Erik on Love, Part Five

I've been busy this morning with the AT&T technicians who are putting in fiberoptic Internet. It's supposed to be much faster than our Xfinity service, and it's cheaper! Yay!  Today is the first day I've felt almost human, and I'm grateful for that. Thanks, everyone, for sending me advice … Continue reading

Erik on Love, Part Five

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I've been so sick with some godforsaken virus that I've pretty much been in bed for 48 hours. I don't even remember being confined to bed for any significant period of time except when my OB doc ordered me to undergo complete bedrest during one of my pregnancies. I … Continue reading

Erik on Love, Part Four

A few people, over the years, have fussed at me for sometimes cutting off the mediums before they're finished and yes, I'm guilty of that, and I plan to work on it. Old habits die hard, though. I think part of the problem is I think they're finished when their voice starts to fade a bit. Also, when … Continue reading

Erik on Love, Part Three

Looks like we're under a tropical storm warning but most of the rain will be to our east. I pray for those suffering the brunt and feel bad that my only concern for where I am is whether to bother watering my plants today. Send your prayers to Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi! Also, tomorrow … Continue reading

Erik on Love, Part Two

I just finished a session with Michelle St. Clair translating Erik on the subject of tech zombies. Very interesting. Before the session, I made sure that everyone knew that Easton needed to stay out of my room, but he wandered in anyway with a big grin. Arleen came to retrieve him, but since it was … Continue reading