changes to the CE page, etc.

      • Michele Matthews

        Very clever of him !


        Hello Dr. Medhus, Erik and all blog members,
        I’m new to the blog and I’m wondering how I will know if it is Erik pranking me or my own crossed-over pranksters?

      • He has some specialties like horrible smells, including pot and stinky feet. He messes with computers, cell phones and TVs, and so many other things. When he touches or hugs you, you’ll feel prickly goosebumps in that area.

      • Jaime Baxter

        oh….that’s what that was! i said to the guides aloud last night….”why do i smell pot?” it was strong in my bedroom but i’ve been out for a few days (erik loves to smoke with us, he gets a big grin) later on i smelled a horrible stench i couldn’t put my finger on – thanks erik for the confirmations and thank you again elisa, i always tell erik how cool it is that you do this. i’m personally grateful beyond words. i also grew up in houston, now in austin, stay warm! x

      • I apologize in Erik’s behalf. I don’t know what he’s got against perfume!

      • Greg

        I smell random pot all the time too! then again i might just be in need of a shower haha


        What about rotting food? Does he do rotting food? Holy wowee, did I get a dose of that smell recently! So strong, so horrible.

      • Wouldn’t doubt it. Decomposing flesh is my most loathed smell. Never could be a forensic pathologist!

  • MikeHulse

    Done and done. Awaiting Amazon’s approval.

    • Kari Silver Lining Mena

      Hi Mike!!

      • MikeHulse

        Hi Kari

  • Adrienne Fox

    I added a 5 star rating & glowing review 🙂
    Also yes please let us know how we can read the celebrity interviews.

  • Nate

    I had read an article in which there was a study whereby (if I’m remembering correctly) the subject(s) crossed their arms and/or legs, and stimulating the right physical arm would astrally feel like the left arm, or something to that effect. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has to do with the information in today’s post! I remember one time when I had woken up from my sleep, I began moving what I thought was my left arm in between the pillows. The feeling was different, soft but not distinct as usual. Then, my “actual”(?) left arm jolted into the position I had been assuming. Perhaps we are able to stretch out our energetic limbs in that sleepy, dazed state. But be prepared for the jolt!

    • Jaime Baxter

      i have very brittle teeth and nails and had to get veneers at 20 and not have a full upper denture at age 33 (my grandma got them in her 20’s) i was happy to be able to get them out and relieve the pain. unfortunately, i still have phantom pains in the nonexistent upper teeth, not the gums, it feels like it is in the “teethe” of the denture. very odd feeling because i know i don’t have nerves in there 😉

      • Patrick De Haan

        For most of the 80s and 90s my wisdom teeth hurt long after removal.

  • Greg Boschen

    It’s done. My review of the book is posted. Short, sweet, and to the point! Keep on keeping on 🙂

  • M. DiGi

    I hope your book finds it’s way into the homes of others. I personally like the fringy stuff, however I think Erik has done much service in helping so many people with his firsthand understanding of death. Good job to all involved!

  • buttercup411

    Getting ready for another “snow” day in Houston – no school & no work! Just wanted to share a story about what happened to me soon after I started following the blog: I was on my laptop going through blog posts and reading them. My cell phone was in the side pocket of my purse and it rang one time in a short burst (not a full ring). I got my phone out of my purse, looked at it, and it did not say that I had a missed call. When I was about to put it away, I noticed the time on the screen and had to do a double take to see it again. . . . .the time read 1:18 AM. It was only about 7:00 PM. I checked the clock setting and it was set to “automatically detect the time”. Later after I started reading the posts explaining how Erik liked to prank people, it made sense! Stay warm everyone!

    • I’m bundling up in Houston, too. The kids sure are happy! And that definitely sounds like an Erik prank. Man, that boy sure does get around!

    • Kari Silver Lining Mena

      Getting the kids ready to sled down the levy!

  • Lynn L.

    Rating done!

  • Maya

    Hey, what about interview Sylvia Browne?

  • Nehaa

    Hi Elisa..i tried to rate for the book..but Amazon wouldnt let i ve never bought anything from there. Even your book i had bought from flipkart..indian site.
    Luv to you and Jamie and Erik

  • Muaahh!!

  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    So, energetically, my boobs are still huge? EXCELLENT! Lemme slap them on the bar and try to get a free cocktail as I did in college. Also, WEEEE helped Erik get stronger? We better chill the fuck out before the boy gets outta control. ;0)
    Now, off to Amazon to blast some stars.

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    did my rating! 5 stars

  • Ceridwen777

    Review is done – 5 stars and glowing! Love you and Erik and Jamie! 🙂

  • Lynn

    Happy to have read and rated the book 😉

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