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Confession time. Let’s have some fun. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? I’ve had several, but here’s one I’ve done, amazingly, more than once. I think I’ve wrote about it before. I’ve ordered at the McDonald’s speaker, gone up to the payment window to take care of the transaction, then zoomed right past the pick up window without stopping, making sure to smile and wave at the people there who know me all too well. Another story. Years ago, I played tennis (badly) pretty regularly. I had a hat with a very long plastic visor. I mean VERY long. Well, I accidentally put it on upside down so that the visor pointed up to the sky making it look like a pope’s hat. I was particularly cheerful that day, so as I walked between the courts, I’d grin widely and wave at everyone I passed. I was puzzled at their reaction: wide, blank stares, slower paces. My uncannily happy demeanor along with that silly hat must have made them think I was a little off. Humbling experiences. Now, it’s your turn, but first, check out this Best of Erik.

Me: Let’s talk about ego in Heaven. It’s different from ego here, right? Is it more about separation? Can you go into that?

Erik: Yeah, well there’s no need for ego in Heaven.

Me: Well is it somehow about, “I just wanna feel separate from Source sometimes.”? I know there’s no need for it, but if you didn’t have ego to have that sense of separation, wouldn’t just be completely absorbed into Source?

Erik: That’s the way you’re defining ego. It’s like if you define ego as being the quality that  you need to be an individual. In Heaven, it’s still the same dynamic as on Earth except there’s no question about the unity part. We know we are all part of one, but we can individually think and react, Now, ego is often described as a  part of an individual on Earth—I’m talking about on Earth—ego is often talking about part of an individual who acts out and kind of claims attention and control and betterment of the self even if it’s a sacrifice at somebody else’s expense. We don’t have that quality here.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, yeah, we’re still individuals, but not in the sense where we feel like we need to be out of protection or out of recognition. It’s funny; I can do something that’s extremely awesome and great, and I have no desire for everybody to know that it was me.

Me: Oh wow. Well, you were not much of an attention hog when you were in the physical either.

Erik: That kind of desire, it’s flat here. We already understand that whoever is here is awesome and great, and that’s how we treat each other. So, there’s no need to please anybody else, you know, or to be congratulated. There’s always that success of being who you are. It’s there 24/7. Isn’t’ that funny?

Jamie (to Erik): What’s funny?

Erik: 24/7 because we don’t have 24/7.

Me (giggling): I was thinking the same thing!

Jamie: You were?

Me: Yes! I was like, ‘24/7? That doesn’t make sense!’

Jamie: I didn’t even pick up on it.

Me: Okay, so what about the flip-flop of that? When you make mistakes or—

Erik: In Heaven? There aren’t mistakes.

Me: All right. So, uh, but in human terms, a mistake, like if you, I don’t know how to describe it. There aren’t any mistakes in that there isn’t any judgment there, but—

Erik: Right, right. And we can’t, um, we can’t impose our emotions onto somebody else. So, if a soul is choosing to be angry, and it’s so about just that little universe of that soul, and then we walk next to that soul who’s choosing to be angry or sad which is kind of unusual because it’s really hard to have those things in these upper dimensions—you don’t feel it, like, empathically. You just don’t pick up on it empathically. You can see that they’re doing it, and you just know what that person’s having that day, and you don’t need to go over and comfort them or help ‘em, because you know that’s what they’re choosing to do. It’s really wild. It’s just a different way of handling somebody. It’s almost like we know that everybody is super smart, their own doctor; they have their own power, and we don’t have to give away ours to make them better.

Me: Hmm! Okay.

Jamie: Nice!

Imagine wearing this upside down! Yeah, I know!

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Elisa Medhus

  • Wei Wycoff

    My most recent embarrassing moment: I was eating lunch in my office, a visitor knocked on the door. I opened the door and saw this guy that I never met. He wanted to talk about a compound that he wanted me to help analyzing. I talked to him for ten minutes and he left. I came back to my office to finish my lunch. I glanced at the mirror on my desk and saw that my chin was covered with bright red beet juice because I had been eating beet salad!

  • Patrick

    I was at a work related buffet lunch on the outdoors deck of a very nice Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston, Texas, having a tall glass of iced tea while standing among a group of colleagues, both coworkers and customers. I excused myself for a moment and went to use the “water closet”, but forgot to zip up after I was finished. Shortly after I returned to the scrum, this was noticed by several people in the group, including women, who quickly brought it to my attention. Just as we were taught as kids, always wear clean underwear!
    So wash your hands and say your prayers, ’cause germs and Jesus are everywhere.

  • Elise Marie Graziano

    Love it!

  • Cheryl

    Ok.. I have a few. My most recent was a couple of months ago when my water broke in the checkout line at the grocery storeI. My son had some weight issues Because of the shape of my uterus, so they decided to set us up for a C-section. The night before my scheduled C-section, my husband and I went to the grocery store to pick up snacks and granola bars for all the nurses. So we got everything, checked out and the second the cashier handed over our receipt, I felt a gush. I looked at my husband and said, “Holy shit.. I think my water just broke!” The cashier looked at me all wide eyed and my husband asked if I was being serious. I felt another gush & said oh yeah! So he started running out to the car as I waddled behind. The funny part is I tried covering my behind with a grocery bag. Ya right! I had to put paper down and take off my pants before getting in the car.

    Even after all that. I still consider my most embarrassing time being when I was in 1st grade & I farted in the hallway of my school in front of all the kids.. lol It was tramatizing! Lol So funny now that I look back at it.

  • Linda Eisenstein

    Omg Elisa, I love the visor story! LMAO! I am always doing silly things like that. I really feel like we have a connection. Sister from another mother in another lifetime! Luv you and Erik! Oh by the way I had a reading done my Pamela Aaralyn and she told me that Erik and my daughter hang out together! I did not ask and she did not know me or the fact that I love you guys! My heart has been smiling ever since. Carry on….

  • G

    I’m so use to embarrassing myself and being embarrassed I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’ve gotten comfortable with it. But a few times while I was working I would get sick and had a horrible cough and one time I coughed and farted. I was so embarrassed. learned to work through and heal from those embarrassing moments and learn from it. It still happens sometimes to these day and still work through it. Also learned to laugh at myself more and be more personal and heal from unhealthy positions that make me embarrassed or sick. I also avoid trying yoga for that reason.

  • Ulrika May

    Years ago while working in a preschool, a colleague of mine noticed that the bathroom door in the hallway was locked. Sometimes the toddlers accidently locked themselves in so my colleague knocks on the door and says in a loud voice: – Who’s there? No answer. – Can I help you? Still no answer. -You know I can help you wipe your butt if you just open the door! Not a sound. -PLEASE let me help you wipe your butt! The door bursts open and out steps a sturdy big man, a father to one of the children! All red in the face saying: I don’t need ANY help THANK YOU!! After which he quickly disappears outside. My colleague just wished for a hatch in the floor through which she could make herself invisible to the world! She’d never been so embarrassed in her life!!

  • Nancy Antia


  • J Howe

    OMG, Elisa, I laughed so hard about your visor story that I couldn’t breathe! My most embarrassing moment: My lab director had asked me to take a trip to Atlanta to learn a new technique, but she gave me only 2 weeks to get it all together. I was excited to go, because I was doing genealogy research, and my family was from there. I packed my suitcase, and my sig oth asked my if he could carry it downstairs to the garage. I told him I didn’t want to wake him up, because I was leaving early. I decided to wheel it out the front door and set it in the driveway to pick up on the way down. Well, I ended up calling him from the airport, which is a good hour away, to bring my bag to me! Not only did I forget my suitcase, but I forgot the address of a family cemetery I would have loved to visit. Fortunately, a good person who lives in Atlanta took pictures for me and posted them online.

  • Amanda

    Oh my, there are so many! When I was a high school student I was a hostess at a restaurant close to a neighborhood with a country club. One day an older gentleman came into the restaurant with his family to eat. He was wearing a hat that said “Titleist”, you know- like the golf ball company. Anyway, I was a naive teenage girl with very little knowledge or experience with the sport of golf, so I asked him “what does your hat mean, Tit-lee-ist?” he looked at me like I was the dumbest person in the world and corrected my pronunciation (Title-ist). It was a huge “doi” moment for me and I still laugh about it to myself to this day!
    I’ve also worn 2 different color heels to work- same brand and style so they fit the same way but one was black and one was a nude color. I had gotten dressed in the dark, in a rush, and just happened to never look down at my feet all day until someone actually pointed it out to me. I was mortified but we all got a good laugh about it because it was such a “me” thing to do.
    Another time I was standing with a colleague at a table in the breakroom discussing work stuff and I sighed deeply through my nose. As I did that a huge booger flew out and landed on my hand. There was immediate awkward silence as we both kind of stood there not knowing what to do, looking at the boog in my hand. I got a paper towel and wiped it off but we didn’t continue our conversation after that.

  • Ketti

    Hello Elisa, I always love reading your blogs and thank you for posting them! After reading the recent blogs about surrender, and then reading this one where he mentions souls having a choice on how they are feeling… I’m am curious if Eric could clarify the difference between choice and surrender? It left me a bit confused…. thank you!

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