Many Thanks From Three Lovely People

I love it when all the hard work that Erik and I do day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, brings forward wonderful stories like these threes. It helps counter the spiteful vitriol of the haters.

Testimonial #1

Elisa and Erick thank you from the bottom of my heart for you generosity in sharing. My experience in watching CE has been life changing. I have been on this journey for over 30 years and CE brought everything together for me. Having been raised in a non-religious family which had rejected religion on both sides in my grandparents’ generations, I began my quest in my 20s to figure out what was really going on. I had had enough synchronicity, deja vus and psychic experiences in my life to know that there was something more than the earthly plane, but even in studying comparative religion texts nothing resonated with me with the exception of eastern teachings. I stumbled across CE following completion of radiation therapy for breast cancer this past fall. Some of the information I was aware of from books I had read including Journey of Souls, and all the information resonated with that book. I’ve been sharing CE with friends and family who are curious and open. I found my peace after listening to the interviews with God and for the first time in my life I truly felt connected, at least in my human conscious state. This peace has strengthened my sense of security and removed so many fears. I now meditate and send light and love daily and am coming out of a lifetime of bouts of depression and anxiety. My learning and connecting the dots in the last 30 years has been just like the “scavenger hunt” to find my peace just like GOD said in the interview.
A Million Thank Yous Elisa and Erick

Testimonial #2

I struggle with Bipolar Disorder myself. So, I really connected with Erik and his book which I just finished. I cannot even begin to explain how I came across the blog. I was randomly on Youtube one night and came across the channel and videos. I was immersed in the stories and had chills through out my whole body. I knew there was something more going on. Through out my life I have had dreams of my loved ones who have died but never truly thought if they were real or not. I began watching the video discussions and basically came to accept the fact that I have been visited by the other side. I soon after accepted my dreams to be real and that my loved ones have visited me.. I immediately became engrossed in the channel and blog and ordered Erik’s book. I read it in two nights. The last night that I finished the book Erik came to me in a dream and I literally started getting super excited in my dream. It was so real……… he introduced himself and validated how I feel in my sickness with bipolar disorder. He told me to remain strong and not let the illness define me. He validated the fact that I am stronger than my mental illness. It was exactly what I needed to hear. He thanked me for reading his book and enjoying it so much. I felt a sense of peace and invited him to please visit me from time to time and check up on me as I get scared at times in my brain and trying to sort everything out. I told him when I get like that I am afraid of being alone… He reassured me I am never truly alone. He told me I am strong and need to keep pushing. Before he left, I asked him to please visit me on the other side when it’s my time to go so I can feel a sense of comfort. He said if I truly wanted that he would be there. I asked him about the darkness he talked about in his book before he passed over. I do not like the dark so I kept telling him to please stay with me in that darkness. I truly believe he came to me and gave me the comfort I needed. He was rather silly even in my dream so I knew right then and there it was him because thats how all the videos describe Erik. I related so much to Erik I think that is why I became so moved by his story. But also the close relationship he seemed to have with his family as I come from a very close family and that never really seems to matter when I am deep in the depression. So knowing someone is there beside me when I feel alone feels amazing. Knowing there is a bigger purpose for my life beyond the depression has really put me into a whole new perspective about life. Lastly, he wanted me to tell his mom “Hello and that he loves you.” Thank you Erik for your light and hope. Thank you to his mom for documenting what he has to say. For the first time in awhile I feel more connected to myself outside of my illness. Thank you for that.

Testimonial #3

I have been obsessed with the Channeling Erik YouTube videos for a few years now. I finally booked a reading with one of your regular mediums, Michelle. Omg! It’s like I met a celebrity crush lol. Erik had so much to say to me and it was all validated! He said I was a natural born healer with abilities to channel. He said for me to call on him for help and assistance in this area. I just can’t thank you enough for the work you put out there. It has literally saved my life when I was in a dark place. I love and adore Erik and his tribe!
Thank you,

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