Vaccines, Part One

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent mine with my husband in Austin, camping. His birthday was yesterday, so he gets to do anything he wants and camping was at the top of his list. Nothing better than sitting around a roaring campfire, sipping red wine and solving the world’s problems. We’re very excited about opening our home to you for the Channeling Erik event in Houston at the end of January. It’s going to be a very special experience, and I’m sure many long lasting friendships will result. If you plan on coming, reserve your spot now before we fill up. And be sure to bring your swimsuit if you want to hang out in the hot tub in the evening. All you have to do is sign up through Kim’s website. Let’s do a fun poll. 

Enjoy Part One of our two-part series on vaccines.

Kim: Hello there.

Me: Can you hear me?

Kim: Yeah, I don’t know what just happened. I got a message that I didn’t have a sound card.

Me: I got a strange message that there was no video. Now you’re kind of blurry.

Kim: I can see you and hear you just fine!

Me: All right. Let’s go on to the next topic then. A lot of people want to ask about vaccines. I have some questions from a particular blog member. First, what is your take, Erik, on the way kids are vaccinated nowadays?

Kim: Oo, this is a hot topic for him.

Erik: I’m going to visit both sides of the scale. In my opinion, it’s too much, too soon without giving the body a chance to know itself in the physical sense, not the spiritual sense.

Me: Ah, okay.

Erik: Vaccines in general, yes they can be helpful, and they can prevent destructive illnesses, but take a look back in primitive days when we didn’t have pharmaceuticals, and people died of natural causes including infections like polio. Now, because of the way that we’re moving—

Kim: Symbolically, he’s showing me technological advances.

Erik: –we’re robbing humans of a human experience.

Sorry, but I’d rather have a lot of other experiences besides measles and polio.

Erik: Don’t be mad at me for saying that!

Me: Yeah, come on! Who wants polio? Really? Oh my gosh.

Kim: I know!

Erik: The human experience is the natural essence of you. It’s a natural part of you that’s being taken away. We’re talking about processed foods and pharmaceuticals and the way all these things have trickled down through DNA over the decades.

Kim: He makes me feel like it changes the makeup of DNA because of chemicals and processed ingredients.

Erik: Then it affects the way the body knows itself and the way the body maintains its balance and equilibrium within itself.

Kim: It’s unfortunate because he makes me feel like our human bodies are getting to a point to where we’re dependent on pharmaceuticals, etc. to maintain or sustain [unintelligible.]

Me: Well, what do you think about the standard immunization schedule? Are all those “catch ups” really necessary? That’s her second question.

Kim: He’s a little wishy-washy.

Erik: No, I don’t think they’re all necessary. Some of them—

Kim: He’s laughing at me because of an experience I had with this.

Erik: Some of them are necessary, but they need to be spaced out. There are too many too soon.

Me: I agree! It’s just awful. When I had to take my kids in, they’d end up with a million Band-Aids on their little thighs. I always felt like it was too much and so young!

Kim: The reason he’s laughing at me is because I actually forgot to have my daughter get her immunizations for Kindergarten, and they threatened to kick her out of school. I got a letter saying that she hadn’t had her immunizations so she’s going to get kicked out of school. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh!’ I forgot, or maybe I just didn’t realize she needed more.

Me: Yeah.

Kim: He’s laughing at me and saying, “Remember that time when…?”

We both chuckle.

Erik: You know that saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” That has a significant spot here when we’re talking about vaccines because we’re vaccinating against what doesn’t exist yet. So it gives the body the inability to know its normal outside of that. Don’t get me wrong. I think that vaccines are [unintelligible] and contribute to higher health, but they just need to be spaced out.

Me: Okay, that’s good. Let’s see. Another question she has is, “How can we guide our children spiritually and physically like with food prior to and after getting vaccinated?” Is there anything we need to do prior to or after being vaccinated?

Kim: He’s trying to tweak the word “guide” in the question. Guiding children is good, but if you can make them think for themselves, that’s even better. Instead of guiding them with, “Hey, I think these are better food choices,” or “This is why we’re doing this,” make them think for themselves by making them process things. “How do you feel when you eat these foods?” “How do you feel when you take time for yourself?” Again, guidance is good, be we’re getting overbearing. We’re becoming micromanagers, not just with our children but with other people, too. We criticize every move, and we’re overbearing with our guidance. So making them think for themselves is going to be way more effective and long lasting.

Me: What do you think about homeopathic vaccine detoxification?

Kim: Wow, that’s a mouthful!

Me: Yeah, try saying that 15 times really fast!

Kim: He’s really wishy-washy on this again. He’s talking about homeopathic approaches in general.

Erik: Your body is going to react more positively, and homeopathic medicines are more acute. Let’s say you take a homeopathic remedy for an earache. It’s just going to take care of that, whereas if you take a pharmaceutical, it will handle the earache, but you also might have all kinds of side effects or symptoms. So homeopathic remedies are going to be a little more spot on in the treatment without all the other unnecessary experiences and side effects.

Kim: With this detox, he’s making me feel like it’s either really powerful or really intense. He’s going like this.

She puts her hands in front of her, palms down, and lowers them.

Erik: Tone it down a little. Be easy with it. Sometimes people get obsessed with the idea of detox, and they actually do more harm than good.




Here’s a stellar endorsement for Erik’s book, My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven. If you haven’t read it, please do. It can change your life. Again, it’s available in all formats. The paperback version is only $9.42. It may even be available in your local library now. Can’t argue with free!

I’m a member of the Channeling Erik blog, so I know something of the Earth life and Afterlife of Erik Medhus and his continuing connection with his family. I have read his mother’s book, My Son and The Afterlife and was very excited to read this one. It does not disappoint!

In his book, Erik describes to us his death and what that experience was like for him. Here in the Other World, and fir his family and friends left behind.

He talks about his soul contract and how this past life’s experiences have help him in his new role as a spirit guide. He describes his “day to day” life, how our loved ones send signs… literally how that works (one of my very favorite parts of the book!), how we look on spirit and many other fascinating topics on how things work after we cross over.

Then, Erik describes to us how Erik helps his mother, Dr. Elisa Medhus, on his own journey of healing by helping her to help us with the help of spirit translators. Including Jamie Butler, through the Channeling Erik blog, the books and the videos as well as his personal interactions with his Mom and family.

Jamie Butler channeled this book but Erik wrote it. These were definitely his words and his soul talking as I was reading it. It was absolutely amazing… I hope he writes another, and soon! Thank you, Erik, Elisa and Jamie! You are always in my heart.

Along with Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz, this is my favorite book.

–Nicolas Henoumont

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