Smells, Visits, Phone Calls and More

I hope you guys had a spooktacular Halloween. I did, and I vlogged about it so expect to see that YouTube soon! By the way, one of you sent me a book on how to astral travel. I can’t wait to get into it, but I can’t remember how to contact you to thank you! I hope you see my gratitude here!

Here are four great Erik stories.

Story #1

I’m still not sure if this was an Erik prank. I still think it was pretty neat what happened. A few weeks ago, I really wanted to rewatch The Matrix. (Elisa here. Erik loved that movie!) I rented the movie, and was watching it on my cell phone in bed around 10:30 at night. In the first few minutes of the movie Trinity was looking for the ringing phone to exit.

All of a sudden, my home phone rings for a good 10 seconds, so loud it spooked both me and my dogs. I think I ducked under the covers for a bit. Lol. I kept asking myself if I should pick it up. I was afraid that I would exit this reality and not know what I will encounter on the other side.

I really don’t need a home phone. I use my cell as my main contact. The only reason why I have a home phone because it came with the internet package. That home phone rarely rings, almost never!

That phone hasn’t rang since that night. Erik if it was you, thanks for keeping me company. (He was probably watching the movie with this blog member.)

Elisa thanks for creating the blog, its been helping me get through rough times.

Jamie, and all other mediums thanks for channeling Erik.



Story #2

After only a few days watching the videos, I registered here. My psychic experiences are few at best so I wondered if Erik would bother to try. Well, at 3am the next morning, a laptop in the living room starts playing a Pokemon video. My wife grumbled, powered it down, and came back to bed. A couple minutes later the laptop came on again by itself. So Ok… Maybe Erik. Next, you need to know I really really dislike Nick Jonas. The next day, as I was bringing in the groceries and thinking about Erik, my cell phone in my pocket spontaneously launched my daughter’s radio Disney app and started playing … guess what?!

Lastly, does anyone know if there’s a connection with Erik to key lime pie? If so, I’ll have more to say. (Elisa here, again. He and I love key lime pie!)

Story #3

Hello my brothers and sisters, I have a buddy that has had a really bad year. Without going into too much detail, he took an 1800 ibuprofen and some how it got stuck and burned a hole in his intestines. And it damn near killed him. He’s had multiple surgeries and a very long recovery. On top of all of that he hasn’t been able to work and is having financial difficulties. The other night we were having a couple of beers at the same bar where Erik has joined me once. Anyway, I’m sitting there, and I start thinking to myself about all the shit he (my buddy) has been through. And I thought “Hey, why not ask Erik if he can help.” So, in my head I said, “Hey Erik, my buddy sitting next to me has had some really bad luck. Maybe you could help him out.” I suppose you could call it a “prayer,” but really it was more like me talking to Erik on the phone. About a minute later, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to look at who it was and it was my buddy. I waited to hear what he was about to say to me, but he didn’t say anything. He just sat there smiling at me and then it hit me IT WAS ERIK letting me know he was on the case! Thank you my brother.

Story #4

Dearest Dr. Medhus,

For a long time I was carrying the memory of my friend/sister Josie like a burden. She took her life sometime in November 1997. I developed big memory lagoons during and after her passing. I blamed myself for not being able to stop her. Probably my brain’s way to cope with the pain of it all. And then recently, October 2014, my sister-in-law Alma took her life with an OD. I did predict that to happen, but the mental help she was getting wasn’t enough, I guess… Of course the whole incident re-opened a deep wound in my heart and left me looking for the famous answer to the question: WHY DID THEY DO IT? You know, the whole enchilada of questions that come with the possibility that we could have actually changed the outcome of their thoughts or actions.

I follow several sites on my FB page, and one of them lead me to your blog, which I started reading, and I also watched several of the videos. Not long after, I had a vivid dream in which I found myself in a bedroom. Not knowing where I was, I looked around and at the back I saw this young man with a cowboy hat, sort of leaning on a piece of furniture and then with a mischievous smile on his face, candidly asked me: “What the fuck are you doing?” I then realized I was in his room, Erik’s room. Immediately, I felt pulled back and woke up feeling like an intruder, which in a way, I was. So, I apologize deeply to Erik and to you Elisa. I can’t promise that it won’t happen again, cause I don’t even know when I do this things; but rest assured your Erik is there to keep my sorry butt at bay. =) (Elisa here. I’m sure Erik loved having her there! He loved dressing up in cowboy garb, by the way.)

A few days after this, I was having breakfast with my son. As usual, he slurps his food in and leaves me eating alone on the table. I was busy chewing on my food, because otherwise my stomach throws a fit and gets upset when all of a sudden I was bombarded with a heavy dose of stinky armpit. So, my reaction was: whoa-what in the world?! My son was nowhere near me at all. I turned my head to my left side when the second armpit bomb was dropped right on my face, to the point that I could actually taste it. It was bitter! I kid you not! So I got up and said out loud: “Tell you what Erik, why don’t we spread it all over my house?” and I turned my ceiling fan on! Needless to say, your Erik is simply Awesome! Lots of love for you and your family.

If only he could send smells like fresh baked brownies or roses. Sigh.

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