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In case you missed it, here’s this past week’s radio show where Erik discusses ways to communicate with deceased loved ones, but this time, from the standpoint of emotion. He has so much to share about how to keep our relationship with our loved ones alive, that I think we’re going to have to have a Part Three and possibly even a Part Four.

Listen to “Hour of Enlightenment 12/29/16” on Spreaker.

I also want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. My family and I don’t have any special plans aside from maybe having a small glass of champagne to ring in 2017. Michelle and her family returned from their trip to Colorado early this morning, so thankfully, the cozy chaos is back. Easton, the baby, lost a lot of weight. I think the altitude was touch on him, and he probably had a headache the entire time. They said he was pretty cranky. Poor little guy. 

Here’s a great Erik Encounter for your entertainment!

Hey cool; I made it in one of your Erik stories. That wasn’t the end of it; I completely forgot I submitted to you until I was reading your recent post, and I was like man that sounds an awful lot like me… wait a second, that is me! ANYWAYS… I believe I typed that one up in October, and the job hunt was on shortly following that fart story because of what happened soon after that.

Around November, I was feeling that same feeling of thoughts going through my head. While trying to fall asleep one night, I had these thoughts that I really needed to start looking for a job that doesn’t stress me out so much. The thoughts of self doubt came flooding in like a dam of negativity opened up in my mind as I was laying in bed waiting to drift off. Once again, the thought of Erik came up in my head; I was begging for something positive because the negative thoughts were honestly weighing me down. I had soon after started to drift off, an audible whisper pulled me out from my drifting off state, saying something along the lines of “things will get WAAAY better soon” (with heavy emphasis on the WAAAY, I can’t forget that part) I became fully conscious and snapped my head to my left and right trying to find the source of the sound. My girlfriend was still fast asleep next to me. I remembered something similar had happened just a month prior to this and was thinking wow… so this kind of thing is real huh? I was pretty flabbergasted for obvious reasons. Doubts came flooding in, whether or not I was imagining this very audible voice. I’m not saying it was Erik, or just my imagination, but it certainly felt real.

Soon after that, the job hunt was on. I had applied to a company that I was interested in (and had been doing so for the past few years with no luck). This time was different, I got a response back 4 or 5 days after I sent in my resume/application. I was so excited (it just so happened to come a day after my Bday, which is Dec. 8th). The interview came shortly after and I nailed it. I can’t remember the last time I had been so excited. That night I lay awake in bed remembering that voice that nearly gave me a heart attack just a month before, assuring me everything would be ok, and I smiled. Once again, I’m not saying it was Erik, but still it was pretty damn cool. I got the job in Jan 2016 and have been there about 4 months now, never been happier :).

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Elisa Medhus

  • T Diaz

    A toast to all the Medhus family! Some extra egg nog for Baby Easton (rum-free, of course!) When my kiddo was born here in Boulder, he also lost a lot of weight and had mild failure to thrive. Brought him down to sea level and he plumped up in less than a week!

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Happy New Year Elisa, Erik and mediums. I wish you happiness

  • cristina

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the CE family and to naughty Erik ! <3 Love you all !
    Erik already came to wish me and my mom Happy New Year, with his usual goosebumps – he has his specific goosebumps location on my back 🙂
    My mom doesn't really believes it, or rather she is scared of the whole spirit world – I told her Erik brought only help and positivity in my life and is nothing to be afraid of when you get that 🙂

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