One Day in the Life of Erik

You know we always ask Erik about matters of the universe, the afterlife, the soul, the human experience. The one day it dawned on me; I never ask about him! This post accomplishes that and more.

Me: How are you, Erik?

Jamie: He says he’s been doing very well. He’s been taunting me all morning telling me I was going to be late.

Me: And you weren’t!

Jamie: No, I wasn’t!

Me: You proved him wrong.

Jamie: Maybe he was telling me I was going to be late, and I wasn’t going to let him be right!

Me: Uh huh. That’s probably it. Ha ha, Erik!

Jamie chuckles.

Me: Tell me about your typical day, Erik? You get up in the morning, and you probably don’t brush your teeth or comb your hair, but go on.

Erik: Eeeh (buzzer sound), already wrong.

Me: Well, there’s no morning anyway.

Erik: It’s beautiful all the time.


Jamie (clearly touched): Aww, he just got glazy eyed.

Me: Aww.

Jamie (to Erik, giggling): Come back!

Erik: It’s so different. So amazing that we choose not to remember it.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: But, I don’t get up in the morning, but if we’re going to talk about this like I’m on Earth, then when you wake up in the morning, which is not too early—

Damn. Busted.

Erik: —I kind of like to walk through the house first thing in the morning.

Jamie (smiling): He really likes his house.

Me: Aww.

Erik: I do. So, I kind of walk through the house, then once everybody’s up, then I know that—


Jamie (to Erik): Slow—hold on. Slow down; back up.

Erik: Once everybody’s up, I know everybody’s okay, you know, starting a new day and everything, normally I’ll take off after everyone has their routine going.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: And then I go and haunt my sister for a bit.

Me: Which one? Oh, probably Michelle.

Erik: Yeah, Michelle.

Me: And what do you mean, you haunt her?

Erik: I just go and I check on her.

Me: Okay. So you chill with her, pretty much.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay. Well, that’s what you always used to do.

Erik: And then I normally calm down, because now everybody’s waking up. It’s wild because Channeling Erik is worldwide, so I get shout outs from every time zone. I can be doing shit day and night—always, with people who are awake or asking. I can play and prank and teach and just fuck with people. But when it—we’re going off your timeframe, so then after I screw with Michelle, I take off. And I go chill and I sense who’s needing me, who’s calling me, who’s reading the blog, that kind of a thing. I have that underlying current all the time.

Me: Mm. Okay.

Erik: I’m tapping into who’s thinking about our story or who’s needing help. And that’s when—


Jamie giggles.

Erik: It sounds so fucked up.

Jamie: Yeah, it does.

Me: Stalker!

Erik: When I choose to divide myself and go see everyone who’s calling on me or thinking about me and deciding when it’s kind of time to pull a prank, to let ‘em know that I am there or just to sit and listen, just to hold space. Because you know I was never really that great at doing that when I was alive. It comes with a lot of patience.

Me: You mean listening?

Erik: Yeah. Listening and holding space for them, just letting them be who they need to be.

Me: Oh, so that’s what you mean by “holding space.”

Erik: Yeah. And it requires you not to have an opinion, which is hard.

Jamie chuckles knowingly.

Me: Runs in our family.

Erik: I do that, and then I take some time for myself. I like to—

(Pause as Jamie listens)

Jamie (to Erik): You’re like a little extremist, aren’t you! (To me) He’s talking about motorcycles, snowboarding, like all crazy extreme sports.

Me: Oh yeah. That’s him.

Jamie: He’s talking about skiing, but waterskiing, you know, out in the water.

Me: He used to love wakeboarding, but he face planted so many times because he was too aggressive.

Jamie: Oh my god!

Me: He always pushed the envelope.

Erik: Lake water up the nose.

Jamie: So, he’s showing me all sorts of crazy activities like that.

Erik: I like to do something like that at least once a day, you know in terms of how our days are equivalent to your day.

Me: Exactly.

Erik: And then I go chill out again, but this time I try to see what I can learn. It’s not so much for everyone else. It’s more about what am I missing or who I need to meet or who’s going to challenge me to reach out a little bit more. Then, after that, I like to go back to the house. I like to make sure that you’re doing okay, and I try to remind you to take more time to yourself, because you think that you’re doing good at that, but it’s such a fucking lie!

Me: Well, I’m getting a little bit better. I try to sit out by the pool. But yeah, you’re right. Usually I bring work out with me! I do something on my to-do list while I’m outside.

Jamie giggles. I bet she’s the same way.

Me: So, I kind of fool myself that way! It’s just that I have so much to do, so much on my plate.

Erik: Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody help you?

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: You’re going to need that.

Me: Yeah, eventually.


Me: Okay. Then what do you do?

Erik: Then I—

(Long pause)

Jamie: He just went off on a tangent.

Erik: Remember you guys were talking last night about the nonprofit? It should continuously support the Channeling Erik blog and pay for an assistant, the web updates and everything.

Me: Okay. That’s an idea. It’s hard for me to let go of things, though. What if they don’t do it right?

Erik: Well, you can always check it after they’ve done it and make corrections.

Me: Oh yeah, and I like to do the transcriptions myself, because it’s like I’m having a conversation again with you.

(God, I wish I were a better typist.)

Erik: It’s fine, but then let somebody else do the clipping and the posting and the managing.

Me: Okay. Sounds good.

Erik: Someone to do the grunt work!

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And then, after I remind you to chill the fuck out, take some time out. I usually pick on Pappa a little bit. It’s so interesting. The two of you are like night and day.

Me: God, yes!

Erik: Whenever I buzz by you, you’re always wide open, you know, “Hi. How are you?” You just have this constant on button. I know that must be fucking tiring in and of itself.

Me: I probably tire out other people more than I do myself.

Erik: But then I buzz by Pappa and he’s got this constant off button.

Me: So he’s not open to suggestions?

Erik: Uh uh. Nope. He’s gotta do it his way or the highway.

Me: Oh, yeah!


Me: And? Then what do you do? Eat dinner, go to a movie, tend to your girlfriend?

Erik: No, it’s not like that.

Me: I know, but do you take time for you and your girlfriend?

Erik: Well, yeah. She’ll join me on my activities and stuff when I’m helping other people. It’s not like I’m all by myself doing everything.

Me: Okay. Now do you learn, uh, you said you learn what you can do to help the blog members and all that stuff. Do you learn other things, too?

Erik: Yeah, when I chill out and take some time to see what I’m missing. Who can I meet; who can challenge me; how to work on myself? Yeah, every day.

I already asked him that! What a memory. It’s hell to get old.

Me: Do you learn about different dimensions and the universe or have you already tapped into all of that information like you focus on it and you know it?

Erik: No, no. Not true. I can tap into it, but still—


Jamie: Um, he’s looking for a word.


Jamie (to Erik, laughing): Don’t use that word!

Me: Uh oh.

Jamie (still giggling): Retarded. (Pause) He can’t think of a better one.

Me: Okay. That’s retarded?

Erik: Mentally challenged.

Why couldn’t he have just used that one?

Jamie: He’s talking about going and learning about other dimensions. He can understand the information, but he’s mentally challenged on how to translate it.

Erik: Cuz the language here is more like an emotional one. When you’re feeling sad or happy, you can’t explain to someone in detail the feeling itself. You can explain maybe what caused it or why you chose to react that way. You can’t really explain the emotion. So knowledge is like that over here.

Me: Yeah, when I talk to you, it seems like it’s not all conversational. Maybe I’m just making this up, but sometimes I feel like you’re giving me an image or idea.

Erik: Yeah. Yeah. It’s less of language and more of a picture, a show and tell kind of a thing and there’s an emotional value to it.

Me: At first when I tried to channel you, I tried so hard to get sentences and stuff, but it just didn’t work. Now I’m just letting go and opening up my mind to other forms of communication. It seems to work. I don’t know.

Erik: That’s the truer way of how we work in spirit.

Me: I still got a long way to go, though.

Erik: The shit that I do with Jamie, diarrhea of the mouth, that’s just to help—it’s just kind of trying to help pacify—

Jamie (to Erik): That doesn’t make sense.

Erik: Pacify the whole; pacify the beginning until we really get into it. It’s just a start. Conversation is just a starter. It’s not the real deal.

Me: Ah, interesting. Do you do anything to help Jamie at all like you do with me, or do her own guides do that?

Erik: She lets her own guides do that.


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  • asil

    How I wish I could get this sort of communication with my son…and it sounds so complete and connected, like things should be but maybe weren’t on this plane, if you understand. Is Erik more organized and maybe leading the sort of existence that you would have liked to see him lead on earth now on the other side? I would like to think that my son could finally connect all of those loose ends and have some better order in his day to day existence. Things used to be too disjointed and too much chaos…

  • Stacey

    Thank you Erik for having my back! Your a great friend and I luv u!

  • thiery572

    Yeah2x, celebrate his life, please. Doesn’t matter afterlife or physical life, celebrate his life and all your family members life daily can make you feel happy and inseparated.
    No need to make a point of his death. But you have to make a point of his life.
    I am very glad Jamie proved he’s wrong today. It’s a PROVE that we are the creator of our reality. We are not less God than Erik, we are all Co-creators.
    And yeah, you do have same access to ALL information that he has.

    I have a little problem with you Elisa, when you keep feeling guilty for wanting Erik to be alive (e.g. by saying it is selfish to want him alive). So, what’s wrong of being selfish? It is your birthright to want what you want, no matter you get it or not.

    But if you keep lessen yourself, then you will have this ‘surpressed emotions’ and ‘duality’ (where one side of you is happy, and the other side of you is sad).

    What’s wrong of ‘blaming Erik for not allowing you to see him grow old?’ He won’t feel hurt if you blame him. He’s a spirit already. He’ll be okay.

    Say if you go to a room (preferably nobody can hear), then you scream, cry, blame Erik, release all your emotions. You do this everyday until all anger is gone. Then that day you will be forgiving him for good. And you’ll know that when you don’t think about it (his absence) that much. But you just feel happy (with or without his presence) without any surpression.

    I know you are a mother, naturally feel guilt to put yourself above your children. So my advice must be a high jump for you, and probably emotionaly risky. But this is the part you need to work on. Then you’ll be like Pappa a little bit.

  • adam

    Hi Elisa, just wanted to say I’ve been stalking around here for awhile. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I wanted to say that I really love the blog. It’s FILLED with information. Erik has come to me a few times now which I find fascinating. Whatever the hell is going on in the world right now I guess I’m a part of it. Keep up the good work.

  • Judith

    It’s nice hearing what Erik’s life is like, I’m touched by how much time he spends with his family, this is comforting. I felt some time ago that Elisa needs an assistant (or two).

  • You know he loves you.

    • Stacey

      Thank you so much for what you do! I don’t even have the words right now to express to you both my appreciation and gratitude. Erik has given me hope, faith, love, light, strength, laughter, peace, serenity, calmness and for this I’m forever grateful.

  • etherealdreams

    I had an awesome experience with Erik and pulling pranks. In the summer one day I decided to talk to Erik and invite him over to my house and show me he was there. The whole week one appliance acted up after the other and my parents got really upset. Then one morning my dad woke up to his ipod saying it was January 1970 lol.

  • jhon74

    Hi Elisa Im Juan from Miami, I want to share with you,,,,that sometimes I talk to Erik, and ask him som questions and advise about my art and sculptures that I make, since I truly believer in the spiritual work,,,(,in spanish of course jajaja) ,,,i laugh because my wife had spirital vision, sometime she see spirits, but she dosen’t believe complete in her grace,,,but the other day she say that a young boy (a handsome one) pass throug our house, she say that was a very contemporary youn man with modern clothes,,,thanks Erik 🙂

  • thiery572

    Life should be give and take. I feel like you only give, never take (remember Whitney Houston interview?). Most people are only take and never give, but you are the opposite (which of course, make us happy). Maybe you should learn how to take? It doesn’t have to be 50:50, but it could be 90:10, or whatever you think is appropriate. Then there will be ‘in’ and ‘out’ flow. Then there will be balance. I do really think Erik also need to learn how to ‘take’ as well. I mean, I read one of the conversation, where he had teary eyes, and said something like, that people like you and him are sort of meant only give (and suffer). I just don’t get it. People should give and take. In and out. Coming and going. Am I missing something? Tell me if I am wrong, please. I just don’t understand this part. I just think that people on earth are meant to be happy, free of pain. Eventhough there is a pain ‘right now’, I believe this is not how God create us. There must be a solution somewhere.

    When you said ‘help others means help yourself’. That is correct, and you did an excellent job on this one. But on the other hand ‘help yourself means help others’ as well. You have to do both. 🙂

    I mean, say, for example you heal yourself. You do nothing, but you are just completely ‘grief free’. The vibration you spread is healing for other people (grieving or not). If you can heal yourself, then you can be the perfect example and give hope for others of how to be ‘grief free’ as well.

    Imagine, how much impact you give for others by helping inside and out?

    • Robin Kincaid

      I think, if I may say so (NDE survivor and Medium), we forget these people who pass on to a different Reality/Consciousness Shift are still people with their own personalities, faults, abilities, weaknesses, etc. They are STILL LEARNING. Erik is not an Angel Being yet, he is also going to age only up to what they call the Prime of Life (and if you die Old, you will age downward to the prime of life: between 25-35 years of age. Erik would still be working ou issues of give and take, suffering or not, etc. He will Shift to a different community/higher vibrational level as well, when he is ready and then, it may even become impossible to be conversing through a Medium with his mother. We expect to much knowledge from these Spirit Folks and we need to remember they are also Allowed to know only certain things until they have Evolved to learn and really understand the Huge Complexities of Knowledge available in the Ever Expanding Universes out there that people keep transitioning through over eons.

  • Carolyn

    Good morning. Where is the “Ask Erik” button so that I can communicate with Erik? I can’t seem to find it anywhere in your website. I already subscribed and registered. Thank you.

    • I used to have that but too many people put in requests. It cuts into so much session time and those are expensive. Since I refuse all monetary compensation, I just couldn’t afford it anymore.

      • Simon

        I’m a touch typist, if you ever want any help with the blog, I would be pleased to help.

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