Humans in 1,000 Years, Part Two

Y’all, we had a scare here. I was right in the middle of my session with Raylene for the March Q&A (which I hope to post as a YouTube today or tomorrow) when I received a tornado warning on my phone. It said there was a tornado in the area and to take cover. I asked Erik if I needed to bother, and he said I’d be safe, so we just finished the session and yep, we were fine. The chances I take with you people! Haha. 

Here’s the second (and last) part in our series. 

Me: Will there be more energy healing? Will we be able to cure cancer? Will there even be any cancer? Will some of the diseases we have now go by the wayside?


Me: Pick whatever of those (millions of) questions you want!

Kim: Yeah, he’s wiping the slate clean.

Erik: A lot of diseases will go by the wayside.

Me: Good.

Erik: That’s because when you’re acting and existing on a level of super consciousness, the awareness is there before the disease can manifest. It’s kind of like, “I understand that if I bring myself into this space with my thoughts, that’s where illness resides.” Bear with me because I’m trying to give you this in words the best I can, but it’s hard to put into words.

Kim: He’s showing me all in energy.

Erik: It’s basically understanding why disease exists in the first place and being able to discern that. It’s kind of like, “I have this higher consciousness and awareness that cancer can manifest through this lower vibrational thought process.”

Me: Yeah, like, “This will happen if I take life for granted, and it can manifest as this disease.” I understand.

Erik: Exactly, and we’re all going to be operating collectively on a much higher level, so there’s no room for disease. There will be less manifestation of illness.

Me: That’s good.

Erik: But you have to remember that we’ll all become much more aligned with the knowingness that all is One, that all is connected. So in that, people are going to be much more conscious of what they think, do and say because they realize that it doesn’t just affect them. It contributes to the whole. You’ll see people become much more selfless when they let go of the ego and exist on a higher level of consciousness.

Me: Good.

Kim: He keeps showing me this primitive time, but it’s so far in the future.

Erik: The smallest, simplest things will be cherished. We’ll see that again.

Me: Oh, okay.

Kim: He’s talking about being connected to nature and having the smallest things hugely appreciated.

Me: Okay. Just really quickly on these last couple of questions. What will be the biggest breakthrough a thousand years from now? We had the printing press—that was big—the computer chip—that was big. What will be the big breakthrough?

Kim: He’s not responding. He’s not saying anything.

Maybe we’re not supposed to know.

Kim: He’s just showing it to be quite the opposite.

Erik: If I had to say one thing, it’d be transportation and how it will change. As we move forward in time, you’ll see less need and use for technology. People are going to want to be more hands off. They’re going to want space from it. But if there’s one breakthrough that becomes common, transportation, transportation not like you know it today.

Kim: He’s showing me, it’s almost like everyone has their own private jet. He’s showing me it’s much easier to get from point A to point B through some means of flying. I don’t think it’s going to be that we’re traveling on the ground.

Erik: This is going to become common. Just as with computers, at one point they were scarce in households. You were a wealthy family if you had a computer, but now, hell, everybody has five!

Me: Yeah!

Erik: So you’ll see this become very common, but again, people are going to be moving away from technology.

Kim: It’s almost like it’s a subconscious withdrawal. They just know they need space from it like, “I wanna put my phone down and go outside” or they want to get away from the computer.

Erik: Their own intuition will be guiding them.

Me: What about aliens? Will we be rubbing elbows with them as a matter of common course?

Erik: You already do!

Me: I know, but will we have blue skinned, horned aliens from the planet of Blah Blah dining with us at a table at Denny’s? I don’t know why I brought that up, but…

Kim laughs.

Erik: Remember when I told you, Mom, with my awareness and what I do and experience, no matter what you want to experience, no matter who you want to rub elbows with, thought will create that reality.

Me: Okay, so thought will create reality much easier a thousand years from now?

Erik: Yes, because of our super consciousness, being conscious in each moment. The mindfulness with that is what brings you to the state of awareness that I experience. Thought creates reality. You’ll be living that, Mom. They’ll be living that where it’s so common for telepathy—you won’t even have to pick up the phone anymore and call your friends and say, “Hey, what’s up?” You won’t have to text them. Communication will happen on a much more natural, authentic—

Me: Oh, I better short Apple stock!

Kim chuckles at my terrible joke.

Me: Okay, I get that, but will there be obvious aliens who are definitely nonhuman looking beings just walking on the streets with us?

Erik shakes his head, no.

Me: Okay. Last question. What will our world look like? What will our environment look like?

Kim: When we go out a thousand years or even further, he’s showing me the earth going through a phase of death.


Kim: There’s a lot of death, but on the other side of that, it’ll be like we’ve never seen it before. Complete restoration, trees that you couldn’t imagine, flowers, colors—

Me: Is that because of global warming or some sort of catastrophe like an asteroid destroying parts of Earth?

Erik: Nope, it’s because of you.

He points his two index fingers at the camera.

Erik: It’s because of humans.

Me: Not taking care of Mother Earth?

He nods.

Me: So things go to hell in a hand basket, but then we get wise from it and we start making some reforms and the restoration occurs? Is that the sequence we’re looking at?

Erik: Exactly, but I’m talking on an energetic level. You’ll see physical death, but it’s spotty.

Kim: He’s showing me the image of the whole earth, and there are these black spots all over it.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Then, as we become more conscious—

Kim: He’s showing me this massive shift in consciousness.

Erik: –that’s when we realize the simultaneousness of cause and effect. It’s the same thing where what you think and what you do creates, so when you become more mindful of that, you contribute. “Oh, I’m not going to pick this flower because it’s not mine.” You know, that’s ego, “that’s mine.”

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: You’ll give gratitude instead. But the collective will do that. The collective will begin to think differently and shift to nurture and heal the earth. When they become more mindful of that, not only knowing that that’s where the resources come from, but essentially that’s where life comes from. It’s simultaneous and mutual, and you’ll see much more respect and much more life, love and healing being given to the earth, nature—

Kim (laughing): He just interrupted himself and shouted, “You’re going to see a lot more tree huggers!

Me: Oh, good! That sounds great!

Except for the death part.

Me: Anything else in the next 1,000 years before we close?

Erik (shaking his head): Not really. Clean your water. Do whatever you can to clean water, I guess.

Me: Yeah.

Kim laughs at him.

Erik: Duh, Kim, because water is important, It carries energy. Don’t downplay me!

Kim laughs.

Me: No, of course not.

Kim: Sorry!

We close as per our usual custom.

Scary and sad

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