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I just got back from one of the most powerful Channeling Erik weekends ever. The night before I left for Atlanta, however, I had a terrible dream. I walked into a bar (I know. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it wasn’t an alcohol-type bar,) and there was Erik as a 6 year-old boy sitting on a barstool. His hair was very light (almost white) blond. I remember his little face with that typical mischievous grin so fondly. I ran to him and grabbed him up in my arms to lock him into a big warm hug him plastering little mommy kisses all over his sweet little face. I was so happy that he was alive. I missed him so, so much. I asked him where he had been all these years, and he told me that he was stuck. I asked him to explain, and he said that he was stuck in Nothingness where every day was the same as the next. He was so sad. I told him the only way he could pull away from the Nothingness was to go to Heaven, and asked him if that’s what he wanted. He nodded his head solemnly, so uncharacteristic of a small child who should be outside laughing and playing with his friends without a care in the world. I told him that I’d find a way to help him out of that dark Nothingness. I didn’t know how, but I promised him I would. I knew, deep inside, that would mean I’d lose him again. I was in tears when I woke up.



Now about the weekend. It started out with Jamie trance channeling Erik. Erik ran to me and gave me a big hug. His hug was so strong, much stronger than any that Jamie could have given me. Of course I cried. I knew that this body was my son. It was firm and masculine, not mushy and feminine as Jamie’s body is. He asked me how my trip to Helen, GA was, and I told him Pappa and I enjoyed it very much. The thing is I didn’t tell anyone we had gone there, so I guess he came along for the ride. During the second hug, just before he left Jamie’s body, Erik licked my face. He licked Rune’s ear, too, which was kind of gross. I bet Jamie wondered why she woke up with a nasty taste in her mouth. The rest of the weekend was, well, I just can’t express its power. I can’t. We learned how to see, feel and hear spirits and many other things. One of the lessons was how to do automatic writing. I had tried this before with little if any success, but Erik taught us to listen to the spirit’s voice just behind the ear. When I started writing again, I tried this. I also tried to distinguish my own thoughts from his. Erik and Jamie taught us that when a thought or voice inside your head seems to come out of nowhere, it’s likely to be that of a spirit. Your own thoughts seem crafted. There’s an effort behind them that doesn’t exist with spirit voices. As I began, the handwriting was clearly mine, but soon, it changed to Erik’s hen scratching. Wow. I can’t share all of the powerful moments of that weekend, because there are just so many of them. I’m hoping some of those who attended will share their stories in the comments section. At the close of the weekend, Erik gave me one last hug, equally as powerful as the ones before. He seemed sad though and told me he missed me so much. Then, Rune grabbed him in hug and told him he loved him and missed him. Erik said the same, but he was sobbing. Tears were rolling down Jamie’s cheeks. That moment brought tears to many eyes including mine. So poignant.

When we were about to leave for the airport, I couldn’t stop crying. Here I had been, standing in this amazing Erik energy and love since Friday evening only to be ripped away from it so brutally. I’m still so sad. It’s like coming off a sugar high and diving down into a coma of grief. I’ll keep practicing my writing as a form of communicating with him, but it’ll never be the same as holding him in my arms.

On a lighter note, I got permission from the publisher to change all of the celebrity interview YouTubes to public again, but the comments will be disabled because I can’t take the harsh criticism and mocking. I’ll also eventually do the same to the celebrity interview posts on the blog, then from time to time I’ll post new ones. I have several that have been transcribed but never posted. There are about 400 people on the list, so, with all of the other types of posts, we’re in this for decades!

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine.

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