Best of Erik: How Do You Love Yourself

Liz posed a very thought-provoking question: How do we learn to love ourselves. Apparently, this question is so essential to our very being, our essence, that Erik through Jason, wasted no time in providing his insight. Thanks Erik, Jason and Lizzie.

Erik, How do I love myself?

“OK, dude, here’s the thing. Love, people think love is something they need to do. They think that it’s somethin you gotta find, or take. That’s not what self love is about. It’s not anything you can find, or something another persons gonna be able to give you. No one can make you feel it. No one can show you the way. What’s going on is that people are reacting to the shit in their life. IT can be awesome, or crap. But what they are doing is feeling uncomfortable with how they feel about what they are experiencing. This can be buggin you, or making you hate yourself, or hatin other people. Don’t matter, what their doin is seeing themselves apart and outside from their reality. And most of the time they’ve created that reality through the choices they made or didn’t make. So then they feel resistance to how they “really” want to be within that experience. They know on a soul level how they want to be. They want to be who they really are and be ok with it. It’s just that they are not paying attention to themselves. They are looking everywhere but where they should be. Their self. Love has never ever been about looking outside. It’s about looking in and accepting who you are, shit and all and just smile, just simply surrendering to yourself. Surrendering to the experience. Only then can you find the peace that letting go gives. And in that moment, it’s a now moment, then can you see that person you wanna be. You can then freely make the choice to move to or twords that perception, that idea. This moves you to who you always are, what you love about yourself. The return to the self, the remembering of who you are. This is always greater than you see yourself now, It is always a journey of love. There is always more of you to love. Always more to understand. This is self, love. Surrender, acceptance, be. Who I wanna be helps me be, feel, and understand. I love the feeling moving to this gives me. I wanna help you feel this too. I love how I feel when we work together to feel this. This is unconditional love of self. The knowing that you are worthy, and despite and in-spite of anything life seems to through at you, you wanna keep diggin your self up. At the bottom of that pile is a heart of gold you always had. Dude, just let it shine. Your worth it. You’ll love yourself for it!”

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