The Bubble Boy

Y’all, I had so much fun camping with Rune, Bella, Michelle, her husband, Nick and my grandbaby, Easton in the Kerrville area. I especially loved the little town of Fredericksburg. Michelle and her family liked it so much that they stayed an extra day, so I think we’re going to go back frequently. It’s not a place where I’d want to live because it’s too small a town for me, but it’s cooler and drier than Houston, so it might be a great place to seek respite from the summer heat and humidity. Have any of you been to Kerrville or Fredericksburg?

By the way, Kim wanted me to share her exciting upcoming events. Check out what she says:

Come join me for a day of interactive workshops, and enlightened guidance as spirit guides the day, and answers your questions! The Laguna Beach event can only hold up to 33 attendees, so don’t wait!
Based on popular demand, these are the planned events:
Columbus, Oh Feb18, 9am-4pm
San Diego, CA March 10th, 6-9pm
Laguna Beach, CA March 11th, 10am-4pm
Edinburgh, UK, April 15th, 9am-4pm
Brisbane, Aust. May 20th, 9am-4pm
The cut off for the last two events are March 15th, to purchase tickets.
More information, and event itineraries can be found on my website, at:
I look forward to seeing you guys live, in person! Xoxo
All my best,

Enjoy today’s Best of Erik. 

Me: Let’s talk about the Bubble Boy. You know the Bubble Boy who had no functioning immune system, and he had to live in a bubble?

Jamie: Yeah, I remember.

Me: What was he here to learn and to teach? What was his spiritual mission?

(Long pause)

Jamie (giggling): I heard, “Checking on it!”

I laugh.

Jamie: There’s another gentleman that’s here today, and I don’t know who he is. He’s older, kind of like, uh, late 40s to mid-50s, and he’s dressed really nice: black pants, belted, sports jacket, you know, like a suit.

Me: Okay. What does his face look like?

Jamie: It’s kind of, um, squ—you don’t say square. How do you say that? It’s definitely not round. He’s got a good jawline, and the way his hairline is on his on his forehead, it makes it look square.

Me: Mm hm. Can you ask him who he is?

Jamie (to the mystery man): Who are you?


Jamie: I’ve been telling him to talk to me the whole time. He doesn’t move, he doesn’t shift his weight. He almost looks like a full size photograph.

Me: Oh my god!

Jamie: It’s really weird. He’s not angry or anything. He has a little smile on his face, and he’s watching me because I can see his eyes have been following me. Erik doesn’t engage with him. He’s just doing his own thing.

Me: Erik, who is he? Do you know him?

Erik: Yeah.

Jamie (frustrated with Erik): Okay, well who is it, and why wouldn’t you tell me before?


Jamie: Oh whatever! He goes, “You didn’t ask me.”

Me: Is he a family member? (I’m wondering when the hell we’re going to get to the Bubble Boy. Sorry guys.)

Jamie: He says he’s your grandfather—your dad’s dad.

Me: Oh! Abuelito. Are you here to tell me anything, Abuelito?

My Grandfather, the Abuelito

Jamie (to Erik): Erik, tell him he can talk, Buddy!

(Long pause)

Jamie: He just wants to say hello, and he likes hanging out with Erik.

Me: Well, thank you, Abuelito. You’re welcome here anytime.

The “Abuelito” is in the middle

Me: Now Erik, did you find anything about the Bubble Boy?

Erik: Yeah. The Bubble Boy’s lesson wasn’t about anything concerning the media or telling a story. It was a personal lesson in knowing the struggles of being human. In other words, not being able to have—

Jamie (to Erik): How would you say that, Erik? Put it in a simpler way.

Erik: Tangible relations. Grounding. Touch sensation went away and pretty much the same with his smell.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: A lot of how you would interact with life got pulled from him.

Me: So, he denied himself, by spiritual contract I guess, the full experience of being human. I wonder why. Is that just because he wanted to experience that missing element or was it a past life thing? Did he want to appreciate more what it’s like to be human in the fullest sense? In every facet of the experience?

Erik: From what I can read up on it, it wasn’t carried over from any other lifetime. This was something he came in and created, and a lot of what his life was encouraged doctors to learn more about immunodeficiencies and actually helped create answers, solutions for other diseases. So, in many ways, he was such a grand inspiration to science, yet his lesson was really not to come in to do that. His lesson was how can you be removed and still have a successful and productive life, a full human experience.

The Bubble Boy

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  • Robin Kincaid

    Wow, Jamie, what a very handsome grandfather you have!

    • Sandy Olson

      It’s Elisa’s grandfather : )

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Jamie described your grandfather really well–‘his hairline makes him look like he’s got a square face’. She’s so gifted.

  • Heidi

    At first glance I thought it was a pic of Prince William. Very dashing, indeed.

  • Patrick

    I’ve driven through Fredricksburg many times on my way to & from Kerrville, where my son went to college. The real Texas but don’t say that to anybody from Amarillo!

  • Ted Roberts

    I live in San Antonio and have been to Fredericksburg many many times on business. It’s a wonderful little town, they specialize in Antiques and quaint little boutique stores. Elisa, I have the flu, is their anything I should do besides lots
    of fluids and rest ?

    • Get your doc to give you Tamiflu asap. It works best if taken early on. Be aware that the flu lowers the white blood cell count which puts you at risk for a secondary bacterial inflection like strep, ear infections, staph pneumonia, etc. Although death is rare, that’s usually the cause. ALso, high dose vitamin C, liposomal if possible because it gets into the cells better. Poor you!

      • Ted Roberts

        Thank You so much Elisa, I appreciate your concern and help. 🙂 I am 4 days in and I am doing better than I thought I would.

  • Nancy Antia

    He has a sad look in his eyes. I’ve always felt very sad when I looked at this same photo of him.

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