Right Shoe, Wrong Shoe

How many spirits have this fun sense of humor? Ask for your own personal prank and brace yourself!

Prior to finding Channeling Erik my beliefs in my spirituality seemed rather unique and I never really shared them as most people would just look at me in disbelief that I was so open minded about “religion” and spirituality. I came across Channeling Erik and have been a follower since, as it just seemed to align almost perfectly with my own beliefs.

One after watching a few youtube videos from Channeling Erik I decided to ask him to prank me in some way, not to scare me, but just a little nudge. I really wasn’t ready for such a quick response. In the morning, I over slept as usual, and as a Registered Nurse you can not be late, so I was scrambling to get ready. I went to put on my shoes, I have about four pair of tennis shoes I cycle through for work and all I could find was the right shoe of all the pairs. I knew this is where I took them off every night no variation. So here I was 15 mins before shift to begin and I only had right shoes. I spoke out, “Okay Erik, I’ve got to get to work.” at that moment I was draw to the blanket I keep on my couch, lifted it and found all four left shoes. I did indeed make it to work on time, thankfully I only live three minutes from work. Maybe it’s also a quick reminder to start waking up on time, just in case Erik strikes again.

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