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Me: Well, there is no bad or good, right? Can’t be. If everything is God, how could there be bad?

Erik: Right. The way we have evil and people that do terrible things is that big variable called “free will.” We employ the ego. We have the choice. We make these choices from here (pointing to the head) and not here (pointing to the heart.) That’s when you see that happen, Mom.

Evil still is part of God, just the lower end of the light spectrum.

Me: Of course you can also have people doing evil things are part of a spiritual contract to sacrifice themselves and play the relationship villain, to help the masses or individuals learn and grow.

Erik: That’s right. Just think about it like this: If all you ever had was the color red, how would you know any other colors?

Me: That’s right.

Erik: How would you ever grow?

Me: Yeah, we have to have the contrast. We can’t fully understand hot unless we experience cold.

Erik: Right. There is value in it, but let’s bust this myth, too. There’s value in these things happening that are sacrificial and seem so horrific while elsewhere there’s purity of life or whatever. Let’s get one thing straight. You don’t have to have the polarity to know God in yourself.

Me: Mm.

Erik: You need the polarity for evolution, like universal evolution. You don’t have to have a bad side of you to know the good side of you, either, to know the God side of you. So, forget that shit.

Me: An exception to the rule.

Erik: Yeah, the polarity is there for you. It’s given to you so you have evolution.

Me: I see. So, the basic thing is that we should not question that we are God. Questioning, to me, is a form of resistance, isn’t it?

Erik: Yeah, exactly. As soon as we begin to question, we resist who we naturally are.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And we push ourselves into what people call, “being asleep.”

Me: Okay. Does God have a purpose or some sort of plan?

Erik: What do you mean?

Me: I don’t know! What DO I mean?

Kim (laughing): Let’s see how he answers.

Erik: Well, I can address that on the human level or the universal level with All That Is.

Kim: Let’s do both.

Erik: You want me to make it simple?

Me: Yeah, make it simple because I would like to get through these questions, but it may not be possible. We might have to have a Part Two.

Kim: He’s showing like a Big Bang. This is a universal picture, I guess. He’s showing a Big Bang, so what I mean by that is like every little thing like this tiny little ant and its little colony to humans to all different types of animals to trees, to different species of grass—

Erik: All of these things are different forms of life, God, consciousness that are coming back into Divine Remembrance, into Divine Self. We’re coming into the full wholeness, and that creates a complete expansion.

Kim: He’s showing these cogwheels turning.

Erik: Everything is evolving to that higher consciousness, to that Oneness. Again, think about how free will plays a part because we’re always going to have people choosing to do this or that through free will or different things happening, but ultimately, everything is moving up, vibrationally. When that last little piece (he mimics a cog clicking into place) clicks, it’s like this Big Bang.

Kim: He literally shows like a whiteout. Everything just blasts and comes in to form one whole, one consciousness.

Me: To being part of God.

Erik: Definitely.

Me: Okay. Wow. Does God think? Because my next question is: Does She/He/It, whatever, have any thoughts about each religion and each holy book?


Me: Is God sentient energy, like “thinking” energy?

Erik: God is more like feeling energy that responds.

Kim: He’s showing me feeling and responding, feeling and responding and reacting.

Erik: Religion is man’s way of trying to understand God.

Me: Ah, yeah.

Erik: Religion and the holy books are here (Kim forms a small box with her hands.) And God’s out here (She spreads her arms out really far.)

Kim: He’s taking all books of all religions, he’s got them all out in front of him.

Erik: There’s no one that’s greater than the other. They’re just different interpretations of how one is trying to understand, but in the human form, you can’t come into that complete understanding because you have ego. That’s the flipside of you, the other side of the coin. It’s the same coin, but you might just be living on the love side and the other side is still there. There’s no wrong or right way. There are none that are valid or invalid. It just it what it is, and it’s an attempt to understand what God is.

Me: It’s hard to do that when we’re humans because we do have an ego that filters everything, and even in the creation of all of these holy books, I’m sure some ego was involved.

No hate mail, please.

Me: How you interpret your own religion, I’m sure some ego is involved. So we should take it with a grain of salt.

Erik: Yeah, ego in the form of capitalism, like capitalizing on the opinion that their religion is the best or that their holy book is the best. For everyone out there watching or reading this, if you’re looking at “What religion do I resonate with?” if you need that outlet, if you can look at these religions and find truth in them all, then you know God. That’s all. You can find truth in all of them.

Me: Oh! Is there one religion that has more truth than the others or more closely has an understanding of God than all the rest?

Erik: The Baha’i faith.

Me: Oh really? I’ve heard of that. Oh god. Now I have to figure out how to spell that! How do you spell that, Erik?

Kim: I was hearing “U-bai” or something.

I’m so messing this up.

Kim: Baha’I, b-a-h-a-i.

Me: I’ll look it up.

Kim (chuckling): Yeah, I want to look that up, too!

Erik: It’s about being able to honor truth in all. That’s when you know God. Don’t capitalize on your perspective, your views or your religion because of course that’s just ego. Only the ego needs to do that.

Me: Yeah. Dang ego! Was God ever created, and will It ever die?

Erik zips his mouth shut.

Me: Did It always exist? I mean, we are on a linear timescale. We’re born; we die, so we think we have to match that same parallel, but maybe God always existed.

Kim: Right, that’s kind of what he was saying when you said, “Has God always existed.” He circled the word, “always” but that’s still associated with the concept of time.

Me: Well, what was this all about. (I zip my mouth like he did.) What was the zipping up of the lips? Is there something we shouldn’t know?

Kim: What he was showing was how God was created or how God started to create like the start of All. There’s still a lot of mystery to it.

Erik: There’s a lot I can’t share in accordance to where humans are in their capacity to understand.

Kim: He’s showing God releasing—

Erik: Now, bear with me, and keep in mind that God is “us.” Follow me because this is almost like a double meaning.

Kim: He’s showing God releasing waves of information at times to continue our growth, our expansion and our evolution, but when he says, “God releasing,” it’s us, the collective consciousness, moving, shifting.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Just chew on that for a while.

I’m off to Santa Barbara for a short trip courtesy of Rune’s work. Not much of a vacation, though, because there will be lots of meetings. Still, it’ll be nice to meet new and old friends. 

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