Channeled Entities: Erik’s Faves

I know most of you are avid readers on topics of spirituality, and I’ve learned a great deal from what you’ve gleaned from your learning. So, at the encouragement of one of you, I decided to ask Erik’s opinion on some of the channeled entities we often look to for wisdom.

Me: Can you comment on books or channeled entities? Like what about the Seth books, for example. Can you say anything about those?

Erik: That’s some crazy shit!

Me: Well, I know, but is it crazy like (insert Twilight Zone theme music here), or is it crazy like, “That is so cool and so right on?

Erik: It’s like 80% so cool, so right on. Everything that comes through is filtered through a human source, but those are the only channels we have.

Me: Yeah.

Jamie (to Erik): Don’t even! He’s stuck, like he’s pointing to me.

Erik: I’m stuck with her.

Jamie and I laugh hard.

Jamie: I’m shooting him the bird.

Jamie (to Erik): You know if you had better vocabulary or you wanted to, you could teach me, because I DO learn. So, if you think I’m too narrow for you…

(I’m feeling uncomfortable witnessing this little confrontation.)

Me: Burn!

Jamie: I told him if he thought I was too narrow for him, he needs to address that with me and show me where I have to, you know, broaden my understanding with some of the concepts he’s trying to talk about. There are several times where he says things I have no clue what he’s doing, so…

Me: Well, it’s like in emails and texts—the person that’s sending them, they have this much broader, deeper and richer idea in their head, but they can only transmit that in a much narrower way. You don’t have the colors, the emotions, the five senses, everything you have when you’re sending it, so you open it up to misunderstanding or at the very least a shallower understanding. So, some of the responsibility has to be shared by the sender to really make the receiver understand as fully as you do, Erik.

Erik: When the time comes, I’m going to have to have a sit down with you, Jamie.

Me: It’s hard to relay things fully to a person, because everything else can just lie so flat compared to what the sender has in their head.

Erik (teasing): Cuz humans are so lame.

Me: Hey, you used to be one, so go easy!

(Damn, I can’t even remember what the original question was at this point.)

Me: Okay. What about “The Law of One”? I think it’s Ra material.

Erik: We are one, so yeah, that’s good.

Me: What about Bashar? Is he the real deal?

Erik: As a channel?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Yes.

Me: Abraham?

Erik: Rock on.

Me: Ramtha? I never heard of that one.      

Jamie: Yeah, he’s mumbling.

Jamie mimics his mumbling. It’s really hilarious.

Jamie: I’m like, ‘What?’

Erik: That’s a good guru, a good teacher, but it’s not my style.

Me: Okay. What about the Hathors?

Jamie (giggling): He cuts his eyes at me and says, “Shit, I’m not going to put these people down, man!” So far he hasn’t wanted to.

Me: So what you’re saying is pretty much most of them have some validity.

Erik: Yeah. If I had to put them in order—

Me: Wait, let me finish the rest of them: Kryon and then the Ninth dimensional Pleiadian Collective. That’s a mouthful.

(My cat, Ringo, is crying outside my office door.)

Jamie: Erik’s making cat sounds as well. He loves that cat!

Me: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: God, he loves that cat!

Me (to Ringo): Come on. Don’t be afraid. I know, hush up, hush up!

Erik: Mm mm. He’s not hushing up. Um, the Pleiadian thing?

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: That’s pretty out there. People aren’t really going to be able to conceptually get what’s going on there for a while.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So that’s like the small horse in a big race. They can go the distance, and the rest of them are going to tire out pretty quickly. Love Abraham, love k—

Jamie: He’s saying something that starts with a K.

Me: Kryon?

Jamie: Kryon? Haven’t heard of that one. Uh, unity, u-union? Works with the union.

(Ringo continues to cry loudly just as Erik predicted.)

Jamie: Who does Kryon work with? Is that the spirit or the person?

Me (singing my words): I have no idea!

Jamie: Hmm. The only one that he kind of hesitates on is that H one.

Me: Hathors?

Jamie: Hathors. He’s like “Eh.”

Me: Okay.

 Erik: I know you’re not saying that like just calling out the names for my sole approval, because I’m such an awesome being.

I giggle.

Erik: But I would easily stand behind all of the Abraham teachings and most of the Seth works.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And definitely the Kryon ones.

Me: Kryon. Okay.

Jamie: What is this Kryon thing? How do you spell it?

Me: It’s K-R-Y-O-N.

(I hear Jamie’s pen furiously scratching on paper as she mutters each letter to herself.)

Jamie: Is that an alien?

Me: I don’t know.

Jamie: Hmm.

Me: I have no idea.

Here’s a bit about Kryon:

Kryon is a loving angelic entity that brings a consistent message of love and hope for humanity. Lee Carroll is the original channel,taking Kryon’s message worldwide to audiences in the thousands.

Carroll’s Kryon series elaborated a number of popular New Age concepts. Amongst them are: co-creating, a spiritual contract, karmic imprint, karmic implant, magnetic layers (strands) of human DNA, karmic groups, synchronicityascension etc.

Another topic touched in many of his books is the 2012 transition. According to Lee Carroll, Kryon’s message is that 2012 transition is going to happen on the level of sub-conscious, archetypal energy and open up new avenues to humanity’s collective mind.

According to Carroll, Kryon’s messages about Earth include, among others, the Earth being a living entity with an individual consciousness, who cooperates with humans. The relationship between the Earth and humans is elaborated based on the “magnetic field” interactions.

Throughout the whole Kryon series the concept of reincarnation is much spoken about. Many of “Kryon’s messages” include subtle details on the mechanics of it, the value and purpose of human life and death etc., which are philosophically consonant with the dharmic approaches common in Buddhism and Hinduism. The books are, however, written from a Westerner’s perspective, and no direct references to the Eastern sources are made, while Christian and Bible-based spiritual mysticism is present in the wording and expressive style.


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