Professor Erik’s Virtual Classroom, Lecture #1: Journey of the Soul

First in what I’m sure will become a VERY popular series channeled by Renuka from!

But first, I have a lot to share. First, as you know, I have a new company, Atlantis Scalar, Inc. and the full website just became live today, YAY! Portal work isn’t the safest occupation in the world. For example, I forgot to say my code word for my prayer of protection for like 3 second, and that night, I saw a black blob with glowing red eyes flying around my bedroom, occasionally zooming toward my face. I was terrified and clung onto my husband, but every attempt to wake him failed, apparently something those “shadow entities” do. My friend, Lambert, who knows a great deal about dark energies, says these are the worst of the worst! Fortunately, Erik cleans my energy every morning before we work together.

On a lighter note, I used my dowsing rods to ask Erik to spell out his rank and he spelled out, “Master Angel!” I asked him what his next rank would be and he spelled out, “Archangel,” and that he would become one on his Earth birthday 9/21/21. So that will call for a celebration! If you look the comprehensive list of all Archangels, there are actually hundreds of them, and in that list, there will be my son, same name, he say: Archangel Erik Rune Medhus. I hope he includes up on on the A-list at his party!

One more thing, don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show Tuesday at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. 

 Tuesday, Erik will the ubiquitous problem of bullying. It’s not just isolated to schools, It’s a problem in families as seen in domestic violence and sibling abuse; it’s seen in interdepartmental bullying in the military, police departments, fire departments, the workplace and yes, even in congregations. Why? What’s more, what can be done? Fortunately, we have our power trio to give us the guidance we need: Motivational speaker, pro wrestler and personal development ally, Jamin Olivencia from, medium Jennifer Doran at and, as always, our wise spirit guide from across the veil, my son Erik Medhus. DON’T YOU MISS JAMIN??

 Then, after 20-30 minutes, Erik will take questions from listeners, and the answers will be channeled by Jennifer, as well. Be sure you check out her site at

 Last, iyou want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735.

Last but not least, check out Michelle and my interview on DarkHour Paranormal!

Okay, now for the show!

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

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