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I know one or two people got a little mixed up reading the posts on here or rather who is posting them the other day. Well as Elisa mentioned on the Adolph Hitler session I (Mike Hulse) will be posting and approving stuff whilst Elisa is taking a long earned sabbatical. Normal service shall resume on 13th July (for our U.S. audience July 13th).

Now for our feature presentation:

I’m honored to have another guest contributor today, long time blog member, Carol M. Didden. Not only is she a talented medium, she’s a brilliant author, and she and Erik have a lovely relationship. Let’s learn a little about her and her channeling Erik and Edgar C. Cayce. Enjoy!

A friend of the Channeling Erik family since 2010 & with all the “clairs” at her disposal (-voyance, -audience, -sentience) Carol interprets energetic elements of life both here and from those in the spirit world. A student of great Spiritualists, Carol brings messages from those who have crossed over, in multiple formats, including writing, song and as a speaker to those who are here to listen.

February 2013

Edgar, Erik & Me

Good evening Gentlemen, how are you both?

Edgar C.: very well thank you

Erik M.: just keeping on

Carol D.: This is the start of a conversation between two great minds. One slightly older than the other, but, whose counting? Really neither of you, I would imagine. Since time is all relative in the spirit world, does that make it hard to care about what’s going on in any given state of mind? I mean, can you discern between when it is a valid time to care and one where it doesn’t matter at all?

Edgar: I know from my time on earth, that peacefulness was my main objective. I spoke to so many creatures of the earth, both animal and human and all of them believed that peace and joy were the name of the game. Their heart beats were dependent on their breath and their joy was dependent on their heart beats.

Erik: While in my physical body I was depressed and fucked up most of the time, I still had the sense of life from another existence, that I had to get to where the real work needed to be done.  I had to leave my existence behind and gather some street cred in the spirit world, you know, no good deed goes undone, a rolling stone gathers no moss, that kind of shit. I don’t have any reference to what I felt in my earth body because the greatness I feel now far replaces those experiences. I mean I love my mom and I would give anything for her to share this journey with me, but, her time is not done and while she misses me and cries a lot, I still need her to stay where she is so we can get the message out to the people who really need one of us there on earth and one of us here in the non-earth.

Edgar: I don’t feel as if we have quite answered your questions.

Carol: if the two of you could say anything to one another, what would it be? How would your conversation start? Pleasantries? How does a young man spirit “talk” to an older man spirit?

Erik: Let’s get on with it Miss Carol

Edgar: I couldn’t agree more.

Carol: Alright then, the topic today is “Relevance”.

Edgar: Working on life comes out of people in many different ways – when they work on a blog [he says “blog” with a funny look on his face, as if the word is out in his mouth and tastes weird], when they work on a book, when they are writing a sermon. Working on their lives is the most important role for their time in this space. Working on their lives is the most important role for their time and space. This time in their life on earth can be short (such as Erik) or their time in life on earth can be long (such as Ann Finegan, Carol’s grandmother – or Ghandi or Mother Teresa). Their time on earth is relative to the time they have to give in other realms. Each plays a role in interpreting the wave lengths of the continuum. The continuum shares its wavelengths of relative experiences with souls when they are in the human form. The energy that surrounds us in our human lives takes us on a journey.

[Erik is sitting on a stool, picking his non-existent fingernails – but listening intently – nodding every once in a while in agreement].

The energy moves us towards and around our relevant selves. It keeps us in line and not in line. We move with grace and joy (when we are pleasantly surprised with the tasks in life). When we are not pleasantly surprised, when our emotions catch up to the human nature of grief and anxiety, we fight the relevance of our tasks.

We are resigned to do something – instead of acceptance of our tasks. When acceptance replaces resignation, then, and only then, do we find grace and peace. With acceptance of our relevance we find the path towards the light.

As to Carol’s dream [making reference to the children of Sandyhook-Newtown] there are layers and layers of information relevant to all other ribbons of data. The hands of the children are held together and across the center over a glowing ball of energy that represents the very best of themselves and all that they left behind. Each arm is blessed with love and glowing from the remnants of memories for their families and loved ones on the earth plain. Each child of God and of the Earth who have lost their lives at the hand of another carries love and grace from their innocence. Relevance, once again, holds the soul to earth. Their families holding vigils and honoring their lives with teddy bears sitting on rocking chairs and by pillows on their twin beds.

The relevance lies in their inheritance; their DNA still a part of siblings who grow-up carrying the same blood traveling down the same veins. Only these children in the spirit world have love and light and joy that travels via their “veins,” their own ribbons of life.

All of these ribbons are woven together. They are dependent on one another, supporting each others’ soul paths, yet independent in their beauty. A beauty that surrounds us all. We are all relevant to one another. We are all on each other’s soul paths – we support and lead one another down each relevant path, helping to prepare for each step on our journeys.

Erik: Wow! Whoa – Holy Shit Man! That is some whacked out pictures. I can see everything you say! The children, everything you say is right on! She and I work together, [he points at me and winks sending me the knowledge of our first encounter with a young victim of a crime several years ago]. I aid them whenever she calls, we work hand in hand, heart to heart really.

The relevance of life to joy to hearts to fucking everything starts with our souls. We take on a lot of shit, but we handle it within our own capable heads. We take on other people’s shit, and still we handle it. When we cease to be relevant on the earthly plane, we start to see light somewhere else. We start to see balls of glowing atmosphere from other realms. It doesn’t take fucking drugs to push you over the edge to see the light! It takes love to push you over, it takes fuckin’ sacrifice and determination!

Why is it so hard to understand that our purpose, our relevance to the earth and all the heavens above and below are necessary to survive? Why is it so f-in hard to grasp that our earth bodies have a purpose wherever we ‘exist’? Our perfection is only in the eyes of those who bore us (and I don’t mean those who are bored of us!)

If we believe that perfection can be achieved on earth or even in the spirit world, we will be severely surprised and the reason behind all moving about will be stunted. We are crazy, crazy fucking people! Or beings, or energetic balls of f-in light!! However you want to see yourself in the relevant universe.

Carol: I can see what you’re both saying, thanks for the insight on our relevance to one another, to our earthly presence and to our auric or energetic place in the universe.

Edgar: Many thanks for asking, for starting the conversation.

Erik: Right on.

CMD: Good night gentlemen.

EC: Goodnight and sleep well.

EM: Ciao baby.

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