How Spirits Communicate to Us and What We Look Like to Them

Phew, that’s gotta be the longest title ever! So, after reading a lot of your comments and suggestions, here’s a proposal for the blog (after I finish going through the current transcriptions):

Each post will have the usual introduction and announcements, but then most will be purely video. Each video will last 20-30 minutes. One day will be an afterlife interview with someone notable. Two days will be the usual spiritual stuff. A third day will be the spiritual basis of a disease or disorder alternating every other week with a great mystery of the world. Once a week, I still want to post a Best of Erik, which will be text-based, and I also still want to share Erik Encounters on the weekend. Answer this poll to tell me what you think:

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Here’s today’s Best of Erik.

Me: What do you have to do to communicate with us? How do you see us compared to your fellow spirits? This is a blog member asking this. Do you see your fellow spirits differently than you do us? So, that’s a two-part question.

Erik (laughing): You look like animals! No, I have to lower my energy quite a bit to do the pranks and to get in the way—

Me: How do you do that?

Jamie burst out in a loud laugh for a long time.

Me: Oh god. What now.

Jamie (barely able to get the words out): He said, “It’s like having constipation, and you push really hard.”

Me: Oh, Jesus, Erik!

Erik: There’s a lot of grunting involved, Mom.

Me: I hope we don’t get a bonus shart with that.

Erik: Thank god you don’t have to do my laundry anymore.

Me: I remember those racing stripes.

Jamie: You got him! He’s laughing so hard!

We all laugh.

Jamie (still giggling): The image is horrible! He’s pretending to be on the potty. It’s just so…

Erik: Yep, so it comes with a bit of a grunt, but you have to focus a lot inward to get that intense grounding. It’s like how you have to focus to sing the real low notes cuz your voice doesn’t do it naturally, but if you exercise and kind of train for it, you can kind of drop down low like that. But it’s really not like down off a ladder, you know? It’s not like a location. It’s more of a state of mind, a state of being.

Me: Okay. So, what do we look like to you compared to the way you see your fellow spirits?

Erik: Uh, fellow spirits are all light beings. People on Earth look more like, um. (pause) mushy.

Jamie (giggling): What do you mean, mushy?

Erik (laughing): Like Claymation!

Me: Oh! Like Gumby and Pokey?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: No. Seriously? So, we don’t look like what you used to see me as when you were alive, for example?

Erik: Ah, no, no. You still look like that, but it’s wild. You kind of get unused to that three-dimensional light-absorbing kind of a (struggling for words) status?

Me: Okay.

Erik: You know, cuz we bounce light over here. We don’t absorb it.

Me (surprised): Oh!

Erik: You know, whereas humans absorb it in. They suck it up.

He makes a sucking sound, like he’s sucking from a straw.

Jamie: Yes, the sound came with it. That was not my creation.

Erik: So, when you come back to Heaven or Home, and you’re seeing the people, the light, it’s just different. It looks mushy and dull, because you’re so used to everything being bright light. Now if you kind of adjust yourself—


Jamie (to Erik): No!

Jamie (to me, giggling): He adjusts his package.

Me: Of course.

Erik: —Then you can see the light that it all emits. But it’s a much more controlled, duller light than what pure light energy is just because it’s manipulated by being in the lower vibrational dimension.

Me: Very interesting.


Me: How do spirits manifest into the body that Jamie sees while channeling, Erik? What do they look like in the body? I guess that’s what the blog member means, right?

Jamie: That Jamie sees? Like if I’m looking at Erik?

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: How does Erik make it so that I can see him?

Me: Well, yeah. What does he look like to you?

Jamie: To me, they look like those color transparencies that they used to use in college, you know. And if you held them up against the light, you could still everything directly behind it, and you can still see the color, the shape, the image and the words on the transparency.

Me: Okay. But Erik, do you do the same thing to manifest yourself to Jamie, or do you just not have to lower your vibration at all?

Erik: She wishes!

Jamie laughs, then sighs.

Jamie: He made it sound so sexual, it was so weird.

Me: Erik, behave yourself!

Erik: I can’t. Holiday season’s coming. It’s just so fucking fun.

Me: Well, you’re on Santa’s naughty list for sure! And you probably will be for all eternity.

Erik: Pretty much. I can bank on that. But you know, there’s a certain amount of pride that comes with that, Mom.

Jamie and I giggle.

Me: You just love being the bad boy, Erik. You’re the bad boy and the class clown in the room.

Erik: Thank you. Anyway, I do lower my energy some, but not to the same degree as someone who is—


Jamie (to Erik): Oh, if someone isn’t trained or doesn’t have the natural ability to see you?

Erik: Yeah. With them, I have to come down a lot lower. But if someone is trained to see or has the natural ability to see spirits, then I don’t have come as low, so my vibrational being is still brighter. That’s probably why I don’t look like a solid person and look like the transparency Jamie’s talking about.

Me: Okay. So, how else does he look to you, Jamie? Does he glow, or does he—

Jamie: Nope. There are some days when he has extra light around him, but when we have these talks like this, he’s real casual, you know. Kind of looks like a guy, you know, that you can see through. Even his dress is very humanlike. Today he’s wearing jeans. There are holes in the jeans. They’re rubbed raw, and I know he doesn’t have to dress like that anymore, but—

Erik: What? Do you want me to come naked from now on?

Jamie giggles.

Me: I knew he was going to say that!

Jamie: Are you serious? You guys! In the family.

Me: Yeah, I was thinking, ‘Oh my god, at least he doesn’t come naked. That’d be awful.’

Jamie: Okay. How many times are we going to consistently talk about nudity and his package?

Jamie and I laugh hard.

Me: God, I hope this is it. Seriously, Erik. Surely you’ve run out of material; so let’s move forward. So, how do you pick out your wardrobe, Erik? Do you look in your closet and say, “Hm. I wore that last week, so…”

Erik: No, no. It’s what I feel like wearing.

Me: Do you wear a hat every time?

Erik: No.

Me: Do you comb your hair before you come in?

Jamie: Uh, I would say no to that!

Me: Definitely. Do you ever comb your hair?

Erik: No.

Me: So, you don’t have to get dressed. You can just think about what you wanna wear and it’s on, right?

Erik: Yeah, think. Just think.

Me: And you just think your hair is messy and it’s messy.

Erik: You know what? I don’t really think about my hair.

Me: Obviously.

Erik (laughing): That’s probably why it stays messy. But yes, it just comes with thought, Mom. Like if I wanted a Christmas tree, if I needed a private space, I just focus on it and create it for myself. But it doesn’t stay manifested. If I build a structure energetically, it doesn’t have to stay there beyond my use of it.

Me: I see.

Here’s an interview I did on Nora Young’s show, The Experience. It was fun and casual. 

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  • Jamie Dunston

    Lets ask Erik how he makes us hear what does he do to make that happen for us? It seems sometimes it’s in the mind but sometimes it’s outside like right there, how does that work?

  • Cheryl

    Oh man, this was SO funny! Lol I am one that will probably never tire of his sex jokes, just like I’ll never tire of poop or fart jokes. Anyway. Lol I hope everyone is doing well. I’m glad you guys went over this topic this week. I know, especially now that I have my son I pop in and out as much as I can. But I swear when I do, it’s over something I needed or was thinking about, almost every single time.
    I had another visitation-ish dream a couple nights ago and woke up to catch a glimpse of my grandma standing towards the foot of our bed on my husband’s side. It was awesome, and pretty much exactly what Jamie described her visions as. Or at least I’m assuming so. That clear but transparent. I Hope that makes some sense, because… Ugh! It sounds silly. I knew it was her immediately by her nightgown and red thick curly hair in a top pony tail. Her face popped in before she went. The chin and nose. I say visitation-ish dream because it had all my close loved ones who’ve passed, the message was a little more “hidden” (I had to think about it and dig a little more) on a subconcious level. The other visitation dreams I’ve had before were much stronger. Had an extremely clear message that was straight to the point.
    The reason I bring this up is because.. I am lucky to have a family who believes in this stuff and we share our experiences all the time. This last time especailly both of my cousins and my sister mentioned me being more sensitive then they are. Although I would never consider myself as such. They get jealous sometimes, which makes me feel sad, and I don’t think I’ve really done anything to be able to see better. I have never considered myself as naturally having this ability. I’m wondering if some people are just easier.. Even if it’s just by a little bit. Ya know. Either way I thought it was kinda funny how my grandma went about this. The last time I saw her, things were bad, but she was having a very good day when I was able to say my “see ya soon” and I told her to come and visit when she can, she’s always welcome, but don’t scare me. Lol She got a kick out of that. So I think the reason she left so quick is.. I probably would have started to freak out if it was any longer. Lol Then again, I immediately realized it was her and it wasn’t scary at all. I think when it’s scary is when it’s someone I don’t know and I think about it too much. Doubt can start to manifest fear, right? I’m interested to hear what others think.. or have read or even just heard about. I’m all up for conversation.

  • Kathryn

    Yo, Erik! They’re called, “skidmarks,” and not “racing stripes!” Lv ya! KM

  • Mauigirl

    Elisa, would you consider channeling Heather Heyer, the young woman who was killed in Charleston last week? I’m hearing she had a premonition she would die there, but also felt she needed to go. It sounds like she had a contract and it would be helpful and fascinating to hear her story and how she’s doing now. As always, thanks for everything you do!

    • I’ll ask Erik!

      • Mauigirl

        Thank you! Looking forward.

      • Anonymous

        I would love to hear what she has to say too!

  • Rachel Nichols

    H’e sick in the head!

  • Jo

    What about prayer? What happens (if anything) when we pray for those who have crossed over?

    • Prayers work great: thought creates reality, and prayers are thoughts.

      • Jo

        But how does it help(?) those who have crossed over? Does it raise their vibration? Make them more angelic?

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