Identity Crisis

I had a really hard time coming up with a title for this post. It was between “Identity Crisis”, “Afterlife Work” (which sounded too laborious), or “Hot Latinos” (which would get me a lot of hits from porn-seekers but might ruffle my husband’s feathers.) In the end, the choice was obvious.

Me: Hi Erik! What up, home slice?

Erik: A lot!

Me: I know!

Jamie: Poor Erik has been keeping up with me. He has this way, he’ll just, like yesterday, he looked at me when that guy, Tom, the husband, when he said goodbye, and he just exploded into tears—

(She’s referring and incident during one of the recent small group channeling conference calls when she began crying in response to Tom’s tears.)

Me: Oh, Yeah.

Jamie: Erik got up in my face, and he was snapping his fingers, and he was like, “Come on, Jamie. Lets go. Let it go.” And I was like, ‘I’m trying to let it go, Erik. I’m trying. And I couldn’t talk. I was like, ‘Oh, shit!’

Me: Aw, he’s your boy. He’s got your back.

(Poignant pause)

Me: Okay, when I die, what will my role be in the afterlife? We know what your role is, but…

Erik (laughing): Well, that’d be pretty bossy for me to just tell you what you’re going to do!

Me: Well, what do you think? I mean, it’s going on right now given the fact that past, present and future are occurring simultaneously so, I’m there as we speak.

Erik: Oh, I think you’re going to help out quite a bit.

God, I hope I can take a little vacation, first.

Erik: You know the community will still keep—

Jamie (with surprised): Oh wow! That long? Yeah, he says the community will keep going.

Me: Jamie, you’re going to have to take over when I go.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Good luck! You can do something. Transform it, write your books and bring them to the attention to the CE audience. Get your kids involved. Something. Maybe one of your kids will want to take over.

Jamie (giggling): That’d be awesome if Luka could take over!

Me: Yeah, oh my god. How cool!

Erik Yeah, so when you’re here, it’s more like you’re going to be helping me and the community, also—

Jamie (to someone in her office): One sec. You see it, right?


Jamie (singing in rhyme): HerMAN the maintenance MAN.

I laugh at her silliness.

Jamie (in a very hushed and naughty tone): He’s so cute!

Me: Jamie, you’re so bad!

Jamie: Latino.

Me: I love Cesar Milan. He’s on my cutie list with Antonio Banderas. Marco Rubio’s adorable, too. I just wanna pinch his little baby cheeks.

Jamie: Oh, I don’t even know who that is. I’ll have to find out.

Me (whispering): Adorable.

Poor Erik. He’s so marginalized. I can see him rolling his eyes in disgust, tapping his foot.

Erik: Ahem. So, mostly, you’re going to choose to help people. You know, you’re going to kind of take the role of motherhood to all.

Jamie: He’s laughing really hard!

Me:  Being free of the body and getting your memory back of all your past lives—what’s it like? Can you suddenly become anyone you wish? Little girl or man or alien? How does this affect your sense of identity? Can we tap into that now?

Erik: Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Me: How much is possible, and how would we do it?

Erik: Anything is possible, and you do it through thought. Thought is the manifestation. You want to sit in the chair in the other room? You get up and sit in the chair in the other room. You want to be a little girl? You get up and you go be a little girl. You can present yourself however you want. You’re still going to be you.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: And you don’t lose your identity. You don’t become confusing and overwhelming about your identity. It’s not like, you know, being fucked up in the head when you’re human. It’s all of a sudden you get this awareness of exactly who you are. It’s not like you’re overwhelmed and you’re  losing it. It’s all of a sudden like, “Fuck! Wow!”

Me: So, it’s not like, “Who am I? Who am I?”

Erik: No, it’s like, “Oh my God. Clarity strikes again.”

Me: So, you still remember who you were in each, you know—

Erik: Life?

Me: Yeah. You still remember the identity you had from each life?

Erik: Yeah, yeah.

Me: Oh, good. So, you remember when you were the captain fighting against Vlad the Impaler and when you were Erik, my son and all that stuff?

Erik: Yup.

Me: Okay, good. Anything more on that?

Erik: No. That’s really how it is. A lot of concepts don’t translate very well.

Me: Okay. Tell me about that.

(Stark silence. I guess that means time to go on.)

Latino Hottie

Latino Hottie

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Elisa Medhus

  • Great post. the “Tom” you are refering to is my brother in law. I am forwarding to my sister..she will love hearing the reference. Gotta say, all the posts lately have had a very deep meaning for me. I dont always leave a comment, but they affect me deeply. Am glad to hear this will all go on and on…it is such a comforting place to spend part of each day..a warm fuzzy internet blanket, full of smiles and helping friends.
    Know I am late mentioning some Erik visits…but 2 days ago I turned on the fireplace as my sister and I were both chilled. we enjoyed sitting and chatting by the fire. I got up for something, walked down the hall and saw the thermostat was set at 62…much cooler than i ever set it, and it was on hold 70. Knew cowboy was behind it. He is also good at hiding one glove, then laying it in my path the next day, and that rotten fishy smell is unforgetable!!! Love to you all.xox

    • Oops, sorry. I’ll trade you that rotten fish for the smelly socks and raise you one stale bong water.

      • oh no..dont be sorry..I think its wonderful! I’ll see you one stale bong water..and raise you some manure aroma!!! LOL

    • MikeHulse

      Lol I’ll raise you both with being awoken at 3am with a hand tapping on top of my head. He later confessed to Jamie in a reading I had.

  • Liz

    At first I wondered why no one mentioned Antonio Sabato, Jr…and then I learned he is from Rome! Score one of us Paisans…you know, if you like that sort of thing. ::taps foot, rolls eyes:: 🙂 hehe

  • kami hendrix

    Should have been “Hot Latinos”…LMFAO. Anyway, I was curious to know which part of your family is spanish? I remember seeing a video of your husband and noticed that he had an accent and I wasn’t sure if that influence came from him. I’m super curious. At the end of a crib’s version of erik talking about his motorcycles, he said “Yo quiero taco bell” without screwing up the pronunciation and I just about died laughing.

  • TF

    Love the post. As an aside… I’m wondering how many of our dogs get blamed when it might be Erik? 😉

  • PollyMax2010

    Good info! and fun post 🙂 Susanxoxo

  • Dusty

    Ok. This is weird, but I think Erik turned on my heater last night. I fell asleep with it on, got too hot under my flannel sheets and groggily turned it off around 1:00 a.m. Come 5:30 a.m. I REALLY didn’t want to get up knowing the air (and bathroom tile) would be freezing. Low and behold the heater was set at a comfortable 72º when I awoke. No way I did it (or anyone else)!

    As for Latin men…I’m partial to William Levy and Enrique Iglesias (pretty boys…I know, I know.)

  • Tiggg

    Thanks all, totally enjoyed this conversation. I don’t know if this has been discussed but what about people who feel they are in the wrong bodies. Some have sex changes but it’s happening more and more. Probably not happening any more than before but it’s being talking about more so he seems like it. What do people have to learn when they are in the wrong body. I can think of a few ideas. But would love to hear what Erik the man has to say.

  • Nancy Antia

    This channeling answers my question about who we actually are in the afterlife. Elisa, do you remember I asked you about it some time ago? I have lots of other questions related to the same matter but one of the most important aspects of it Erik has already explained it for us.Thanks!

  • I haven’t been here in a long time. I’ve got a lot to catch up on… but I am totally cracking up at the man candy! 🙂

  • Tortuga62

    Thank you, Creator!
    Thank you, Elisa!
    Thank you, Erik!
    Thank you, CE Family!

    • Thank you, Rebecca!

      • Tortuga62

        Erik visited me in my dream last night. 🙂
        Quite the persistent prankster, as you say!

      • Wow, he’s been busy. He messed with his sister’s aquarium yesterday.

      • Simon

        What did he do with it? Sounds interesting.

  • Yeah, Erik has discussed the whole LBGT thing several times and it’s quite interesting. As you plow through the archives you’ll see. And you can search keywords like LGBT, transgender, homosexual, gay. Try all of those, actually.

  • Creepy Erik!

  • He loves playing with heaters. He turned up the heating cables of our cabin in Norway to extremely high levels. Before we even knew it was him, while we were frantically trying to fix it, Robert called us with a message saying he didn’t know what the heck Erik meant by it but he wanted to know if the floors were hot enough for us. Robert didn’t know anything about floors being heated in Norway and didn’t know we were having trouble with ours. Anyway, after the message was sent, the problem miraculously disappeared. Scoundrel. As for Enrique. Yep, he’s cute. I’ll have to look up William Levy. I think we might have to start a shrine or something.

    • Dusty

      Ahahaha. Must have been a relief to know it was Erik messing with your heating cables. Surreal…but a relief.

      I’ve been seeing symbols of dragonflies everywhere lately. Makes me smile…and wonder if it’s Erik.

      (As a footnote, William Levy was on “Dancing with the Stars” last spring.)

  • Well, it gives us one more thing to blame.

  • HAHA, my husband is Norwegian and my father is from Spain!

  • Brenda

    Elisa….I found this website about a month ago and finally finished reading all the past entries. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Erik has started to pull some pranks such as turning the tv off and on. The cable box stays on, it’s just the tv. The first time he did it continuously until I finally told him to knock it off. LOL! Now it’s only now and then. The phone rang the other night and the caller ID just said “nobody”, I’ve never had that happen before. I look forward to my next encounter with this lovable little prankster. Have a wonderful weekend and again, thank you for sharing Erik.

  • I’ve yet to be pranked yet (that I’m aware of). And then again, I’m a spacehead so it would probably take Erik doing a 100% physical manifestation a foot in front of me and slapping my face for me to notice.

  • Erik comes as dragonflies. My mom comes as butterflies. It’s kind of late in the season for dragonflies which makes me think it might be some deceased–maybe Erik. It could be one of your deceased relatives or friends. Do you get an image or feeling of someone when you see the dragonfly?

    • Dusty

      I get an image of my maternal grandmother standing in the sun laughing. She was so gentle…and funny.

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