It’s All so Moving

Not only am I addicted to my precious eBoard, but, as you can tell, I’m also addicted to polls. Let’s try this one:

Me: You said one time that hanging on to negative emotions was like gripping onto greased monkey bars. There’s just no space for it, right, like oil and water?

Erik: Correct.

Me: Okay. Well, let’s go on to movement, then. Tell me how you move.


Jamie (smiling): He’s NOT a good dancer!

Me: Oh, god no. He was awful!

Jamie: He’s standing up; he has his hands up on the back side of his head and he’s shaking his head. Looks like what a 2 or 3-year-old kid would do to get a laugh.

I laugh. (So it worked)

Jamie: He’s being really goofy about it.


Jamie (waving her hand at him): Sit down!

Erik: Movement. Okay, if you’re watching, you have to get the image of cars, planes, boats, scooters, skates—all that out of your head, and also the concept of walking. Remember you’re stuck in the belief that time is linear so you have to make a process and a plan to get from point A to point B. Here, we don’t have to do that. We can just moooove into point B without making any plans. If you can create it and manifest it in your energetic body, then you’re going to go there. You can see it, think it, direct yourself there, you arrive. So, movement transcends space and time. That’s why it’s so easy to go home, and also if somebody’s thinking of me in Arizona or in Jamaica, then I can just take off, just like that, and the following, what you would call a second, I would be in a different location.

Me: Saves on frequent flyer miles I guess!

Erik: Hey, it saves on our natural resources, too.

Me: That’s true. That’s true.


Jamie and I giggle.

Me: Where all can you go?

Jamie: Where do you go, Erik?

Erik: All over! You can go to the places you know of in the life you just left such as home, your friend’s house. You can travel to other countries that you’ve never been to, but here’s the catch—

Jamie listens, then laughs.

Jamie: He’s rubbing his hairless little face and going “Ummm, uhhh” and he’s tugging at his t-shirt.

Erik: You don’t have to just stick to the (air quotes) timeframe that you just left. You can also check into your other lives—past lives, future lives, however you wanna do that, right? So you can end up in those places or current places or you can end up in any other place in the world, but then—here we go—we also have—

Jamie (to Erik): Who’s “we”?

Erik: “We” is every living being, the collective whole. We also have access to other planets in other locations that we can communicate with and travel to. We’re not just shut off to ourselves.

Weird wording, but…

Erik: It’s not like when you’re living on Earth, not having access to people on, you know, X galaxy, um, the galaxy in X universe. We, in spirit, have an understanding that there are interdimensional races, and we have ways of communicating and exchanging—

(Long pause)

Jamie: Lifetimes. He used the word “lifetimes,” and I was like, ‘What do you mean?’

Erik: You would call it reincarnation, recycle.

What the hell does that have to do with the whole communicating and exchanging bit?

Me: So, you travel just by thinking, basically, right?

Erik: Yes, manifesting it within your body, whether it’s your head or your heart, and then you arrive.

Me: Well, there’s a component of time in that: Think and THEN it happens.

Erik: Yeah, there’s only a component in it because I have to rely on this stupid fucking English language that has sentence structure, therefore I have to give it to you in some sort of framework or else it’s just Jell-O.

Me: Jell-O! Well, I think we should end off on that word, because that just makes all sorts of sense!

Jamie laughs at my sarcasm.


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  • Todd Ford

    Happy new year to you as well! Thanks for everything. 🙂

  • Jeanette DiPasquale


  • Tammy

    Happy New Year !!! Love Y’all!! B Safe

  • Mo

    Happy new year!!

  • BlackIrishComanche

    I had to get my daily dose of CE before I hit the town. Now it’s PARTY TIME!!! Haha! Happy New Year Everyone!

  • Tiggg

    Happy New Year Elisa, Erik and Jamie. Thanks for all the wonderful sessions I know I have learned so much from you all. <3

  • Curious

    Manifesting it within your body?what body? If you are an orb most of the time
    is there a head or a heart ?clarifying will be great. Thanks

  • Lelabelle

    “Jell-O”….lmfao….I get it…I see it…I feel it. Point well taken 🙂

  • Ginger

    Elisa, my name is Ginger. My husband Andrew and I had the great fortune/blessing go meeting your son Erik last night. He was kind enough to guide my grandmothers to communicate with us through a Spellboard that we used for the first time! I don’t even know where to start but if you want me to call or email u with more detail later I would be glad to. It was an amazing experience as u know and we found quickly that my husband is the conduit and I am the director or guide? I took my fingers off when I realized your son was working directly through Drew, my husband wasn’t even freaked out, he said it was like being on ecstasy which we had tried many years ago on New Year’s Eve ( coincidentally). They worked together in such harmony! I was amazed, a dream come true…so much guidance and help about our 3 kids and our lives in general, maybe Erik will tell u our story someday but I’m sure he has so many peoples lives to share. The bottom line is that what u are doing with the loving relationship between a mother and son inspires us all! It makes us want to be better and to do better as parents because I know I can and I will. Thank you for this greatest gift that Anyone could ask for, thank you for opening yourself up to the truths that lye beyond what we see here and now, hopefully many will follow in this new year, I know I will. God bless( or Source bless) ;). Ps- loved your book but ready for the new one!

  • Radiochick

    Happy New Year to all my Channeling Erik Friends!

  • buttercup411

    Thanks for all you are doing and wishing you and your family a wonderful new year! I found your blog just recently and have been reading posts everyday. It has been very helpful to me at this time as I have a family member that is dealing with a serious illness and possibly facing the end of their earthbound life. It has really helped me deal with my own emotions and be more accepting of the situation and not fighting it. The words that Erik speaks really validates my lifelong struggle that I have had with the “religious institution”. I always felt “spiritual”, but did not feel that I fit with any certain “religion”. Now I feel comfortable with my beliefs. I always knew I felt like a “part of the whole” and that “whole” was not within church walls and was not bound by the earth and the things we see. I feel like my spiritual self is “remembering”.

    • Nice to see you on that journey. We’ve all had our own. God knows mine was no walk in the park!

      • I did for a long time. Despite all of the seemly undeniable evidence, I got stuck at 90% sure. I was really afraid to believe because if I did and found out it was a hoax, it’d be like losing Erik again, but permanently. I couldn’t bear that. But then I heard his voice–very clearly–on one of the recorded sessions. That did it for me and everything, including all of the evidence, made sense. Plus the science behind it helps. Search with the keyword “electromagnetic”in the blog to find out more about that.

  • Aww, it makes me feel so good to know that Erik is working through Andrew. I love using the eBoard to communicate with Erik. He gives such amazing advice and messages. I’m glad it gives you comfort! Feel free to email me the details:

  • Donna Moore

    Hi everyone , Im new I was defiantly pranked energy shut down my internet and a pop bottle popped at the same time that I clicked on Erics Utube clip, but I still went back connected and watched 😉 , Im new at spirit as a reality , and I was scared if I clicked on dear Erics face he might haunt me for the rest of my life. And yes I hope he and all of you do LOL . Peace and love sending from Australia

  • Cecilia

    Hi Elisa, my name is Cecilia and just finished reading my loving book about Erik. I am so in love with this book, that I was trying to delay the end!, and planning to go back to it again.
    I had an experience with Erik as well, although I didn’t see him, I asked him for guidance one night before sleeping on how am I supposed to help others through healing. I asked to see and hear more clearly the messages from God my angels and guides to pass them through to those in need of peace. I got an answer back with a boy’s voice saying: What about Jamie?, at that time I didn’t put one and one together until the morning after, and realized that Jamie was “the Jamie” who helped you Elisa bringing this messages out to us. I am far away, in Toronto, and not sure how Jamie could help me, I have emailed her asking…hopefully I can get a clearly extra response from Erik again. I admire your strength and commitment to us Erik’s listeners in search of truth and unconditional love amongst us. Blessings, Cecilia

    • This is incredible. I know exactly what Erik wants you to do. He wants you to sign up for those small feeling conference calls and speak to him directly. I don’t know when her next one is. I know they book up very quickly because she only excepts a very small number of people. You can ask Erik all sorts of questions and if you like I can help you create those questions. Just go to her website I bet he nudged you to the book for a reason. Something tells me you’re meant to do something special. Just let me know how I can help. This is sooo exciting!!!

      • Cecilia

        OMG I just got the chills!, after posting this, I had already registered as a member on this blog, and also just purchased the eboard under Jamie’s site. I know I am under the right path, I can feel the tingling on my right side of my face!, I will check her schedule and Yes! I would please like some help with questions, I have so many! don’t know where to start. Thanks so much Elisa for your response! Very grateful! I know you sent Ginger your email, so if you don’t mind I might use it to send you some questions? not sure how this works, but will be in contact. Thanks again!

      • I’m leaving for San Diego today and returning on the 14th. I’ll be in courses from 8 to 8 so I won’t have much time to do anything else. Can you email me her address on the 15th? Also maybe give me a reminder of your experience. My memory is terrible! BTW that’s Erik’s signature form of communication: goodebumps. My email is

      • Cecilia

        No worries, We will talk on the 15th, have a safe trip! thanks again!

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