Channeling Leonardo da Vinci, Part Three

Enjoy the next to the last segment of Leo!

Me: What were you here to learn?

Leonardo: I was here to learn how to take direction from myself—not from my mother, not from my father, not from my sponsoring artist, not from money, not form politics, not from kings and queens, and not—especially not—from God!

Me: Oh, wow!

Leonardo: Our definition of God back then was really what drove war. Fight for God. Change who you are for God. Nobody wanted you close to God.

Me: Well, so many say, “Our beliefs are right and yours are wrong” in a way to strengthen their own egos and then you have two groups: the people who believe in God A and the people who believe in God B. So you have all these Holy Wars and the millions of deaths that result. Is that what you’re referring to?

Leonardo: Yes, and that’s such ignorance.

Me: Yes, it is. It seems to be getting worse and worse now.

But on the other hand, spirituality seems to be growing just as ego driven things are also growing.

Jamie: Oh wow, when he smiles and claps his hands, he kind of has this little youthful, childlike excitement about him. You can tell that he’d be a fun guy to hang out with, like he isn’t a stick in the mud!

Me: Yeah! Let’s go chill with Leo! So, can you share a past life that most influenced your last one?

Jamie (laughing): He stops to clarify that what you mean is what life, not what past life.

Me: I know, I know! All lives are happening at once!

Leonardo: There were several experiences where I was only alive in the womb. I never made it outside the womb alive.

Me: Ah, so you couldn’t discover the world!

Leonardo: There was once, many times I was having this experience—four or five times being only in the womb, only listening to the mother, only deciding who I was as awake consciousness in a body. It’s a magical time, being in a womb. It’s not like trapped in a prison. It’s the most spacious place I have found to be held in. There is such a vast awareness of what each movement it and how if feels and what it means and how to describe it without words and without logic, without knowing what comparison or measurement is. And it was these moments in my journey to Earth and life on Earth that encouraged me to have that same exploration when after he has learned these concepts and has been outside of the womb itself.

Me: Interesting. Well, you know. I think our eyes often lie to us and keep us from living with our hearts. It makes our thoughts imprison us and fragment our reality. Now, have your reincarnated? In other words, have you incarnated in our—

Leonardo: Yes, yes.

Me: Interesting. So, you’re on the earthly plane now living in the same “time” as Jamie and me?

Leonardo: Well, no, if you’re speaking of linear time, I’m coming later after you’re gone.

Me: Okay. Can you tell us a bit about what your afterlife is like?

Leonardo: Which one?

Jamie: W-w-whoa!

Erik laughs.

Jamie listens.

Jamie (to Leonardo): Okay, I think I understand, but can you say it one more time?

Leonardo: Heaven, being multi-dimensional, you have many—

Jamie (to Leonardo): What are you touching? What is that?

Erik: That’s chess.

Me: Hm.

Jamie: Okay. Aw, I’m not going to understand this.

Erik (laughing): Shut up, Jamie!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Oh no!

Jamie: I wish you could see the picture they’re putting in my head! Okay, it’s a flat chessboard, and there are all the pieces of the chess on there. They’re pretending this is Heaven.

Jamie (to Erik and Leonardo): Sorry, thank you.

Leonardo: If you pretend that was Earth and you took the pawn and looked at the perspective of the pawn and then you moved it one place forward, you’d have a different perspective.

Me: Oh!

Leonardo: You’d no longer have the one from the place you were in. It’s like if you were in a car and you were driving, you’d just have those moments of the places you had been, but at the end, your whole surroundings are different. You’re not where you were.

Me: Okay.

Leonardo: In Heaven, if you move the pawn forward, you have the perspective of the pawn in the square above it, but you also have still remaining as true as it was the perspective of the place you just came from.

Me: I see. So, you can see all of the different facets of the diamond all at once, huh?

Leonardo: Yes.

Me: I guess it just depends on if your able to focus your intention on a particular square or squares.

Leonardo: Yes, and each square is a different type of dimension, but you arte still one being and you are still wholly connected to the memory and consciousness of the one you created yourself as well as the collective whole.

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