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Confession time. Let’s have some fun. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? I’ve had several, but here’s one I’ve done, amazingly, more than once. I think I’ve wrote about it before. I’ve ordered at the McDonald’s speaker, gone up to the payment window to take care of the transaction, then zoomed right past the pick up window without stopping, making sure to smile and wave at the people there who know me all too well. Another story. Years ago, I played tennis (badly) pretty regularly. I had a hat with a very long plastic visor. I mean VERY long. Well, I accidentally put it on upside down so that the visor pointed up to the sky making it look like a pope’s hat. I was particularly cheerful that day, so as I walked between the courts, I’d grin widely and wave at everyone I passed. I was puzzled at their reaction: wide, blank stares, slower paces. My uncannily happy demeanor along with that silly hat must have made them think I was a little off. Humbling experiences. Now, it’s your turn, but first, check out this Best of Erik.

Me: Let’s talk about ego in Heaven. It’s different from ego here, right? Is it more about separation? Can you go into that?

Erik: Yeah, well there’s no need for ego in Heaven.

Me: Well is it somehow about, “I just wanna feel separate from Source sometimes.”? I know there’s no need for it, but if you didn’t have ego to have that sense of separation, wouldn’t just be completely absorbed into Source?

Erik: That’s the way you’re defining ego. It’s like if you define ego as being the quality that  you need to be an individual. In Heaven, it’s still the same dynamic as on Earth except there’s no question about the unity part. We know we are all part of one, but we can individually think and react, Now, ego is often described as a  part of an individual on Earth—I’m talking about on Earth—ego is often talking about part of an individual who acts out and kind of claims attention and control and betterment of the self even if it’s a sacrifice at somebody else’s expense. We don’t have that quality here.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, yeah, we’re still individuals, but not in the sense where we feel like we need to be out of protection or out of recognition. It’s funny; I can do something that’s extremely awesome and great, and I have no desire for everybody to know that it was me.

Me: Oh wow. Well, you were not much of an attention hog when you were in the physical either.

Erik: That kind of desire, it’s flat here. We already understand that whoever is here is awesome and great, and that’s how we treat each other. So, there’s no need to please anybody else, you know, or to be congratulated. There’s always that success of being who you are. It’s there 24/7. Isn’t’ that funny?

Jamie (to Erik): What’s funny?

Erik: 24/7 because we don’t have 24/7.

Me (giggling): I was thinking the same thing!

Jamie: You were?

Me: Yes! I was like, ‘24/7? That doesn’t make sense!’

Jamie: I didn’t even pick up on it.

Me: Okay, so what about the flip-flop of that? When you make mistakes or—

Erik: In Heaven? There aren’t mistakes.

Me: All right. So, uh, but in human terms, a mistake, like if you, I don’t know how to describe it. There aren’t any mistakes in that there isn’t any judgment there, but—

Erik: Right, right. And we can’t, um, we can’t impose our emotions onto somebody else. So, if a soul is choosing to be angry, and it’s so about just that little universe of that soul, and then we walk next to that soul who’s choosing to be angry or sad which is kind of unusual because it’s really hard to have those things in these upper dimensions—you don’t feel it, like, empathically. You just don’t pick up on it empathically. You can see that they’re doing it, and you just know what that person’s having that day, and you don’t need to go over and comfort them or help ‘em, because you know that’s what they’re choosing to do. It’s really wild. It’s just a different way of handling somebody. It’s almost like we know that everybody is super smart, their own doctor; they have their own power, and we don’t have to give away ours to make them better.

Me: Hmm! Okay.

Jamie: Nice!

Imagine wearing this upside down! Yeah, I know!

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