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Vacationing here in (very) sunny Destin is a bit harder than I thought. This where Erik enjoyed his very last vacation just a couple of months before he died. I think about him all the time, about how he should have been here sharing margaritas with us, enjoying the surf, fishing off the pier. It makes it hard to have fun. Sigh.

Here’s a cool picture True took of Erik. Look familiar?

Erik Medhus

Now enjoy a great YouTube video about the nature of consciousness:

Consciousness Matters:Exploring the Mysteries of Inner Space from Institute of Noetic Sciences on Vimeo.

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  • amy cavanaugh

    uggg i know that feeling all to well-going to vacation spots and nothing seems the same-but he is there-just remember death in an illusion-

  • Susan

    Ohh I’m loving your Erik Aura photos 🙂 I think I saw a pinky looking arua out of the corner of my eye the other day. It was there for only a second…….

    I’ll watch the vid now 🙂

    I hope you are having a nice time though Elisa…

    Love Susanxoxo

  • George

    Hi Elisa,
    I just realized, at the LA meeting with you, Erik and Jaime I kept looking for the change in her aura. Seeing aura’s is not something I can always do on demand so it didn’t surprise me that I didn’t see the change when she channeled Erik. However what I did see was when Jaime ‘returned’ an aura popped into view. I even remarked to Tom seated beside me that I could see her aura quite clearly and bright. Looking at your cell phone shot, THAT was what I saw above and slightly to the right of Jaime. What I saw had more blue in it but had the same violet center. I wonder if that was Jaime or Erik? What’s your opinion?

    • Probably Erik popping out?

  • amy cavanaugh

    how crazy is this-I bought this book in Cassadaga last weekend and the author’s name was so familar-and I google searched her and she is a friend of mine from High School in NJ apparently she is very successful.http://www.janetnohavec.com/faqs.html

  • sharon77

    Haven’t watched the video yet but LOVE the aura pic of Erik. I see auras all the time. SO COOL!!!

  • sunshine7

    sending you a hug Elisa, these moments are painful but they do make us stronger in the long run xx

    • Thanks Sunshine7 and Steve.

  • George

    Hi Elisa,
    I posted yetserday and it never showed up, did I do something wrong?

    • I’m a little slow today! Sorry, George!

  • Steve

    Whenever I visit my dad in Charleston, SC, on that beautiful island, that’s when I miss my mom the most -that’s when I remember how much she loved it there. I still miss my mom but I remember her at her best, her good aspects, how she enjoyed life, and how she’s enjoying the afterlife even more. She’s still around, just like Erik is! Focus on the good memories and cherish them!

  • john joseph

    Pink & green, the colors of a loving soul 🙂

  • Tracy Lamont

    I know how you feel. It’s hard to enjoy your holiday when you can feel Erik all around you. Memories can be so bittersweet.

    We went to Dorset at the end of our campervan tour last month and I couldn’t bring myself to visit our favourite place, which is the Durdle Door. The last time I went there was when Adam was with us – you have one of the photos where he and I were sat in a cave together.

    Elisa, my heart is with you. You so want to enjoy your holiday for the sake of your family, but it’s hard without Erik.

    As for the aura app. ……I did some scientific testing. (That is, I took several pics of myself, one after the other), and each time my aura was different. Why would that be? So I took several of my family and pets and there’s were different every time too. I’m starting to think that maybe the app is just hundreds of aura pics which are shuffled and appear at random when you take a photo. There’s never a time when an aura doesn’t appear when you’re shooting at an empty space; and there isn’t always going to be a spirit there. And it’s always in the centre, not off to the side. I have doubts it’s genuine.

    • I think you may be right. But Erik can manipulate them, I guess. I’ve never gotten duplicates. I could check on line to see what they say about them.

  • george

    pls don’t apologize, NP!
    BTW the aura I saw moved with Jaime for several minutes as if it were hers. Maybe Erik can shed some light, sorry I really didn’t mean that to sound like a pun. If it was Erik I can use it as a focal point for communication. That would be fun.
    Take care Elisa,
    healing hugs

  • Tracy Lamont

    Think you’re right about Erik manipulating the aura app. I took one of my darkened room last night and it’s the exact one that’s at the top of the page! Green with a pink centre!

    I think he’s saying, ‘Yeah, they are just random aura foto’s, but this one is me!’

    Like his style!

  • Tara

    Loved the video. Edgar Mitchell embodies the Wise Elder and has so much to offer for these times. I am grateful to him for stepping out on ET/UFO issues.

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