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Enjoy today’s Best of Erik!

Me: Hi!

Jamie: Hi!

Me: How are you doing, Jamie, Erik?

Jamie: Erik’s doing great. He’s to my right over here on the edge of my couch (sitting) improperly.

Me: Ah oh!

Jamie: I actually asked him if he could stand behind the counter so that I could look at you when I asked the questions, and he told me it would cramp his style.

Me: Of course it would! All right, Erik. We’re going to ask you a bunch of questions. You’re the man of the hour, so step up to the mike.

Jamie (giggling and rubbing her hands together): He rubs his hands together.

Me: Oh boy. All right, here’s a big question, and I know that a lot of listeners would like to know. Who are we and why are we here? We’ll start out with something trivial.

Jamie (chuckling): Yeah. Totally trivial. He’s doing the “Nee nee nee nee” (the Twilight Zone theme song as imitated disastrously by Jamie. She better keep her day job.) Creepy sound effects. He uses the quote that we’re human beings having a spiritual experience.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I’m guessing that’s not going to stick?

Me: No, we need more than one sentence, thank you very much! Dumb it down for us, Erik.

Jamie (giggling): He said that was easy.

Me: Oh, hush!

Erik: Look who I’m dealing with.

Me (teasing): You are so rude. If I could spank you, I would.

Jamie (to Erik): Okay. So, who are we?

Erik: Okay, we are—

Jamie: He’s choosing between the words pieces, portions, slices, God Source.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Let me just back paddle right now. The only reason that I’m using the term “God” is because I can’t find a better one, and I know the people who are watching are mostly aware of the term, “God” and can kind of put an image to it. I’m tacking the word, “Source” on it so that you don’t identify it with a particular religion. I want you to really kind of strip the belief system off of this. Like my mom said, “Dumb it down!”

I giggle.

Erik: So, we are pieces of this whole.

Jamie (laughing): He’s using a lot of (She moves her arms and hands gansta style.) “Let me get this straight.” I don’t really see him do all this (she does the same hand movements) unless he’s getting a little nervous, so I guess we’re working out some kinks.

Me: Aw!

Jamie: Yeah, he said he’s really excited about doing the filming.

Me: Good!

Jamie: I’m asking him politely if he’d stop messing with it, because, you know, already today it took us about five or ten minutes to get up and running, because it was one thing after another.

Me: Oh yeah.

Jamie: Erik’s calling card!

Erik: I just wanna let you know that when I say “piece,” I don’t mean separate. The concept of being an individual or away from the whole is completely false.

Me: It’s an illusion?

Erik: A fat ass illusion.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Okay, good.

Erik: I’ll go back to the way I like to describe it which is those holograms. Remember those pieces of jewelry that were pretty hip? What was it? The late 80s, the 90s? I don’t know.

Jamie: He’s showing me the hologram, and the hologram he gave to me in my head has a skull on it.

She chuckles. She must think it’s cute.

Me: Of course.

Erik: If you take that hologram, that piece of jewelry, and you smash it on the ground, any piece, any shard, any tiny little fragment that you can find, you can pick it up, look at it under the microscope and you’re going to see the entire skull in it. So, yes, it’s a piece of the original, but it’s not separate. It’s a whole of itself. It’s still connected. It still has the entire image on it.

Me: So, we are part and whole of Source?

Jamie (laughing): He’s doing the “ding, ding, ding!”

Did I win a prize?

Erik (like a game show host): You’ve got it right.

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: I know that’s hard for you people to understand. Another way is if you think of God as being—

Jamie (using the air quotes gesture): Oh, he wants me to air quote God.

Erik: –God as being a telephone factory. Everybody has a telephone. Everybody is wired to God Source, and yet everybody has the possibility of being wired to each other. And that possibility is only limited by your perception. In fact, we can call anyone and everyone we want if we want to connect to them, but yet we choose not to. And that choice—well, that choice—

Jamie (striking her chin): He’s got his hand on his face.

Erik: –I feel is the most limiting thing that we’re doing to ourselves, because we all are part of each other. So, if you’re asking really who we are, we are whole of Itself and part of God Source, and everything that we do, spontaneously, preplanned, however the –

Jamie turns blushes and giggles.

Jamie: We’re doing the cussing?

Me: Uh oh. Go ahead!

Jamie (slinking down in her chair): Oh I know.

Erik: However the fuck you wanna see it is—

Jamie trips over her words because of her embarrassment.

Me: Millions of YouTube viewers are going to watch you dropping F-bombs, Jamie!

Jamie (laughing even more): I know. Just do it, right? It’s not only the way he says it, but after he says it, he like waits for my reaction, because he knows I’m going to stumble over it, and then when I start to stumble, he does like this big brother teasing, you know.

Me: I know.

Jamie makes all sorts of gestures and sounds mimicking Erik baby talking to an infant.

Jamie: And it throws me off, cuz I’m trying to look cool like it’s super easy to listen to him. He has so many layers when he talks to you. It’s not just like this conversation that you’re having on the phone. When I’m translating, he’s still talking at me, and it’s not necessarily what he wants to say, but it’s to nag at me.

Me: Ah oh. Erik!

Jamie looks over at Erik and starts to giggle.

Jamie: I can’t even remember what he was talking about! (Waving her hand at me) Ball’s in your court.

Me: Okay. Anything else on who we are? We know who you are now!

Jamie lets out a vengeful laugh.


Erik: Oh, I can take it in so many avenues that you might have to pull me back on this one.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Because if we start talking about who we are and that we choose the luggage that we’re in—all right, this body is considered luggage, a container—and the soul that’s inside of us becomes a spirit when it leaves the luggage. Beyond that, we can get into talks about afterlife and what I know and what I’ve experienced, but I know we’re trying to talk very human (he strokes his chin and sports a very solemn, knowing expression on this face.)

Jamie drops her head and bursts out in a giggle.

Jamie: I told him in my head, he’d look good with a pipe right now.

Jamie shakes her head and wrinkles her nose.

Erik: Ding.


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