Conference Call 3/15/12

As you will see, Erik and Jamie had an amazing phone channeling session this past Thursday. I usually like to wait a few days before posting the conference call to give a chance for the participants to tell whether of not they want me to post it even though we only use initials. As I always promise, even if one person objects, out of respect to them, we do not post these calls.

Just click on the link below and the file will automatically download to your desktop. It will not open any new functioning window. Enjoy!

If you’d like to sign up for the next call, Jamie and Erik host them every two weeks. Just click on Jamie Butler’s site under my link’s section. Have a great weekend!

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  • Shelley Laing

    I downloaded this but I think it’s the call from 2-16, not from 3-15. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Shelley Laing

    thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Shelley Laing

    I am still confused about accident vs choice of exit point vs destiny. Was it their destiny to cross over due to an accident at a young age? Did they choose that exit point? But if they did, then it really wasn’t an accident. Barney died of an “accidental overdose” due to the combined effects of blah, blah, blah…the lifestyle was suicidal, but the exit point was an accident…so he didn’t mean to leave at that moment but was it his destiny to die young ??? I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it all

    • I guess they can have their destiny to have an exit point to die from an accidental overdose just as their can a car accident, so yeah. That makes perfect sense. And an intentional suicide, as was the case with Erik 🙁 can be a destiny thing too–rare, but possible.

    • Maria

      Hello, Shelly Laing! I am Maria Laing! I listened to your messages from Barney, not knowing anything of his passing….but I want to tell you that I was most moved by the feeling of love he has for you. : “You are what I need to do over here” was an amazing expression of his connection with you. His hope and intention to have a specific time set aside, an appointment, with you, was such an invitation to further communication with you! I truly hope that you will be able to be in contact with him. My son went missing while scuba diving, his body was never found. I, too, have a difficult time getting my brain around the timing of his death. One of these days I hope to sign up for one of these conference calls…right now I’m not sure how these work…that is, do you call and then just stay open on the line, or what? I’ll figure it out when the time comes. I just basically wanted to say that I felt so strongly that your son loves you so much….I’ll be thinking of you, sending you the very best wishes….

      • Shelley Laing

        Thanks, Maria (we have the same last name…are we related !!). If you go to the archives to Aug 3, 2010, you can read more about Barney. I was lucky to get to ask Erik a question in the early days of the blog. As far as the conference call goes, yes, you call in and stay on the line for the length of the call. As a mom who lost her son too, my heart is with you. If you want to email privately, I would be happy to do so.

  • Ashley

    This blog is amazing, I just have to say. Elisa, I sent you a message on Facebook a few days ago. Not sure if you received it or not. But something weird happened this morning that I wanted to share. I have no idea if it was Erik, my imagination, or what but it certainly did get my attention! I found your blog a few days ago and started reading it (I mentioned in my Fb message that I had stumbled upon it through the Channeling River Phoenix post), and this morning at about 5 or 6 am, my cell phone went off 3 times, with a strange ring tone that isn’t actually ON my phone, and nothing was there. No missed call, no text messages, nothing at all! Just a random chiming from my phone for no apparent reason. My first thought, after being woken up by it, was Erik. Not sure why. As I said, I don’t know if it was him playing with me because he’s been on my mind the last few days, or if it was my imagination LOL but I figured it was worth sharing. 🙂

  • Su

    Thank you, learned a lot. It’s so touching when the ‘I love you’ messages were sent to and from the otherside but it also makes me so sad, why does grief have to exsist?? I know, big question but does it all have to be soooooo painful??? Where’s the complaints department Erik?

  • This is amazing! It’s the first Erik conference call I’ve listened to (actually… I’m still listening).

  • Aw, you’re sweet Ashley! That sounds like an Erik prank I’m sure the other CE family members will agree! I always answer my FB messages but I’ll check. I’m known to get brain farts.

  • Clau_Bueno

    Thanks for sharing! Everytime I cry like a baby when I hear the phone calls. Erik is a sweet pie and Jamie too!
    I hope one day have an opportunity to be at the phone calls.
    Big hugs to you!


  • Ashley

    Thanks Elisa! I got your reply. I sent you a friend request, I believe. 🙂

  • Maria

    Su, you say it so well! I had the same feeling….so touching….yet so painful….and why? Such a good question!!!

    • Su

      Thanks Maria, I suppose we’ll understand it better the other side but still….

  • Maria

    Jamie, you are amazing!! That you communicate so well, so fluently, so quickly, just blows me away!! How it is that Erik can operate on the level he does is mind boggling to me…and that he can contact so many diverse personalities…???? and Elisa, thank you for orchestrating all this, making it possible for us to listen in…or participate. I hope to sign up when the opportunity is right. While I often think of Erik, I haven’t had any communication from him that I know of….but I remember reading somewhere on the forum that there are some “instructions” that you have, Elisa, for opening to channeling, or something similar. Would you be so kind to pass them on to me? Perhaps I can figure out a way to open myself to the possibility of receiving communication from Erik, or my son, Michael. Also, Elisa, how do you feel after one of these calls? I am thinking of you, mother to mother, and wondering how it leaves you feeling….happy to be in touch?, or sad to be in a different dimension?….lonely for Erik….?…or all of the above??? At what cost, emotionally, do you do this for us? I hope you are OK right now. I feel quite emotional at the moment, just having been a listener….but for you…it is YOUR son who is being channeled….pretty heavy duty realization for me to think of. I love you, Elisa, for who you are, to be so generous and bring us with you on this awesome journey beyond our grief and limitations. Maria Laing:

  • Maria

    I have a question about the “seals” that were mentioned by the 4th caller. If I recall, her question was along the line of was 9-11 the first seal that was broken, and was the war in Iran the 2nd seal that was broken? Erik answered “yes” to both. The mention of the Tribulation…?? I remember in my work at the library that there was a series of books circulating by Tim LaHaye relating to the tribulation….from what I gathered, they were very fear based, and I didn’t give them much thought, nor did I read any of them. I wonder what Erik has to say about them, and what more he would say about the seals….does anyone have anything to add to this….is it something that we should give serious consideration to? Just asking……..

    • Personally, I never heard of seals so I hope someone else can answer these questions.

      • This refers to the Bible, Book of Revelation.
        Chapter 5 describes a book with seven seals, events for each are described in chapter 6 (the first 6 of the 7) and chapter 8 (the 7th and final seal)
        The events described are referred to as The Tribulations.
        There are three groups of 7 events each described in Revelation, The Seals, Trumpets and Bowls of Wrath, all of which are said to precede the Second Coming of Christ; within Chapter 13 paragraph 18 is the devil description 666, the sign of the beast.
        This overall series of events is known as Rapture, when the faithful believers are taken up to Heaven and saved.
        These Bible descriptions are allegories of current and soon-to-be occurring events.

      • Amy J.

        You are an amazing man Patrick! well said!

      • Thank you Amy, but not really. Any search engine would have located that. I however offer an interpretation on my website (linked from here, Channeling Erik) and for those interested, it’s

      • Ah! I never new that!

      • Linda

        Erik told us that yes 911 was the first seal and war with Iran will be the second seal, but what we do not know is the timing, it seems that we are very near to WW 3 but this may take many years to come to pass just like all the other seals and their timing. If one does interpret the book of Revelations they will indeed see that events of today foster this truth.

        I also feel that Obama being reelected is part of the plan putting us in the predestined place so the prophecy will be fulfilled. I don,t see Obama as the Antichrist but I do see him being instrumental in aligning everything for the Antichrist.

      • anna

        Where is the word rapture used in the bible? If you believe some of this info then you have to believe all of it. Are there people burning in a fiery pit in hell because they did not believe in Jesus as the son of God? From what Erik has said everyone is just doing their own thing and still trying to understand God from their own (more advanced ) perspective. And as for J. of Patmos does it make logical scense that someone would write an all encompassing prophecy for others to heed 2000 years into the future? that’s like telling someone today, hangon to that candy wrapper, guard it with your life because in 2000 years it will be worth a great deal of money. Whatever J. of Patmos said 2000 years ago would have had to have some value to the immediate audience he was addressing. The new Testament informs us that Jesus told his apostles that he would return before they all died out (or within their generation) and Christian movements and bible apologists have been pushing that date further and further along. I’m not saying this or that isn’t going to happen now, it’s just that if you give something enough time the laws of probabilty kick in. As far as anti-christs, those can very easily be googled– their were plenty throughout history.

  • As for my feelings, it does make me a little sad, because it brings the fact that he is not here in the physical to the surface, but on the other hand it makes me happy to hear him, to have to chance to tell him I love him and to know he is helping others. So it’s kind of complicated. I feel uplifted and drained at the same time. I’ll definitely send you the instructions, but I bet he’s already played some pranks on you, Maria!

    • Tiggy

      Can you include me in the explanation how to access the group phone conf?
      Thanks, Elisa

  • Are you having trouble downloading and listening to it or signing up for the next one?

  • Yvonne Chireau

    This is such a GREAT service that you and Erik and Jamie offer. As I listened, it really underscored how each of us has to have a spiritual practice that works for us. It is absolutely essential. I think Erik is a good teacher, but we students have to do the necessary class work FOR OURSELVES. I could tell how much the callers want to talk, there seems to be a longing to connect to others, and a feeling of a deep seated loneliness. But we are not alone, we are One. Be careful as this project takes off – and it surely will, as more and more people get involved, because many are hungry for this kind of service – be careful that people don’t expect Erik to “fix” things for them. We are here in this realm to learn lessons that require our own efforts so that we can evolve. Our own souls, deep, deep down, know exactly what we *should* do in this incarnation. We want to align with what we signed up for. Perhaps Erik knew that, and he was braver than many of us. You have certainly learned that too Elisa! The university of hard knocks, lol!!

    Blessings to your community. Now let’s all get out there and START CREATING!!

  • HSB

    These calls are always so interesting to listen to. I wonder, though, if Jamie would ever be interested in writing a guest post? I am curious to hear her side of the channeling experience, in other words, how she came to know Erik, how she sees/hears/feels/communicates with him, etc. Fascinating stuff!

  • It isn’t.
    I don’t.
    Fiery pit? Look up “allegory”.
    Everyone is doing their own thing and a group thing also; we are interconnected.
    To understand “God” depends on definitions.
    Logical by what standard?
    “2000 years into the future” assumes passage of time “on Earth as it is in Heaven” (to quote a well known prayer) or vice versa? Maybe not at all.

  • anna

    If you read Revelation literally or symbolically, it still needs to be relevant to the immediate audience. Obviously when I kick the bucket and time has no meaning then the meaning of Revelations becomes irrelevant; but that is not the audience that J. of Patmos was trying to reach. And taking it out of that historical context to try and fit it into the events of this time frame in any shape or form is just over-reach. It is extremely difficult to understand what in the bible is a prophesy or what is an actual event taking place in the here and now (of the era in question) I’m not trying to attack you personally for any of your commentary I just get really fed up with people that are always trying to predict the future based on what somebody has written in the past. Then theres that really bad saying that history repeats itself. That simply can never be the case because the variables are constantly changing. The Jewish writing traditions took that concept and imbedded it into the whole of their scripture and we keep seeing the same concepts being played over and over again with different historic characters. You know I’m not even trying to dis somebodies religious beliefs (although it may appear that way) I just think that with enough exposure to Erik’s blog maybe I thought we would all be somewhere closer with our spiritual beliefs, maybe on the same page.

  • I love the way you think! If only my mind were still there!

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