Best of Erik: Life is a Paddle Ball Game

I’m sharing this one today, as it is quite an apt subject for me. I come from a Pentecostal Christian background, that wormed it’s way through my families life. I spent 14 years as a ‘Born againer’ before finally waking up to smell the Hummus as it where.

I wasn’t particularly well liked at church because I had to many questions regarding the subjectivity of my religious beliefs. Anyway that’s enough of me ranting on.


Ladies & Gentleman please put your hands together for Mr Erik Medhus (fanfare).

Me: Okay, now one of the things you said when we interviewed Moses, Erik—he said that he was alive when all three religions were together at once, but that doesn’t make any sense, because all three religions weren’t all together at once. So, that baffled some of the blog members.

Jamie: Do we have to call Moses in? What was the question? What three religions?

Me: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Maybe the roots were together at once? I don’t know. So what did he mean, Erik?

Jamie: Oh!

Me: And he saw them together and then they branched off their separate ways and didn’t keep the important tenets that they all shared at first.

Erik: You’re right. You had it right. It’s, um, he was there when it was just the one main belief.

Me: But Christianity? Was he here when Christianity, uh, because Jesus Christ wasn’t around then, but, so how did that work out?


Me: Or was he alive, I don’t know, because maybe Moses was reincarnated. You tell me cuz I’m obviously lost here.

Erik: In conversations with God.

Me Oh, that makes sense. Moses was alive in conversations with God. With all of these.

Erik: Yes. He was conversing with God while these were all splitting off.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: It doesn’t mean he was on Earth, physically.


Me: When are individual spirit created, or are they every born, in a sense? Have they always just existed? We’ve already covered this, but it’s always nice to approach the topic again for the new members who don’t go through the archives like they should.

(Hint, hint.)

Me: Also, how far back in time can you remember? Oh, that’s interesting! So, to recap: The individual spirit: Are they every born, or have they always existed, and how far back into time can that spirit remember?

Erik: Individual spirits are not born. They are just a—

Jamie (to Erik): Do it. Just explain it.


Jamie (to Erik, laughing): No, I don’t think there’s a word for that either! He said, “I want a word that means piece, like a piece of, but you’re still a part of it.” He was telling me how blanking, blanky, blank the English language is.

Jamie and I can’t help but burst out laughing.

Jamie: I said, ‘Just explain it out,’ and he said, “Okay.”

Erik: Human spirit is never born. It’s just a piece of the whole.

Me: Right.

Erik (sounding a little frustrated at his loss for words): We always have to go back to the hologram thing, because I think that’s the best way to describe it. I don’t know anything else that does this where you can shatter it and pick up all the pieces and look at the individual piece and there’s still an image of the whole. So, Prime Source, God Source, Life Force, whatever the fuck you wanna call it, we are little particles of that whole. Though we identify ourselves in the human form as separate, we’re not. We’re a part of the whole. We’re connected. It’s just in subtle energy layers that we don’t see. A lot of us can feel them, but most of us cannot see them. So, we aren’t really born, because the whole—Prime Source or whatever—has always existed. As far back as you can remember? Um, that’s up to you.

Me: Okay.

Erik: If –

Jamie (laughing): You know, a paddleball?

Me: Oh yeah.

Jamie: It has that elastic string and a rubber ball at the end ,and you try to hit it.

Erik: You know a kid version—it has a short elastic string and it’s much easier to do.

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: But you get the adult one or the cheap one where the elastic is like already four feet long, and you can’t even like swing the ball because the elastic is so long.

Me: Oh god. I can’t even use the kid one.

Erik: Okay, so the ball is the human spirit, and the paddle is Life Force, God Source.

Me: Okay.

Jamie giggles at whatever Erik is now saying.

Erik: And the string, the elastic, is the subtle energy that keeps us all whole and connected. Sometimes when you pull away from God Source, your elastic’s really short, and you still have this intense connection and these memories. And those memories can go far back—

Jamie (giggling): Um, he’s cussing.

Me: Ah oh.

Jamie (mimicking Erik): Fucking, fucking, fucking. The word he wants to use is “beginning” and he refuses to say it, because it’s not accurate.

Jamie and I both laugh at his conundrum. Poor Erik.

Erik: But in our linear world, that’s what we would call it. Beginning.

Me: Sure.

Jamie: He’s yelling at me. “That’s not the fucking right word!” and I tell him, ‘I know, but you can’t come up with another word, can you?’

Me: Oh, he’s stumped!

Jamie: Yes. It’s ticking him off! Wow. Sore spot!

Erik: Yes! Language is a sore spot for me. It’s stupid.

Me: Aw.

Erik: I wish I could—you know, I just close my eyes, and if you’d feel it, you’d get it.

Me: I can feel it, but I can’t type that. But I can feel what you’re talking about, Erik.

Erik: Not linear, but what you’d call back to the beginning.

Me: Right.

Erik: Because you are part of God Source, you have all of the experiences and memories of what God has.

Me: It’s almost a place instead of a timeline, right?

Erik: Yeah. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! And some of us, we have like that really long elastic cord, and we just wanted to get as far away as possible.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Just cuz it was what we wanted to do.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And nobody is going to judge us for it. We just did it, and sometimes it’s just hard to get the ball back to the paddle.

Jamie bursts out laughing.

Me: God, Erik. We’re all bouncy balls to you, lately!

Jamie and I both laugh.

Me: Okay, so can you remember the time of the split from Source?

Erik: Hell yeah!

Me: Wow! What does it feel like?

Erik: I can only speak for myself on this one.

Me: Okay.

Jamie (laughing): He’s going to get all Zen on you!

Me: What?

Erik: I’m going to get all Zen on you.

Me (chuckling): Okay. Got it.

Jamie: I’m just laughing, because the way he said it was so unnatural. It’s funny. He’s got his elbows on his knees, and he leans forward.

Erik: It’s like when the raindrop leaves the cloud. That’s how it feels.

Me: Ooo! Wait, how does that feel? I’m not a raindrop, and I’m not a cloud.

Erik: Maybe you should be, Mom.

Mom (laughing, in jest): Oh, god, you little twerp. If so, I just might rain on your parade. So explain.

Erik: Well, it really doesn’t have feeling. It’s not excitement or scary or anything. It’s not like giving birth or painful or—

Me: Is it like a breath?

Erik: Yeah, like when you breathe out. You know, the air that leaves your body as easy as it came in.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I hate to disappoint you, but there are no fireworks.

Me: Well, I wouldn’t call it disappointing. You might hurt Source’s feelings, you know.

Erik (laughing): No I’m not! Source does not judge!

Me: I’m teasing, silly.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Jaime Baxter

    parting the see’s 😉 i was just in the bathroom before this and at times find it fun to pee while the water is being sucked down – the boys ask “is there a difference?” i say, ‘well, yes. if i’m peeing against something, no matter how fast its coming out, i will feel the reverberation. if there is a negative push it seems to pull it out of me” and we talked about the parting of the seas during my period last week 😉 no one ever said this stuff was “proper and posh” i can testicle to that lol 😉

  • kathy

    Elisa, I thought that you were brought up by Athetists, and you were a Atheist all your life until after Erik died ?

    • Lelabelle

      I was confused at first too, kathy, BUT I think “Mike” wrote that at the top of today’s story.

    • D Mom

      That intro is signed by Mike.

    • Mauro Sardini


    • Deborah Underwood

      Mike is the one who made those comments at the beginning about growing up a fundamentalist Christian. He is subbing for Elisa while she is out of the country.

  • D Mom

    I’m having difficulty understanding the point here. Are you asking Erik how it feels to split from Source when he was born?

    • Cynthia DeSoto Buckner

      From my understanding, he was asking about the feeling from ‘splitting off’ from Source’ and becoming a separate Soul. Think of it as Source being a sparkler shooting off sparks. Pure Source energy being the Sparkler and each of us as a spark. I don’t know if this will help but its how I tried to describe it to my sister.

      Each spark from Source becomes its own Self/Soul. Its own consciousness. Its own ability to become a Creator. Its own awareness. Its own judge and jury.

      That’s just how I envision it! 😉

  • MikeHulse

    Yes as Elisa mentioned on the channeling of Adolph Hitler post I am posting stuff and approving comments until she returns on the 13th. I’m just posting under Elisa for now.

  • Nadine Casatelli

    I was born into a Jewish family but i could never identify myself as Jewish. I knew there was something deeper until I had my first encounter with spirit at age 10. It was not until i was staring out over Kilauea Iki that i realized and accepted the concept of what is being discussed here. Thanks again for validation!

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