Channeling Amy Winehouse, Part Four

First of all, I’d like to announce some very exciting news. Some of you might call it bittersweet, because our dear Erik will be taking a well deserved rest–more like a sabbatical really. But he has managed to come up with a more than worthy guest blogger in Jesus who will start Monday, so I hope you will all give him a warm welcome. I’m not sure Jesus has ever done any blogging before, but I bet he’s not the least bit nervous!

Now let’s see what sweet Amy has to say today:

Me: Do you have any past lives you think most influenced your last life as Amy Winehouse.

Amy: Oh, this is interesting!

Jamie sneezes loudly.

Me: Bless you!

Jamie: A sneeze out of NO WHERE! That was crazy. I didn’t even feel it coming on! She thinks that’s a very interesting question.

Jamie (to Amy): Yes, that most influenced this last one.

(Long pause)

Jamie (whispering): She’s so bony. Like bony-petit.

Me: Bon appetit. Why don’t you share some of your pepperoni pizza with her, Erik! We need to fatten her up!

Jamie (giggling): She’s laughing SO hard.

Amy: I know! I know!

Jamie: She’s showing me, uh, a-la-la-la. Where is that, Amy? Can you tell me? Oh, Greece.

Amy: I’m on an island. A very small island.

Jamie: The image she’s showing me is that you can look down the coast and you can see it curve right around. Like a little curve of an island. Oh, she’s a very old man. And she has a red and blue—it looks like a paddle boat, little wooden boat, and it has a little motor on it. The motor looks really weird. It’s old.

Jamie (to Amy): So when, in the turn of the century? It’d be interesting to see when motors were invented. 1890s through 1925?  Thank you. 1919 was when she passed away.

Amy: I had a wife and four children. One girl, three boys. And Dimitri—

Jamie (to Amy): Dimitri? Who’s Dimitri?

Amy: One of my sons. He lost his sight, and we didn’t know what to offer him, because he was so eager in wanting to learn more. He lost his sight as a young boy, so he had already been trained to see. Then at 8 or 9, he was blind. I had a mandolin, and I remember sitting down with him every afternoon and teaching him how to play. Soon, he was teaching ME how to play different instruments. Once he knew where the sound was coming from, he had instant memory where his fingers needed to be.

Me: How wonderful!

Amy: And he had the most inspiring success you could ever want for your child who could no longer see. People would get into their boats and come over. We only had three or four houses on this little island.

Me: Wow, that WAS tiny.

Amy laughs.

Amy: And people would get into their little boats, and they would come to hear him play. Ah, it just brought such joy to everyone. And I always thought that if I had the chance, I would want to know what it would feel like to be him—to be able to play like that.

Me: So, can you tell me how that influenced your last life?

Amy: It was Dimitri who inspired me.

Me: Do you think it also made you struggle with the fact that your parents really did NOT appreciate who and what you were?

Amy: Yes.

Me: Because you appreciated Dimitri so much and were so inspired by his talents. Could that be part of it, too?

Amy: Absolutely. I spent so much time with him.

Me: That’s nice. So, his success was yours, too. Now, what was your proudest accomplishment while you were alive?

Amy: It may not sound like anything big, but it was really the first time my music was played on the radio.

Me: Oh, that’s big! It’s never gonna happen to me, I can promise you! Not in a million years!

Jamie (giggling): You’re making her laugh!

Me: When you look back on that, now that you’re in spirit, do you still consider that you’re proudest accomplishment?

Amy: Oh yes.

Jamie: She doesn’t even hesitate.

Me: Okay. Now, from your newfound perspective on the other side, what messages do you have for us? Is there anything else you’d like to share with the world?

(Long pause)

Amy: How ironic. I want to tell people to get drunk on life.

Me: Oh, that’s nice! Yeah. And to find that strength in life, right?

Amy: Yes, and don’t be stupid enough to beat it down.

Me: Yeah. Okay. Erik, do you have any questions for Ms. Winehouse?

Erik: No, but I’ll escort her home since she’s so new here.

Me: God, yeah, we don’t want Amy to get lost!

Amy laughs.

Me: Well, thank you, Amy. I sure do appreciate your time.

Amy (laughing hard): Thank you very much. It’s really interesting to know there are interviews even in the afterlife!

Me: Damn straight! You can’t escape it, Girl!

Jamie (laughing): She’s cracking up!

Me: Again, thank you so much, Amy.

Amy: You’re welcome, and have a good day. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles.

Jamie: Aw!

Me: Oh, that’s sweet. Thank you.

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