Electromagnetic Sensitivity

For some reason, Erik was around me a lot yesterday morning. I get nervous when he’s uncharacteristically present because I feel like he’s warning me about something awful in the near future. That’s silly of me, I know, because it could well be that he misses me and want to show me love. But while I was working on the blog that day, I was overwhelmed with nausea and had to run to the bathroom to throw up. Thank you to anybody who had the thought “morning sickness” pop into their heads. Anyway, I was sick the whole day, and it was clear to me that Erik was just warning me to stay close to a trashcan. Spirits have many roles, I guess. Now, poor Bella is sick. She won’t even look at her favorite treats (actually kitty treats.) She’s so soggy acting. That sucks because we’re going camping Thursday. Send Reiki ju-ju her way, peeps!

Rune got free tickets to the rodeo/concert tonight, but I have to pass on account of illness. The rodeo is really big here, y’all. Famous stars come from all over to put on amazing concerts. And of course there’s the bull riding, bronco busting, calf scrambles and other bone crushing activities. Plus, if you’re in the market for a pig or cow, that’s the place to be. The carnival on the grounds is very special if you make yourself impossible to pick pocket. 

Now for today’s topic. After I posted the YouTube version of this, I was surprised by how many people suffer from this ailment. Do you?

Kim: Hello, again.

Me: Hi! We’re going to make this a ten minute one. It’ll be very short because we’re running out of time. Hi again, Erik. I’m not going to ask you how you are because I already know. I just asked you, and you’re doing great! Yay!

Erik: What’s up again?

Me: Here’s one from a blog member. I’m just going to quote what she says. “Would you please add electromagnetic hypersensitivity for the list of topics for Erik to discuss? I ended up acquiring it by accident while in Australia. It’s more prevalent in northern countries like Canada and Northern European countries, so I have gleaned. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity affects both the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, so it’s frustrating as crap.”

Erik: Well, this blog member in particular—

Kim (wincing): Oh boy. He’s good at calling people out. We know that for sure.

Me: Oh! Yes. He’s done it to us, hasn’t he?

Erik: Just like anything, when you become aware of something or diagnosed with something, people tend to dwell and focus on it too much, and then they become it.

Me: Of course. Yes.

Erik: They begin to define themselves that way. It’s a shift in awareness, Mom, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. It depends on how it’s achieved. It can be achieved many ways.

Kim: He’s not using “achieved” as a good thing. It’s just the happening of it.

Me: Sure.

Kim: I think this is something that I experience as well because he keeps pointing at me, and he wants me to share.

Erik: It can make you ill. What I want people to do that feel like they have this, well, first of all you have to understand that we all have biofields. We all have our own biofields. Every life form does. It’s energy. We’re talking energy here. So when you’re hypersensitive to it, you need to look at why you’re not grounded.

Kim: Wow! God, he’s acting like my dad. He’s like (She wags her finger at the camera like a stern father would at a child.)

Me: Uh oh!

Erik: You need to look at why you’re not grounded because overstimulation or hypersensitivity to something is generally because there’s no ground. So in looking at hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields around you, let’s say, for example, you’re at a friend’s house and they have TVs and computers and, you know, radios everywhere going on and you begin to feel ill or that something is different, there are two things you need to do. You need to shift your awareness. We’ll get to that in a minute. We’ll go deeper into it. And you need to ground yourself. You need to find ways to ground yourself but not in the way we’ve discussed before like, “Oh, if you love painting, go paint more and dwell in yourself to find yourself.” I’m talking more in terms of current like the flow of electricity.

Me: Oh, electrical grounding. Okay, so how do you do that?

Erik: Right.

Me: Install a lightening rod on your head.

Kim chuckles.

Erik: Well, it’s tricky for humans. It’s all about your vibrations and where you resonate. That will determine how other things affect you.

Kim: That’s where he was talking earlier about where your awareness is.

Erik: So, if you’re one of these people, I encourage you to meditate to shift your awareness. That way, you’re not over-stimulated and you won’t get the illness from this hypersensitivity. Mom, this is a little deeper for people. To meditate and shift your own personal vibration and shift your own biofield—

Kim: He’s showing more solidity to it, which is interesting. He’s showing more, I guess I’d call it boundaries.

Erik: Stake your claim.

Me: So stake your claim to your biofield?

Erik: Right and what can or can’t affect you.

Kim: I don’t think it’s that simple.

Erik: It is that simple. When you define your boundaries and what you let affect you, it will be that way. A really easy thing you could do is carry crystals. Crystals or rocks or whatever you want to call them can ground out some of that energy.

Me: What kind of crystals? Any particular kind?

Kim: He is really on it today. He wants to talk a lot!

Me: Aw, and we only have five more minutes!

Erik: Obsidian, hematite, garnet.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So start with those. We’re talking about psychometry here, so if you’re carrying that object as your ground and consciously allowing that flow of energy to go there so that you’re not hyper-stimulated, you will experience less effect.

Me: So you can visualize the electromagnetic whatever that’s trying to invade your space going to the rocks in your pocket, for example? You just kind of visualize that when you started feeling sick?

Erik: Exactly.

Me: The meditation, can it be as simple as focusing on your breathing?

Erik: Sort of, but the meditation is more of a task because when you go into a meditation, I want you to think about shifting your vibration. Most people who are hypersensitive in this way carry a vibration of—Here it goes. I’m going to say it.—too vulnerable of a biofield.

Kim: I thought you always say there’s not enough or too much, you know, there’s no such thing.

Erik: You can be too vulnerable. You have to set boundaries, but then again, Mom, most people that experience this, once they understand what’s happening, they over-identify with it. “Oh, I can’t be near that because it affects me!” Instead of pointing the blame like, “That affects me. That makes me ill” or whatever, look inside. Look inward to see what you can do to change because you can change your vibration, and that, in turn, will neutralize the experience of the sensitivity.

Me: So in other words, stake your claim to your own biofield. “Hey, this is mine. No admittance. No shoes, no shirt, no service, man. You are out of here!” Is it as simple as that?

Erik: Yes, and mindfulness, too. Be mindful of it, too but without over-identifying with it. Just be mindful like, “This is who I am.” Mom, the deep level of achievement of knowing self is when you know yourself on a vibratory level, your true self. Then you can easily identify what is affecting you.

Me: And you can identify your boundaries so you can define them erect them against unwanted energy.

Erik: Just like crystals, there are some people who, when they carry a crystal, it can make them nauseated, dizzy, whatever, and then they have that mindfulness, that awareness that, “Okay, this is affecting me, so I’m going to put it back and keep my boundaries.” But you have to own that responsibility. It’s not the other way around.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s not a game. [Unintelligible]

The doorbell rings, so I can’t understand what Kim is saying.

Me: Just a delivery. Okay, really quickly, why does this happen more in northern countries? We only have one minute, now.

Bella barks at the door.

Me: Hush up, Bella.

Erik: It’s about the use of electricity but also mindfulness, like where the mind is with it.

Kim (wincing): I feel like this is kind of sad. He shows it being a snowball effect because of gossip. It’s almost like it’s a trend. “Oh yeah! I experience that, too, so I have that, too!”

Me: Ah!

Erik: So they over-identify with other people’s experiences.

Me: Okay.

Kim: Really interesting. It’s like a trend. That’s what he’s showing.

Me: Okay.

Don’t you love my extensive vocabulary?

Me: So maybe it’s not that there’s something in the North that’s causing this. It’s just that people are spreading the word about it and identifying with it.


Kim (laughing): Oh god. He’s being brutally honest.

Erik: Mom, sometimes people just don’t have enough to do.

Me: Oh! Okay, well, we better close off. I know that you have another session here pretty soon, and I have to go take Bella to the groomer’s for a haircut! Isn’t that exciting?

Kim: Have fun!

Me: This weekend, I cleaned all 1100 square feet of tile and grout. It was backbreaking. My knees, oh my god, they’re pitiful looking.

Kim: I read that. I have done the same thing, and it’s brutal.

Me: Oof! Anyway, bye everybody. Stay tuned for the messages at the end! We will see you later!

Kim: Bye!

Me: Bye. Thank you. I love you, Erik!

Erik: I love you, Mom.

For a bonus blog post from the Australian version of CE courtesy of medium, Alison Ailfinn Allan, click HEREIt’s all about labels and the law of attraction.

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  • Lorraine (LP)

    Elisa, be careful with kitty treats for Bella. Too much protein in those and causes dogs to get sick. Happened to mine.y dog got very sick and ended up with kidney stones from the kitty treats we were sharing with him and our cat.
    : (

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    I feel for the questioner. For years I was very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Fluoro lights are the worst, because they don’t emit the full spectrum. I would get a bad headache and feel sick whenever I was under fluoro lights. Computers too were bad for me. A glass of water next to the computer or television they say helps. Also, a crystal that soaks up the rays helps.

  • Patrick

    “Erik: Mom, sometimes people just don’t have enough to do.”
    Like in other words, get a life?

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    I’m not sure if the discussion on electromagnetism is related to an experience I’ve had with street-lights or not, lol… However, whenever I go jogging, often in the evenings when it is cooler, and the streetlights are on, the lights actually go dim as I pass, then after I have jogged a small distance ahead, I turn back to see they are at full strength again.
    It was a bit scary at first but then I got to enjoy the ‘power’ of ‘contolling/effecting’ the lights with my own bodily magnetism. I have tried to rationalise it by concluding there must be a fault in the wiring underground that is influenced by my footsteps but it has happened on more than one street. Now, I am just amused by it and it helps to make my jogging sessions more enjoyable…

    • Wow that’s fascinating! Maybe you’re sucking the energy from them. How cool!

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