The Best of Erik: Shades of Light and Dark Energies

Note: In this session, Erik needed the help of my guardian angel, Veronica.

Me: Alright, I’d like to get a little clarification on the concept of evil and demonic spirits. I’ve had some tell me there is no evil, that all is Love and all is good. So, are we dealing with semantics here? Are there evil or demonic spirits, and can they harm us?

Erik: Absolutely. Yes. There’s always polarity: light/dark, happy/sad, good/evil.

Veronica: So just as there is light and dark, there is good and evil. This is a battle that’s been going on from the beginning. They CAN harm if one allows them in, and they have already caused harm to the earth and people.

Me: Mmm.

Erik: Where do you think serial killers and other beings that do horrible things throughout history—

Me: Is it some fabrication? I mean, I thought that God is really All There Is and that the Light is all there is. Of course we need the duality, so are evil and fear-based elements sort of fabricated as a tool so that, through contrast, we can become aware of who we are and so that God can experience Herself or Himself?

Veronica: It’s hard to explain. It’s one of those things you find out when you come over here to the other side. Now, Erik’s going to speak.

Erik: From my perspective, Mom, you know that I used to watch what went on in the world and around me. My way of thinking wasn’t like everyone else’s. So I saw a lot of contradictions. A lot of them.

Me: Yes, I know. You said the same thing through Kim and Jamie.

Erik: I saw a lot of sadness, but joy too. I saw kindness and cruelty. I just couldn’t live with all that bullshit. People would be nice one day then mean the next. They’d be pleasant to my face but say such shit behind my back. I felt off-balance all the time. 

Me: I know, Baby. I know.

Erik: Not from you, but—

Me: No, I know. I totally understand, Sweetie. You were so kind to everyone and it was hard for you to grasp why people could be so cruel in return. I definitely saw that conflict within you.

Veronica: Back to what you said, you’re right. You’re right in that part of it was for us to come willingly to seek out love and kindness and joy.

Me: Yeah, but you can’t see it if it’s right in front of you without contrast. I guess we have to slog through the dark forest to get to the sunlit meadow.

Veronica: Exactly.

Erik: And to answer your original question, Mom, everything is just a gradation of good or of Light. What you call evil or demonic is just at the lower end of the spectrum.

Me: That confirms what you said through Jamie.

Erik: Yeah, I know, but I’m still learning about all this. It’s pretty deep shit.

Erik and I laugh.

Me: Are there such things as shadows—dark energies that follow someone and prevent them from succeeding?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Really? Why?

Erik: I like to call them attachments. They’re ghosts, which are spirits who haven’t crossed over into other dimensions. They remain on the earthly dimensions.

Jamie listens to Erik, and then laughs.

Jamie (to Erik): I don’t know if we can use that one.

Erik: Let’s take a fatty.

Jamie (to Erik): Use a different example.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: Okay, let’s use an alcoholic. If it’s a ghost was an alcoholic while they were living and you went to a bar and you’re a good drinker, they can attach to you and enjoy that sensation. Now let’s say you’re done with being an alcoholic, but the attached entity is not. They are feeding you energy that supports you being a drunk.

Me (sarcastically): Oh, great!

Erik: You are fighting to be sober, but it’s not working. You’re in conflict.

Me: How do you get rid of them?

Erik: It’s really important that you learn how to know—is it your issue, or is it a bigger issue than yourself? Is it an attached entity?

Me: How can you find out, and how can you get rid of them if that’s the issue?

Erik: Well, if you’re not spiritually inclined yourself, then you need to go to someone who knows.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Then—

Jamie: I just wouldn’t go somewhere where you have to pay an arm and a leg and the person says, “Oh, you have to come back three times.”

Erik: Yeah, people get wrapped up in the voodoo galore crap. You got someone attached to you? All right, tell them to leave! You set boundaries. You wash yourself; you cleanse yourself; you change your line of thinking so you don’t give your power to what you considered the little voice inside your head as being enlightened, because it’s an attached entity. What? Are you asking this for the first time?

When he talks about washing and cleansing yourself, I’m sure he must be talking about energy rather than the physical body.

Me: I know. My bad.

Erik: I love you.

Me: I love you, too, you little rapscallion! 


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