A Machine to Detect Your Deceased Loved One

We’ve gotten lots of wonderful tributes for Jamie, and I thank you all so much. Imagine her surprise when I send it to her after we get more. I bet she’ll tear up with joy. I love you all!

Check this out and see what you think.Thanks Todd for email me this about a week ago! Sorry it took so long to post!


GRANBY, Conn. — In 2004, 17-year-old Melissa Galka, a senior at Granby Memorial High School, died several days after being seriously hurt when the car she was driving hit a tree on Silver Street in Granby.
Within days of her death, she began communicating with her family, her father Gary Galka told The Courant Monday. “She started doing things like ringing the doorbell, changing TV channels, turning lights on and off,” Galka said.
“Then one time she came into my room and I felt her sit on the edge of the bed,” said Galka “I felt her lay her head on my chest.”

Galka’s wife, Cindy, and his two daughters, Jennifer and Heather, have also experienced similar phenomenon, either seeing Melissa or hearing her voice.

“I’ve never seen Melissa,” said Galka, “but my younger daughter Heather has seen her three times.”
This past weekend the family was featured on “Ghost Adventures,” a Travel Channel television program that explores paranormal phenomenon.

Soon after his daughter’s death, Galka, a test instrument engineer, began developing hand-held devices that purportedly can detect unusual vibrations in a room, temperature variations — “hot and cold spots,” and other activities associated with the paranormal. Galka also created a voice recorder, the “spirit box,” that he claims can record responses from any “spirits” that might be present.

“I’ve created over 30 different products for paranormal research. No one was making products for these people,” Galka said.

The crew of “Ghost Adventures” uses several of Galka’s devices: the Mel-Meter, the SB7 Spirit Box and other devices to detect paranormal activity when they film each episode.

The death of Galka’s daughter “caused him to develop equipment for the paranormal,” said the show’s host Zak Bagans. “With his devices he’s captured voices of her. His family, even people that aren’t related to him, have seen her at the house.”
“Gary is a very, very talented electrical engineer and he’s helped companies, massive companies, in that aspect in order to do things better,” Bagans added.

The paranormal devices are sold through Galka’s company, D.A.S. Distribution Inc., in East Granby. The company sells sound meters, humidity and temperature meters and lasers to medical and aerospace companies. The paranormal devices are a small portion of the business, although Galka said he has sold thousands of the devices.

Galka donates one-third of the profits from the sale of paranormal devices to bereavement groups, including The Cove Center for Grieving Children in Wallingford and Mary’s Place A Center For Grieving Children in Windsor, which both help children deal with the death of a brother or sister.

Galka’s most recent invention is a device that he says can detect shadows in the dark.
According to the D.A.S. website, http://www.pro-measure.com, the Mel meters, which can pick up electromagnetic field activity, are specifically designed for paranormal investigators.

As for skeptics, Galka says he hopes that his family’s experiences and the devices he has created will help people who don’t believe in the afterlife to “take a better position.”
“I feel compelled to help other bereaved parents … to show these parents that they can live beyond the grief and be comforted knowing their child is in a good place — to show them they can have hope.”
Melissa Galka was a member of the school’s gymnastics team and was preparing to study interior design and business management when she got to college. Students at Granby Memorial High School erected a permanent memorial on the school’s campus after her death.

“They built a beautiful memorial,” Galka said. “It was donated by the graduating seniors of 2005.”


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Elisa Medhus

  • Ash

    I’m sure Patrick from Big Seance will have much to say about this topic 🙂 As for me – I hate those Ghost Adventures guys (the show is funny but I can’t take them seriously) lol so it’s kind of a face palm that they had to be drug into an otherwise potentially credible story about paranormal investigations. But yeah, stuff like this has been around for quite some time. I think my favorite investigation tool has to be Flir thermal imaging cameras. So much cool stuff captured with those!

  • I don’t usually watch this show as it seems very exaggerated – hard to tell what is real paranormal and acting for the camera for ratings 🙁

    • I agree about the show, probably most of it is staged. However, I would like to get one of these devices and see if they really work.

    • Clau_Bueno

      I know, it’s funny… when my soul mate was at home sick before he passes, he was watching a bunch of cheesy tv stuff, one of them was the “ghost hunters” and we used to laugh how these huys “try to communicate” with hitler for example. but it is a gift when you can have the contact with your love one…

  • yeah, these devices are cool! I wish there was a paranormal show that was trustworthy and scientific – not a bunch of nonsense.

  • Dgeneo


  • Terra

    I love GA and I have been watching them for years! The spirit box is really really cool! Thank you for sharing Elisa! 🙂

  • Lorraine (LP)

    I do watch the show and do enjoy it except that they just seem to depict the ‘spirit world’ as always so dark and spooky. They don’t always show the positive side. Anyway, I did watch this episode and it was amazing and as far as I am concerned, their best episode yet.
    I have to say that I do amateur ‘ghost hunting’ and have most of these instruments. I will share that yes they do work. : )

  • okayyy.. 47 sec. is all i needed to see of the video.. ughh. Some of these so called Ghost Hunters.. take what is Spiritual and Beautiful and turn it into Jason meets Freddy Kruger adventure! And the Ego’s on some of these Gals and Guys are Humongous, ex. a few years ago, i visited one of these GH’s chats, a couple of days before a few of them were going to a Historical place.. where? i don’t remember.. But i do remember most Hunters go there often for the phenomenal experiences.. they also did table tipping and such.. kinda’ kewl actually. Well, As i listened in on their adventure at this famous known what use to be a theater or something for Entertaining.. (starting to comeback as i type..Ha!) Well Fast Forward.. I kept hearing a train it was at a distance but it seemed to never come close.. The women in the chat.. oh Excuse me the “Experienced” Women in the chat, didn’t hear anything.. These women energies became furious.. I mean they were pissed. And obviously don’t know how Cyniraholt can get down.. HA! I called Roland and ask do you hear anything? he said nothing but a train coming near.. (LOL)!! The surprise on his face when i told him, No one else can hear it.. we’re just hearing things.. he said, Damn if that so.. lmao. I also volunteered to allow the women to call me so they can hear it clearly thru our speakers.. “Nothing”! So we just went on about our adventure with the Hunters.. and I can say these Hunter Guys were very Kewl, they kept asking us questions as we heard other sounds and such.. They Welcomed all, not just us.. mean while the ladies who were suppose to be on that Hunt with all kinds of notches on their belt.. *Belly Laugh* were basically trying to say to the Hunters in a tactful way.. don’t listen to them.. We’re the experienced ones.. and we hear “Nothing”! I straightened that out.. in a tactful way (LOL) So 1 by one they left to go to another chat (there were a few of them.. you can pop in and out of) where other hunters were at.. I’m glad we had that experienced, We only went back one other time.. Although I didn’t listen to their recording, The ladies were seemingly nicer, The Guys were excited that we came back and told us all about how they discovered there use to be a ” Train Station” not far from there.. and things of that nature. So that’s why I say some.. Gifted people from all over the world are finally stepping up.. to say I can help you communicate with your transcended love ones, And without Gadgets and such. As a matter of fact the last time I checked.. The euphoria energy that was sent to me from a friend loved one.. We are the walking “doodyheads” they are very much Alive. Anyways.. Blessings to Mr. Galka’s and his Family.. Their contract seem obvious to me. He’s helping people to open up to what can be a beautiful reunion. And that is all the reason in the world I say.. Helz YEAH!! and Great Article.. Brightest Blessings~

  • I’ve always been so intrigued by paranormal activity. When I “die”, I’m going to try to make as much contact as I possibly can. As a message saying, “hey, the afterlife IS real people!”

    • Clau_Bueno

      I think most of them in the other side try to connect with us here, the problem is the people on this side, that blocks this connection!

  • Jane5

    I love what this girl’s spirit and her father have created and done for the world! Thank you for the lovely, hopeful story.

  • Anemitz

    Sorry, this comment is not related to this entry but there is an interesting feature in Rolling Stone about the 10 artists people would most like to see via hologram since they did a hologram of Tupac at the recent Coachella Fest in CA. Not sure if you can see this if you don’t have a subscription: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/photos/readers-poll-ten-artists-who-should-return-as-holograms-20120425
    They are: 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Kurt Cobain 3. John Lennon 4. Freddie Mercury 5. Jim Morrison 6. Jerry Garcia 7. Janis Joplin 8. Michael Jackson 9. Bob Marley and 10. B.I.G.
    I thought it was interesting that most of these people have already been interviewed on this blog and it shows you how much people on earth, still miss them.

  • How did you know I’d pop on, Ash?! 🙂 I’m not a big fan of Ghost Adventures, but I will admit there are a few episodes that I’ve gotten into. It is those episodes where I wonder if they’ve turned human. I’ve always been more of a T.A.P.S. (Ghosthunters) fan, but as I learn and have grown in the last few years, you realize there are a lot of flaws with them as well. You can’t always trust TV.

    As an investigator and researcher of EVP, I can tell you that many of these things really seem to work. Although really, in my lifetime there may NEVER really be a way of truly proving this or knowing for sure. I have never been skeptic or doubted the fact that life continues after death. I’m not one that needs proof. But… I feel like we have to be openly skeptic of many of the devices and equipment used in the field. Most of the equipment used by investigators was never meant for the paranormal field… because as Galka said above, for a long time people just weren’t inventing things for these purposes. I think we’re still in the early stages of developing paranormal equipment and I’m glad these techie guys are doing it. I certainly can’t. I’m not overly scientific, but I tend to be the most skeptic one about evidence in my group. Paranormal equipment and technology will get better over time as we learn. I didn’t know about the device to detect shadows… COOL!

    I don’t have a lot of the cooler gadgets because I’d have to sell my house. I also think it’s important to not rely on them too much. But, the spirit box is really big now. I’ve ordered one from a man who builds a pretty expensive version of them twice… and then cancelled the order. I’m pretty skeptical, but at the same time I’ve never used one. I have a friend who is an investigator who gets tons of what they feel is evidence every time they use it. Maybe it is? Maybe it isn’t. I might sound like an old person but it seems like “a bunch of noise to me”.

    I loved hearing that this gentleman donates profits to bereavement groups. That’s way cool!

    Random thought… the story of the girl in the accident communicating reminds me of the story of “Cat”, daughter of Martha Copeland, and The Big Circle. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

  • cindy

    Yeah, the GA’s show is a little hokey; but I think they have promoted the use of technology to try and find out what is going on paranormally the best of all the shows. This episode was their best so far. I guess they are just trying to find out what is “out” there and then put the info” out” there for viewers to start thinking about what might be going on, for that I thank them.

  • Gwen917

    Thanks Elisa and Todd for sharing this video…..I find it fascinating! I ignored the “reputation” GH has for the most part and just listened to the whole story……I continue to learn more about the “reality” of the afterlife!!


  • Mary

    How very wonderful of Melissa’s family to share their experience; just like what Elisa is doing with her blog, giving us hope and physical evidence that our loved ones are still around.

    • And they’re so happy!

    • Su

      This is exactly what this post is about, I totally agree you Mary. It’s such a touching story. So much love and strength in Melissa’s family.

  • Edie

    My favorite is the EVP device. It is awesome to hear the speech of the disembodied. I believe that God has a way of turning tragedy into something powerfully positive and beneficial to the masses. I’m only 49, but I’ve never seen or heard about the spirit world and the afterlife as I do now. We are on our way to reaching as many people as possible to help us get through this Earthly journey which can quite challenging and difficult. When times are the toughest, I remind myself of the perfect life waiting for us. Thank you God.

    • Can you use a digital recorder or do you have to use a special device?

      • Tracy Lamont

        I’ve recorded Adam on a voice recorder. I’ve sat in a quiet, empty room, asked him questions and then left it running for about a minute. Then I’ve played it back. Lots of times it’s blank but I’ve had some words. Some need enhancement- (which I can’t do) – but sometimes it’s really clear.
        The first time I heard him I was playing back a minutes worth of recording having not yet received anything and getting disheartened about it all and right at the very end he said’ hello’ in a loud and clear voice that was definately his.
        I’ve also left the recorder in voice activation mode in the living room overnight. Had some really weird knockings on several occassions and some talking. A man’s voice, but not Adam, so I stopped doing it.
        One evening when we were out I left it in the kitchen with the dogs. When we played it back there was something uttered that was indecipherable, but the dogs started to bark so they must’ve heard it too.

      • Lorraine (LP)

        Tracy, don’t stop doing it……it is a priviledge to be able to pick up spirit communication-not too many people have had that such luck. If you are frightened by a voice you are not familiar with, talk to it and ask it kindly to leave. It does not have to be during the recording, just anytime. Also, before recording, ask that only positive energy come forward……..maybe the male voice is someone from your past? They usually just want so desperately to be heard……hugs!!!

      • Lorraine (LP)

        Elisa, I have done a few ‘ghost hunts’ myself. I have picked up EVP’s with just a simple hand held recorder-does not need to be fancy. I don’t own a ‘spirit box’ but that is my next piece of equipment I plan on buying-I do have the others though…..they do work. If ever you thought about purchasing them for your own curiosity, I can guarantee Erik would have fun with the equipment! : D

      • Let me know where to get one if you find it. How much are they?

      • Lorraine (LP)

        If you are looking for a voice recorder, many places sell them. I have bought mine on Amazon; they can range in price from $20’s to over $100…..but there is no need for a super expensive one, they all basically do the same thing.
        I also own what is called a REM-Pod. It’s purpose is to send off an electrical field or energy to make it easier to draw spirit energy in. The boys on Ghost Adventures use it quite often and I do have to say it is very sensitive and does work. I want to say that I did purchase mine through Gary Galka (the guy in the video) but if you would like I can find the link and send it off to you…..it’s price is $$$.
        Also Elisa, if you check out reputable ghost hunting equipment sites, much like Gary’s, you can find great equipment there as well. Let me know if I can help! xxxx

      • If it’s super expensive I’ll pass. I’d rather use the money for the channeling sessions and other blog related expenses. Thanks though!

  • Louise

    My son died @ 32 yrs. old, in Nov. 2011. Others have told me he is, @ home , but I don’t see him. That devise would be wonderful for me to become acostume to feeling what it’s like when he’s here. Why don’t I see him or hear him?

  • Louise, it’s not easy. I see Erik only when it’s around 4:00 AM and I’m at my most relaxed. Some people, like Jason, Robert and Jamie, have a gift. Also, when our grief is deep, the frequency our energy vibrates at is very low. Theirs is much higher and it takes a lot more effort on their part to lower that frequency. Have you thought about having Erik bring your son to one of the conference calls?

  • Tracy Lamont

    Whoa, I want an SB7 spirit box!!!

  • Tracy Lamont

    You have to be really relaxed, Louise and have a blank mind, which we very rarely have.
    A few months ago I was alone in the house, cleaning the bathtub. Just ordinary, mundane housework. I was very relaxed and not thinking about anything. I stood up and turned toward the door. What happened next all took place in a second of time:
    I saw Adam leaning into the bathroom as though he was about to walk past, saw me in there and leaned back to say hello around the door.
    I can describe from head to foot what he was wearing, he had his left hand on the frame as he looked in at me then he said ‘Hi, mom’, and I replied, ‘Hi, Adam’.
    And that was that, over in a flash. I sat on the side of the tub and thought, did that realy just happen? Did I really just speak in answer to my son? I almost talked myself out of it, but I know he was there. He’s always there, I’m just not always on his frequency!

    • My husband has a great analogy. We’re being bombarded every day with thousands of FM and AM radio stations, satellite TV stations, etc., but of course we can’t see or hear these things until we turn to that radio or TV station. Not seeing or hearing doesn’t mean the song or TV show doesn’t exist. It’s just a matter of tuning to the right channel.

  • I actually saw this episode and it was so touching! I cried through the entire thing!!

  • george

    It is better to experiment with living human spirit in OBE that spirits can appear in fixed time and in fixed place for experiment.
    Living human spirit should have the same character with the dead human spirit/ghost.
    Please contact me for such experiment as I can organize Taiwan practitioners who can project into OBE for experiment.

    I need sponsor and experts to do the experiment.
    I am an American citizen but I am Taiwanese and in Taiwan now. george980515@gmail.com

    • How fascinating! I can’t get of of my body very easily but I’m sure some of the blog members can. Anyone?

  • Melissa

    I remember this episode from Ghost Adventures! I love watching that show on Friday nights. This was such a great story and I was drawn to it kinda for the obvious reason, my name is Melissa as well. I know I would probably be doing the same things with my family if something happened to me, God forbid, but I know they would appreciate the communication. If something really did happen to me though, I would find Erik asap and ask him to show me the ropes… 😉

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