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We’re here in Breckenridge (after only a total of 1,100 miles of travel,) and it’s absolutely beautiful here. Seventy degrees. Low humidity. Crisp air and blue skies. I’m going to have a tough time going back to Houston where it’s in the 90s with high humidity. 

Feeling lazy and relaxed so this is all the intro you get!

Here’s a heartwarming story submitted by a blog member. It’s pretty long, so I’ll let it stand alone.

I am a family doctor in Guelph Ontario Canada

I am a single parent with one surviving child, my daughter is 21 and does not live with me.
My son JORDAN GEORGE JAWAHIR died on July 15,2015. It was unexpected but he had an episode of necrotising pancreatitis in March that apparently left only the head and uncinate process intact, complicated by thrombosis in the hepatic vein. He did drink a lot, as much as his friends did, but he was unlucky enough to get a relatively rare consequence of alcohol use, and the worst possible type of pancreatitis which as I understand it was rare.
He got abdominal pain at 11 pm at night and I was able to stay with him until 1 pm the next day when I had to leave for work. I got a call at 8.30 pm telling me they had called a code blue because he had stopped breathing.

I got to the ward and was met by a GI specialist who told me I needed to sit down. At that moment my world was effectively destroyed as Jordan and I had a close relationship and I knew what was coming. They found him on the bed not breathing and without a heartbeat ,they estimated for 2 minutes. The GI specialist knowing he was my son called a code and went through 8 cycles of resuscitation but U/S had shown 3 litres of fluid in his abdomen.
Apparently there had been an unrecognized piece of non-necrotic pancreatic tail that had necrotized and perforated his splenic artery. I can only hope that they had given him enough morphine and he thought he was just going to sleep.

He was a good singer and songwriter and his band was about to take off,which just makes his loss even more tragic.he was covering a song with the lyrics “your vacant smile will haunt me forever” and he insisted on changing it to “MY vacant smile will haunt you forever” about a week before he died in spite of opposition from everyone in the band over this.
One of my patients Tony called me and said that Jordan had a lyric book and wanted the second last thing he wrote to be on his death card. Tony had never met Jordan and had no way of knowing this, as well as other information like the exact numbers of guitars and what types were in Jordan’s room.

As he advised, there were unexplained electric phenomena – lights going on and off, DVD recordings of him singing at age 10 would not play for hours, then did.
I had a crystal skull vodka bottle that his half-sister and a friend really liked and they looked at it carefully. It was in my room-no one else came in, but the next morning I noticed writing on it that the girls swore were not there the night before- this was 2 days after his death. In his handwriting were the words” I’m sorry I love you dad Jordan. There were two parallel lines on each side with a v shape under them which I was told was how he always drew happy faces.
The day before his funeral Tony was on the road and pulled over to call me to tell me Jordan had just passed over( 6 days after he had died)

After his funeral about 50 people went to a bar where Jordan was popular and would draw in a lot of people when he was singing on karaoke night.
I heard they had put up his death card in the bar- when I went to see it the waitress said that after everyone left there were hundreds of safety pins all over the floor- all his friends said none of them had safety pins on them. Apparently they kept finding safety pins all over the place including behind the bar for the next three days.
Quite a few other totally inexplicable things happened over the next 2 weeks.

About 3 weeks after his death Tony emailed a link to CHANNELLING ERIK on youtube and said Jordan had asked him to send it to me and to tell me he really wanted me to watch it.
I had never heard of Erik and your story before, so I don’t know how Jordan would know about the video and I assume he wanted me to know like Erik that he was all right.
I stopped working as I was in intense grief, then I started researching everything about life after death, NDEs, leaving the body, as well as Quantum Physics and how Quantum mechanics postulated parallel universes and quantum tunnelling and if the fact that electrons just appear in one shell without evidence of transit was proof of a dimension where time does not exist.

I found some of the books and internet information a bit far-fetched, but I have been trying to build a belief system based on reasonably consistent believable data on communications from the afterlife and keep trying to see if science had any proof of an after-life.
Jordan has never made direct contact with me.

I did go to a psychic medium who charged a lot and my analysis was that she was a total fraud. She asked me why I was there and I showed her the death card- I had opted to put Batman on the front instead of the usual pastoral scene, and she spent 30 minutes grilling me on what I thought Batman meant to Jordan, told me Jordan’s purpose was to fight evil but he left to soon and wanted me to finish his work -I have no idea what she meant,

Then she did the usual thing that frauds do which was use flattery telling me I had spiritual powers but I stay in my intellect, and a lot of other stuff like I had the force in me .
She had claimed she was channelling the Elohim and I had to explain the meaning of the word to her and that it meant gods,but the bible had to use angels or messengers as it was monotheistic.
I then showed her the skull and asked her to ask whoever she was channelling to ask Jordan what the symbols were. She looked up at the ceiling for 2 seconds and said she was told it was an arrowhead- she seemed put out when I told her they were Jordan’s special way of drawing happy faces.

She then changed the subject to tell me she had held a similar skull and had a healing ceremony with a mayan holy man and all fifty of her clients felt their diseases going away.
I asked her if the skull belonged to a woman in Kitchener near Guelph, she said yes and I proceeded to explain to her that was the Anna Mitchell- Hodges skull and it was a fraud and listed about ten different pieces of evidence showing that.
She ended the session right there and told me I owed her $400, I only gave her $300 which was all I was carrying, went home disappointed and analysed the session – it was clear she showed no ability as a medium and had not even bothered to Google the nonsense she had been successful using on hundreds of gullible people.

I read where you went through a few mediums before you found one who actually was able to tell you things that she could only have gotten from the afterlife from Erik.
I see that you do a lot of events but I was wondering if you do any in Canada- Guelph is about an hour away from Toronto,
Just to verify someone can google my name and Jordan’s picture and his obituary is about the 6th entry on the first page.

Do you think that Jordan could have met Erik and was told by him to make sure I watched the video. I know you are very busy and may not have time to respond to me, but your input would help as I am not going to return to work . This is distressing to my patients and I feel I am letting them down after all the nice things they have said about me on a rating site.

Elisa here: Yes, your son and Erik were behind nudging you to the blog.

There seems to be no way I can lessen the grief as everything I see triggers memories of Jordan, but your books help a bit, but I think I really need some more evidence, as I find that I am finding inconsistencies between people in the psychic/mediumistic field as I read more and more and I am making copious notes under a heading In Search of Jordan.

Thank you for being a guide to others like me who are trying to synthesize science and proof of the survival of the personality after death.

I know this is not a personal Erik story, but the tenuous link of Jordan asking me through a medium to study Erik’s story makes me wonder if he could have heard about this from Erik


Remember that Jordan is the same, just without a body, and he wants to continue to have a relationship with you. Maybe you can ask him what the best way to communicate with him is.

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  • Paulette Roberts

    Fascinating I sure hope this man makes contact with his son, bless his heart. Surely he is on his way to some confirmation

  • Paulette Roberts

    I don’t know how to get into th radio show from yesterday after pressing here any tips?

  • Va Lovelace

    Elisa – my husband’s great (don’t know how many greats) grandfather was Vice President John C. Breckinridge (1857-1861), for which the town you’re in was named. I asked my husband why he never mentioned it (in 13 years) and went on to tell me the scandal that was associated with him. Apparently, he was convicted of treason and exiled from the U.S. The people of Breckinridge were so embarrassed, that they changed the spelling to Breckenridge in an attempt to distance themselves from him. Just a fun little fact for your travels!

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    This letter from George is heart-breaking for any parent to read, but more so if you’ve lost a child yourself. George, if you’re reading this, don’t give up on ways to communicate with your son. I’ve tried many mediums; you have to sort the wheat from the chaff. There are some genuine mediums out there. I still talk to my daughter; I still kiss her goodnight every evening; her bedroom remains unchanged. I don’t know how you get over the heart break of losing a child that you loved so much and who had so much to offer. I suppose we put one foot in front of the other until we can be reunited on the other side.

    • Dr George Jawahir

      I just got around to posting my experiences with good mediums over the past year
      Thanks for your support, should have done that a year ago

  • Offcameherhead

    Welcome to Breckenridge! I was at the CE Weekend in Denver. Let me know if you need any local recommendations! — Tara Flanagan

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    George (and Elisa), if you are reading this, you may take comfort from this passage from a book called The Ministry of Angels by Joy Snell. Joy was a palliative care nurse who had the gift. Every time I get very down, I read it and remind myself I will see my beautiful girl again. In this excerpt Joy is nursing a man dying from pneumonia:

    (His wife) was sitting by his bed and, believing as he believed, was awaiting the end with resignation. About an hour before he died, he called her by name and, pointing upwards, said: “Look L___, there is B____! He is waiting for me. And now he smiles and holds out his hands to me. Can’t you see him?”
    “No dear, I cannot see him,” she replied, “but I know that he is there because you see him.”
    B___ was their only child who had been taken from them about a year before, when between five and six years of age. I could plainly see the little angel with curly flaxen hair and blue eyes, and garbed in what I call the spirit robe. The face was just that of a winsome child, but etherealized and radiant as no earthly faces ever are.
    The father had been greatly weakened by the ravages of his disease and the joyful emotion occasioned by seeing his angel child seemed to exhaust what little vitality he had left. He sank his eyes and fell into a placid sleep.. He remained in that state for about an hour, the angel child meanwhile staying poised above the bed with an expression of glad expectancy on his radiant face. Occasionally he looked lovingly at his mother.
    The breathing of the dying man grew fainter and fainter until it ceased altogether. Then again I witnessed what had now become a familiar spectacle to me–the formation of the spirit body above the discarded earthly body. When it was complete the angel child clasped the hand of the now angel father, each gazing into the eyes of the other with an expression of the tenderest affection, and with faces aglow with joy and happiness they vanished.’

  • marilyn lecoupe

    Dr. George my heart goes out to you.
    I hope you find the inner peace you need.
    I met you a few times as my daughter and grandson were your patients.
    I too saw you as a patient.
    You are sorely missed by my family
    Bless you

    • can’tstandidiots gj

      Thanks Marilyn
      My only regret about retiring after I did some soul-searching and realized that I could not practice properly after Jordan died is that I do miss my patients. Elizabeth has great character and it was a privilege to have known her. I hope you are all doing well.
      Some other posters here have expressed the hope that I would find some peace _ I have some now that I have been blessed to receive completely verifiable information from some very gifted mediums, that Jordan is giving them information about events that have happened over a year since I lost him from this world.
      Since you are on Elisa’s website, I know that you are compassionate and care about grieving parents.
      I have also finally been able to post some videos of Jordan on you tube. I signed up because I was incensed by the ignorance and arrogance of people who have not taken the time and effort to research anything, yet feel free to voice opinions vicious enough that I posted under the name cantstandidiots.
      In retrospect, I regret that, as that is not really my usual approach to people, and Google will not let me change it.
      That does not honour Jordan, or the gracious attitude of you and the other people who responded here.
      Again, I wish your family the best ,and thank you for your support.
      Thank you

      • Sending you love.

      • can’tstandidiots gj

        Thanks Elisa
        Have you done a show on the possibility that our sons or other loved ones may move to a spiritual plane and connecting with them may be impossible
        Erik has a strong spirit and I have been told the same about my son Jordan
        I have no idea where I am on the spiritual level , and I would love some clarification on this topic
        I do not want to stay too long here if it will mean that he has moved on

        Could you please ask a medium about this- mine tell me not to worry as a lifetime here is like the blink of an eye in a realm where time and space do not exist as we know it

      • That’s probably a question best asked on the radio show, the magazine column or on Raylene’s monthly Q&A because I cover topics that will fill a 30-45 minute YouTube. It’s important, but a bit narrow. Or you can book a session with any of the mediums I use (or one of your choosing) and ask them.

      • can’tstandidiots gj

        Hi Elisa
        I finally got my name changed back to my real name Dr George Jawahir.
        Since I put up information on this blog, I have had many encounters with Jordan.
        Most recently on his second death anniversary, he showed my medium, who is incredible- he just calls me whenever Jordan contacts him.
        On July 15, 2017 Jordan was showing him a baseball with a lot of names on it- Tony had no way of knowing that I had a baseball signed by all the Toronto Blue Jays after they won the world series in 1992. This keeps showing that Jordan is still communicating. After that blog I sent, one of the nurses at our office who had lost a teenage son, emailed a psychic with an 8 month long wait list, but I got a call the next day- she had only sent a first name and my cell number- asking me to come in asap, and the first thing he said to me the day after the email was sent was “your son Jordan has a strong spirit- e is here insisting that I book you today, and his presence is affecting my ability to read other clients”- I have researched everything about the afterlife and in a study at U of Arizona- John Edward could not do a reading on a sitter, as the previous spirit refused to leave- I have written a book which is mostly funny because I needed to make it clear that buffoons like James Randi and his gang were self-serving and dishonest debunkers- and his followers were morons, but there is also a lot of science about the afterlife- Erik said the microtubules were involved in transfer of the soul, and there have been measurements of very high frequency discharges- more energetic than gamma rays- off the scale of the instruments seconds before hospice patients died- the only place you could set up that equipment- a doctor- DR Chawla took these, so Dr Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose’s theory seems somewhat validated.
        As for my previous question about levels of spirit- I have been assured that a lifetime on Earth is like a blink of an eye in the afterlife- so I a ok on that.
        I see you have a lot of videos other than Erik channelling important people- I had commented on one video that Nikola Tesla said that when science turns its attention to non-physical reality, that more progress will be made in 10 years than in the previous 100. Having researched this yourself, I am sure you already know this. I have whole chapters on what quantum physicists like DR Fred Alan Wolf have been doing as well as information on the Akashic plane from Dr Ervin Laszlo, but mostly I used my experience in stand-up comedy, as a bit of a break from medicine to rip apart people like Drs Sean Carroll, Ray Hyman, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan and a bunch of other misguided pseudoscientists, in my opinion at least, who contributed to the debunker’s bible 675 pages of “science- especially neuroscience- I was in grad school in neuroscience for four years before med school- their evidence, logic, and jumping to unwarranted conclusions that they had proof that the Afterlife did not exist- was so easy to invalidate for me, and their evidence that the referred to as a mountain of evidence based on neuroscience, was child’s play to blow up in their faces- ad they committed the most unscientific act of casting aside thousands of pieces of evidence as anecdotal nonsense- I had fun- it was like dealing with hecklers at a show- throwing everything back in their faces with comedy was so easy. I am talking to a publisher now- but I may have to back off on some of the more biting comments that might be slander, but when you attack the Afterlife, my feeling is that using words like moronic, dishonest, and just plain stupid and brainless is acceptable.
        DR Sean Carroll, who stepped out of his field of particle physics to prove there is no afterlife by claiming that the universe created itself by using a piece of chalk and putting a dot on the board to represent a Big Bang from nothing ,and drawing a lot of lines representing parallel universes, as a prelude to saying that since no Ultimate Creative force exists, then there is no spiritual plane.I basically poised out that if creating an event like the big band with a piece ,why did God not think of that, and further noted that some people, even scientists, should not be allowed to handle the chalk of creation, and wave it around like a magic wand creating miracles like he was a student at Hogwarts.
        One last thing and I hope that I am not crossing a line here, is that I have videos of my son Jordan George Jawahir and I would like to attach one- it sounds better on Youtube, and I noticed that you posted videos you or your staff liked
        I could not attach the video My deceased son Jordan George Jawahir at age 10

      • Yes, I have to deal with the same thing with my patients. Two weeks after Erik died, I went back to work and the first patient was a severe head injury. I couldn’t go on after that. Glad you’re continuing your relationship with Jordan.

      • Dr George Jawahir

        Hi Elisa

        I have written a book that is within two weeks of being published.
        It is no longer really my book i wrote
        The publishers have taken out my preferred style of writing which reflects the only writing I have done outside of medicine , which is standup comedy.
        They feel it will sell very well as I combine Jordan’s story, science, ripping apart the deniers version of science and a plea to mediums to get together and give us a consensus opinion of the afterlife.
        I have cited your program , specifically Erik and the physics of the afterlife.
        I would hope you are ok with this. I am not proud of the version they want to publish, but I have been told that they can make the book into a top seller, if they cut the comedy out.
        So at this point,I no longer am concerned how much circulation of the book Jordan Proves the Afterlife is successful.
        Have you ever run into this where you looked at a lot of science but wanted to have half of it as a comedy club routine,which is the only thing I am comfortable writing, and have them tell you it was inappropriate.
        I have asked numerous people and they have all told me that even if I believe the everyone in the afterlife has a sense of humour, it does not belong in a book.
        I am ok if you tell me I am completely nuts, or should stick to my principles even though it , according to them, wold damage book sales.
        You are an accomplished author on this issue and I will heed your advice

      • The publishing house should NEVER have done that. Comedy is important in such a heavy subject. Do you have a literary agent? But I will also say that my publisher often made changes I was angry about but it ended up being the best for the books’ future. Who’s your publisher?

      • Dr George Jawahir

        Hi Elisa
        The company handling the book is Colborne Communications- their subsidiary Iguana books will print it but it will be published under my medical corporation. That company has a good reputation. Other publishers have called me because some people have told them I wrote a book but I researched them and they will publish anything without editing it. Some of the stuff I had to say about afterlife deniers were apparently was considered libel, mostly about James Randi and his group of imbeciles that pass themselves off as scientists.
        It was worth it to have them look at it and let me know what I could get away with, so everything they threw out is fine with me, as I can use it in another book I am doing called Stupid Rules the World that is half done just toning down some of the content a little.
        I can attach the copies of the covers and the book they want to put out, but it seems I can only upload images

      • Looks like a fascinating book! I can put it on the bookshelf if it’s on Goodreads.

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