Can I Get an Amen?

I finally got my “Raptor Shield” for Bella to protect her from the talons of the hawks. She doesn’t seem to be impressed. Bella: Hawk Bait

On another note, today is Election Day, and, having casted my vote (holding my nose at the same time,) I’m so glad it’s over. Regardless of who wins, I hope the country can unite with one purpose: to get our nation back on a pro-growth track and end the divisiveness. It’s a tall order, but I even prayed to Archangel Michael to help us, telling him that I’m willing to cut 5 years off of my lifespan to achieve that. That’s no big bargain, really, because those are the crappy years anyway. 

Speaking of prayer…

Me: Here’s another blog member question: “A topic I’m interested in is prayer. What is prayer? Does prayer help others and us and if so, how?”

Erik: Wow, prayer is amazing. They’re like affirmations and extending intents. Your words have power, and when you call out your words, they act kind of like a pebble in the water. It ripples out and expands over. So, if you’re stating a prayer, and you’re directing it to the universe—that’s kind of what it is, dropping a pebble in the water, the universe. If you have a god that you believe in and you’re directing to that god, it goes always to Higher Source no matter what your religious beliefs are. It goes up to the Higher Source that cares for us and loves us all without judgment. And what your putting out and what you’re asking for often lays out a—

Jamie (to Erik): What’s that word? What are you saying, Erik?


Jamie (to Erik): Not manipulation.


Erik: Manifestation!

Jamie (to Erik): You should talk clearer. Don’t mumble!

Jamie and I laugh. I remember Erik could mumble from time to time.

Erik: Ahem. It lays out a manifestation pattern that can be fulfilled. When energy comes back to you, it’ll manifest in the pattern you’re asking for.

Me: Hm.

Erik: So, prayer is extremely powerful. Somewhere along the line, it got a bad rap, you know, that it you pray, you’re stupid or a religious freak. That’s really, really sad. It should not be that way. I mean, if you don’t like the term, “prayer,” change it to something else! Just say, “I just want to say a little something good.”

Me: Or you can call it affirmation.

Erik: Yeah, say affirmation, but energetically it goes out into the universe, and it is in return what you get back.

Me: So, it’s thought creates reality, basically.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: It’s almost like a, um, it’s physics, basically.

Erik: Yes. Ding!

Me: I guess the ties to organized religion are why the word prayer left a bad taste in some people’s mouths.

Jamie (giggling): Erik’s asking if I could get him a little bell he could hit, “Bing” like “You are correct.” He started doing that game show host thing during the conference call yesterday.

Me: Uh huh.

Jamie: That game show voice. It’s really funny. “And next we have…”

I laugh.

Jamie: So, if we had a bell I think it’d be a great sound effect.

Me: Yeah, really! So, do we have to pray for people on the Other Side?

Erik: No, you don’t have to, but just like before when we were talking about a spirit that has negative emotions—

Me: Yeah.

Erik: They create it for themselves, and it’s often because of regrets and things they haven’t finished, and most of the time they’ll hold onto it or wait until the other person passes away so they can have communication and resolve it.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: But if they find a psychic or a medium they trust, the negative emotions can be resolved beforehand. But if you pray to loved ones here, you can say things like, “I forgive you,” “I love you no matter what,” “Let’s put this behind us.” You can put things like that in your prayer. That will help the spirit feel better and let go and find joy.

Me: Well, doesn’t the healing they get on the Other Side help too?

Erik: Oh, absolutely, but, you know, you can’t ever help somebody if they don’t want to help themselves.

Me: Well, that’s true; that’s true.

Erik: That still goes for dead people.


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