The Life of a Medium

In this YouTube, psychic medium, Jennifer Doran, along with sidekick, Erik, discusses what it’s like to be able to talk to spirit and have psychic abilities. Believe me, there are disadvantages along with the obvious advantages. They also discuss what it’s like to make a career out of those gifts, how to deal with difficult sitters and much, much more.

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Elisa: Hello, Jennifer and Erik.

Jennifer: Hello!

Elisa: The amazing duo!

Jennifer: Yes.

Erik: Hello, hello. I love you!

Elisa: I love you more. So, I would like to talk about the crap that mediums have to go through. I mean, they are on the leading edge, and I hear so many stories of mediums ear taking their own lives, for example, and so many of ‘em just get so much hostile skepticism thrown their way. So, would you please speak to that, either of you or both of you, of course.

Erik: One of the things, why there’s sometimes there’s a high rate of suicide, is because psychics and mediums know what awaits them after, so there’s not quite that fear.

Elisa: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Because they know. They’re like, “Okay, there is something else.” That is a part of it. There’s also isolation that comes with—

Elisa: Where you can’t share with friends and family, is that what you’re talking about?

Jennifer: Yes, and even if you can share with people, people don’t always understand what you’re talking about. So it’s, like, people might look at you like you’re crazy or like, “Oh, you’re weird or something’s wrong with you, or you’re living in this imaginary world or—

Elisa: Mm.

Jennifer: ―you’re schizophrenic.”

Elisa: Gosh.

Jennifer: This kind of stuff. So, it’s certainly not mainstream. It’s certainly more of an outlier type of a position to have when you live on Earth, and that can be isolating. It can be difficult—

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: ― for a lot of people, and it’s a profession or a gift or whatever you want to say, that people will look right at you and say you’re lying and you’re [unintelligible]—

Elisa: That’s awful. Well, do you glaze over and start backing away.

Jennifer: Yes, yes.

Elisa: Yeah, yeah. So, what do you do to protect yourself? I want it first from your standpoint, Jennifer. What can what can you tell mediums out there who are struggling with all the crap thrown at them and the hostility thrown at them and the doubt thrown at them.

Jennifer: So, for me, I personally hid for a long, long time. I hid what I could do, really, for years, probably until I was, at least in my late 20s, maybe even into my 30s. So, that is an option.

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: That is absolutely an option. You do not have to tell people what you can do. I found through hiding that people were drawn to me, and I would kind of pass messages in a way that seemed like, oh, I just must be really intuitive or something, and so that’s how I did it for a very long time—

Elisa: Good, good, good.

Jennifer: ―and that is an option, and for some people, it’s their best option because when you do come out of the psychic closet, so to speak, you have to be willing to have the ridicule, and I’ve said this before, I’ve had people that I didn’t know just come and start praying over me in public and—

Elisa: Oh, gosh, yes.

Jennifer: So it can be kind of weird, and for as much anxiety as I struggle with, for whatever reason, when I decided to come out of the psychic closet, I did not—the skeptics and the naysayers did not bother me and do not bother me.

Elisa: Wow.

Jennifer: I personally don’t waste my time with them.

Elisa: Good, because that’s theirs. That’s their thing that they’re [unintelligible]

Jennifer: I don’t feel—

Elisa: It’s not you, it’s their crap.

Jennifer: Yes, and I have never felt the need to convince them.

Elisa: Mm mm.

Jennifer: ―that something beyond what’s here exists. I just, I don’t feel that need. I know a lot of psychics and mediums that do.

Elisa: Oh, that’s, that’s too much work.

Jennifer: Yes, it’s—

Elisa: They want to pull you in, so they can attack you more. Yeah.

Jennifer: Yes, yes, and I just don’t have, I personally don’t have the connection to needing to convince anybody of it.

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: I know I can do. The people who seek out my abilities, people who seek out psychics and mediums, they tend to have an understanding.

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: So, for me, the naysayers, I just say, like, “Okay, that’s sad for you if you don’t have any belief.”

Elisa: Yeah, but you’re gonna eventually find out.

Jennifer: Yeah (laughing), yes, eventually, you’re gonna get to the same place we all are. So, but as far as other ways to protect yourself from that sort of energy—

Erik: You don’t give them any attention. You don’t give them any way to get in. Don’t get trapped into fighting with them and arguing with them or trying to convince them or force them to believe.

Jennifer: I was fortunate, me, because I work in a psychic community—

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: That’s where I work. A lot of people don’t have that option. So, if you’re somebody who’s living in a small rural town or there’s not necessarily a huge option for that—

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: ―it makes it more difficult finding—An online source.

Erik: You need a community of people who understand what you’re going through.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: And if you have that, that helps counteract the skeptics and the naysayers. For some people who come in with these gifts and have these gifts, if you don’t want it, you can ask for it to be taken away. You can close your eyes to it. You can ignore it.

Elisa: Well, what does it do to you? I mean, what does it do if you’re just like, “It’s in there,” but I mean—

Jennifer: Yeah.

Elisa: Does it do any harm?

Erik: If it’s in your chart, if it’s your soul contract to have to do something with this, well then, try as hard as you want, you’re probably going to have to face it at some point.

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: But you can delay it, and of course, anytime we’re sort of ignoring our path, I always feel like if you’re—if you all of the sudden notice, like, you’re stubbing your toes a lot and banging your elbows and you’re getting all these kind of scratches. Like, they’re not paying attention to something, it’s like—

Elisa: Oh, yeah.

Erik: If you notice that you’re constantly trying to go in one direction and every time you do, it’s like, no, no, no, it’s because you might be somebody who has to pay attention to these gifts.  Elisa: Yeah, like maybe you go into a job, and you constantly get laid off—

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: ―or demoted, that’s the Universe saying, “Uh uh uh.”

Jennifer: Yes, you’re not paying attention.

Elisa: Go back to square one!

Jennifer: You’re not listening!

Elisa: That’s right.

Erik: For people that it’s in their chart where they may have to.

Jennifer: Which, for me, it was.

Elisa: Yes, clearly.

Jennifer: As hard as I tried to ignore it, I could not. I was doing massage therapy, and this is how I was doing my readings. I would sneak stuff in through massages, and then I started to have such a problem with my hands.

Elisa: Oh, yeah.

Jennifer: And when I would wake up in the morning and my hands, I couldn’t open them [unintelligible]—

Elisa: Oh. The Universe telling you not to do massage anymore.

Jennifer: Yes, and so I had to stop. I physically could not do massage anymore.

Elisa: Wow.
Jennifer: And then I just woke up one day, and I said, “Oh, like I’m supposed to be—

Elisa: Yeah!

Jennifer: ―I’m supposed to be doing readings for full-time, like out in the open, and you know, my hands never bothered me since.

Elisa: Wow. So, what made you decide to go ahead and say, “Okay, I’ll just do this full-time. It’s in my chart.”

Jennifer: For me, it was absolutely an epiphany. I was standing in my bedroom, and I have had a few times in my life where I think my spirit guides are finally, like, “Ugh, we’re just going to have to tell this idiot.”

Elisa: Laughing.

Jennifer: She’s not listening, and it was, I just stood there, and it was nothing significant about the day, nothing significant was going on, and I just knew.

Elisa: Wow.

Jennifer: I guess some people might say that was a calling, like I finally heard the calling.

Elisa: Mm hm.

Jennifer: And I just knew, and within two weeks, I was working full-time out in the open, telling people this is what I did, so.

Elisa: That is awesome. That takes a lot of courage.

Jennifer: [unintelligible]

Elisa: What about these mediums that, like you said, do try to convince people. Why would they do that?

Jennifer: There is ego behind that.

Erik: For some, it’s like the validation of having others believe them, part of them needs that.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: Needs you to believe in me. So, there’s kind of some ego, some self-esteem stuff going on there. Some people just like to argue.

Elisa: Oh [laughs]

Erik: For some people, it’s just, they’re not going to step back because they know the truth—

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: ―and they’re not willing to just walk away and let you be wrong.

Elisa: Yeah, you don’t want to walk away from your truth.

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: That’s where I think it helps bolster your courage to say—

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: ―“This is my truth. I am not going to let anybody jeopardize that.” So, that’s good, but the—

Jennifer: Yes, yes. But yes, it does come from ego a lot of times, the need to convince others.

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: And really—

Elisa: To feel acknowledged, validated, get outside approval. Okay, I can, yeah, I definitely see that, yeah.

Jennifer: Yes, yes. It is hard as somebody who is a psychic medium. Because of the experiences that I have had personally, I have no doubt. I have absolutely no doubt that [unintelligible]—

Elisa: Oh, absolutely, yeah.

Jennifer: Though it is kind of hard sometimes when somebody says, “Oh no, when we die, we just die,” and it’s like, “Well, no.”

Elisa: Good luck with that!

Jennifer: I know that’s not true.

Elisa: It must be hard to step in, especially if they’re, “Oh, god, I’m gonna die. It’s gonna be black. Oh, I’m so upset.

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: I don’t wanna die.” So, it must be hard to stand there and watch that.

Erik: Oftentimes, in that actual moment and moments leading up to death, there is a realization, because oftentimes somebody will come from the other side. That’s why so many people who are dying, especially from illness, where they’re sort of heavily medicated.

Elisa: Yes.
Erik: ―and they’re kind of in and out. It’s why so often they talk about people who have died and talk about seeing them, it’s because they’re preparing ‘em. So, a lot of times even people going up to death without any belief, a lot of them facing death have a belief before they go.

Elisa: Yeah, my mother did. I mean, she had dementia, but in her last day or two, she would point and say, “I want to go there—

Jennifer: Yeah.

Elisa: ―sit there. Gloria, Gloria.” She kept talking about somebody named Gloria. “I want to sit there,” so yeah. So, let’s talk about the joy. I mean, you get a lot of crap. What is the joy—and this is, of course, you mostly, Jennifer, but also Erik—what is the joy of being gifted like this and sharing your gifts with the world?

Jennifer: So, really, flat out for me, one of the joys is, like I said, just that knowing. Just like, okay, like, we’re not here to be perfect. We don’t, we don’t have to know everything. We get to go to the other side and be over there, and so it does—it helps with the severity of life here.

Elisa: Oh.

Jennifer: It helps them deal with the severity of life here.

Elisa: Right.

Jennifer: The intensity of it.

Elisa: Because you know.

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: You know the human experience. You know we’re here for the polarity—

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: That that’s really not—

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: ―how it really is. So, do a lot of psychic mediums have trouble being grounded, that kind of like most of the time they are in the spiritual realm or the non—

Jennifer: The nonphysical. It can definitely, definitely be a challenge. Like, I’ll notice from the—I’m a pretty, I’m a pretty logical person.

Elisa: Yeah, I see that.

Jennifer: I’m a pretty mathematically minded person. I’m a pretty straightforward person. You can kind of drop me into any situation, and I can kind of be okay.

Elisa: Mm hm.

Jennifer: I can communicate, can relate with a lot of different types people, but I notice when I do a lot of readings, I feel like I have ADD for a little bit after. I can’t focus. I feel like I’m—

Elisa: Oh, because you’re not grounded.

Jennifer: Yeah. I can’t, like, if somebody’s talking to me, I’ll be, like, “Hold on a second,” like I didn’t catch that. So, I can—

Elisa: Yeah. I do that all the time!

Jennifer: I can very clearly because in my—when I’m not working, I’m just kind of here. I’m a very focused person. So, there is that. There is—one of the things, I will occasionally get smells when I do readings.

Elisa: Oh, yeah. Mm hm.

Jennifer: And I’ll be just walking around like, “Does anybody smell that? Is anybody else smelling this?”

Elisa: (laughing).

Jennifer: Which can be kind of fun—

Elisa: Yeah!

Jennifer: Because people will be, like, “No, I don’t smell it,” or they do smell it, and I’m like, okay, I just, I don’t know sometimes if it’s here or there—

Elisa: I know.

Jennifer: I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing.

Elisa: I bet.

Jennifer: Okay, like, did I know that because you told me or did I know that because I picked up on it? That’s especially with friends and stuff, family.

Elisa: Yeah. How do you—well, of course I’m sure family, kids, etcetera, help to ground you because that’s real. That’s in-the-foxhole kinda stuff, right?

Jennifer: Oh, yes, yes.

Elisa: Okay, so what else—

Jennifer: Family, animals.

Elisa: Animals!

Jennifer: Animals are very, very grounding. Nature is very, very grounding.

Elisa: Can you sit with an animal, like one of your cats in your lap when you read or does that mess you up because you’re too grounded?

Jennifer: No, no. My cats are too crazy for that.

Elisa: (laughing)

Jennifer: They’d be walking across my computer.

Elisa: Oh.

Jennifer: But no, like afterwards, one of my cats will sleep right with me at night, and I find that very grounding, very comforting. Some people are just by nature going to be more grounded, the psychics included, psychics and mediums. There are some that are just more grounded by nature and others who are not by nature.

Elisa: Oh, I see.

Jennifer: So, it’s a bit to do with that, too.

Elisa: Oh, sure, sure. So, what do you personally do to help ground. I mean, certain stones or incense or anything else besides those?

Jennifer: Yes. I do—if you could see the table I’m sitting at, I’ve got, like, I have a couple [unintelligible]—

Elisa: I know, you have a little bag of, but I remember at the event you had a bag of crystals.

Jennifer: Yes. And so, for me, I just tend to be a fidgety person. So, yes, having something to do with my hands.

Elisa: Yes.

Jennifer: Helps to kind of ground me and focus me. Otherwise, I—

Elisa: Okay.

Jennifer: ―I feel awkward or something.

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: Smells for me, incense and stuff sometimes are too, too much for me—

Elisa: Yeah, yeah.

Jennifer: ―and I get a headache, so I really can’t handle that kind of stuff.

Elisa: But some mediums do benefit by it, so everyone’s different. Yeah, I got it.

Jennifer: Yeah. Some mediums will do great and having a certain smell will get them right focused into the energy. Going outside for me. If I’m doing a lot of readings, sometimes I just have to step outside into the outdoor air—

Elisa: Mm, yeah.

Jennifer: ―just to, I don’t know, I feel like cleanse, cleans stuff off of me.

Elisa: What about colors? Surrounding yourself or wearing certain colors? Does that help?

Jennifer: Yes, any of you who’ve met me in person, I usually wear black or gray. I feel very—I personally feel very disoriented in patterned clothing.

Elisa: Oh, yeah!

Jennifer: I feel, I mean you’ve seen me, the most I’ll do is maybe a rose color or something.

Elisa: Mm.

Jennifer: Otherwise, it’s black, gray, and white for me. I just, I feel very comfortable like that. If you were to put me in bright-colored clothing, I would feel all disoriented.

Elisa: Oh, yeah. The feng shui is all wrong! (Jennifer giggling). Erik, what about other mediums? Do different mediums feel better in different colors, or—?

Jennifer: Oh, yes, absolutely.

Erik: Like flowy clothing is beautiful, like the flowy skirts.

Jennifer: Again, for me, I feel very uncomfortable in a skirt, so I, I feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Elisa: Yeah, okay.

Jennifer: You’ll almost always see me in jeans or leggings.

Erik: The flowy, looser clothing.

Elisa: Mm.

Erik: Some mediums have to eat certain specific diets.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: They feel the need to eat a certain way or no caffeine. Smoking whether or not, or actually doing it can be very grounding for some mediums.

Jennifer: I personally find caffeine to be quite grounding for me.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Jennifer: So, I do drink coffee.

Elisa: Okay.

Jennifer: Not a ton but I find it helps me to focus. I think caffeine is good for people with ADD, ADHD.

Elisa: Oh, yeah, it is, definitely!

Jennifer: Yeah, so I feel like there’s a similar thing that happens, at least for me, with caffeine.

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: But yes. Purple, a lot of time people find purple to be very spiritual.

Elisa: Yes.
Jennifer: The third eye color. So, having purple around can be very, very helpful for some people.

Elisa: Okay. Do you have to do things to balance or cleanse your chakras from time to time?

Jennifer: Yes, everybody should. Everybody should do that.

Elisa: Oh, I think so. It’s like maintenance. It’s like you change your oil and your oil filter in your car, c’mon.

Jennifer: Yes, so.

Elisa: Maintenance for the chakras!

Erik: Everybody should be kind of balancing their chakras and paying attention to their energy. Of course, you guys don’t.

Jennifer: We just don’t know as humans, but everybody should be.

Erik: With mediums and psychics, especially if they have any, the empathic abilities and the healing qualities, some of them are just absolutely very good at kind of keeping things cleansed—

Elisa: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Because there’s like this more of an awareness, and for psychic mediums, if you find that you’re having a block towards something or stuff isn’t resonating with you, that’s like an indication that you may need to clear a chakra and balance [unintelligible]

Elisa: Well, should, how—what should we do on a regular basis and what frequency? I mean, for example, there’s iTunes music, all sorts stuff, or Youtubes to cleanse and balance—I guess those are two different things—the chakras. Should we do something like that every, I don’t know, just to maintain every month, every?—

Erik: It’s kind of like if you think of it like a meditation. Meditation is something that would benefit everybody to do on a daily basis, and if you just got into the habit of kind of like checking in with your chakras—

Elisa: Mm hm.

Erik: ―and breathing into your chakras and kind of like just focus on balancing them every day, it would be very helpful. It is another form of meditation.

Elisa: So, it’s almost like you can set the intent. Okay.

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: (lets out a sigh) Balancing and cleansing.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Elisa: And there are all sorts of visualizations exercises you can do for that too, so.

Jennifer: Oh, yes, and you can use pendulums to clear ‘em. You can do Reiki.

Elisa: Yeah? Wow!

Jennifer: There’s crystal healing beds. There’s certain crystals.

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: And certain scents, oils—

Elisa: Good lord, it’s like a Chinese menu, man! Oh, my god.

Jennifer: Yes, it really is, but what he says is:

Erik: For a lot of this stuff, it’s your intention.

Elisa: Yes.

Erik: If you need the crystals and the oils to get you into the right frame of mind, and that’s what you need, but if you’re somebody who can just think and put the intention to balance your chakras, that will also work.

Elisa: Yeah. It’s all about thought creates reality.

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: All right, I have one more question, and then I’ll ask if you guys want to share anything else. Most psychic mediums can’t channel for themselves, like channel questions about—

Jennifer: mm hm.

Elisa: So, is that because—yeah, why is that? Trepidation, ego involved?

Jennifer: There’s a direct connection to the outcome of the situation, which makes it harder. See, for psychics and mediums, a lot of time the information that comes is very, very subtle. Okay?

Elisa: Yeah.

Jennifer: Sometimes I have woken up and had spirit guides standing at the bed, which is not subtle when I’m screaming and flailing. (Elisa chuckling). That’s not subtle, but for the most part information comes in very subtle ways.

Elisa: Mm hm.

Jennifer: So, when as a psychic or medium you are directly connected to the outcome of the situation, it’s very hard to distinguish.

Elisa: Yeah, emotional. Yes, an emotional connection to the outcome.

Jennifer: Yes, yes, yes.

Elisa: Oh, yeah, I can imagine. Yeah, that makes sense, that makes sense now.

Jennifer: So, it’s more likely for us that we would look back on something and say, “Yeah, I knew that was gonna happen.” (Elisa laughing). Like I was feeling it and I wanted to ignore it. I didn’t want it to be that way, but I could sense it was coming, like I knew that that was not going to be a good date, or—

Elisa: Yeah, it takes such objectivity, and we’re emotional beings, so—

Jennifer: Yes.

Erik: If we really could read for ourselves and get all the answers, it takes the life lessons out of the equation.

Elisa: Oh, yeah.

Erik: And you can’t have that. You can’t have it.

Elisa: That makes sense. Yeah, that makes sense. Anything else either of you guys want to add before we close? We don’t have to—I mean, I’m finished.

Jennifer: No, I think we’re good here. Okay, so just, if you’re somebody who’s struggling with this, and especially if you have a lot of family and friends who are kinda naysayers, find yourself a community of people—

Elisa: Mm.

Jennifer: ― that you can open up to and talk freely about because there’s thousands and thousands of people who can do this.

Elisa: Mm hm.

Jennifer: You’re not alone. You’re not weird. I mean, we’re all weird in our own ways—

Elisa: That’s right.

Jennifer: ―but that is not something that intrinsically makes you weird.

Elisa: No.

Erik: Just reach out and find the community that fits you.

Elisa: Yep. Just stand in your shit. Own it!

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: It’s okay.

Jennifer: Absolutely.

Elisa: And ask Erik for help.

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa: He helps a lot of up and coming mediums, so.

Jennifer: Yes, yes.

Elisa: All right, that sounds great. I love you, Erik. I love you, Jennifer.

Jennifer and Erik: Love you, love you!

Elisa: You guys check her out at, and look every October for her to come over to my place and channel Erik and really teach us some awesome things. All right, love you guys!

Jennifer and Erik: Love you!

Elisa: Again, subscribe! Thank you! Thanks, Jennifer.

Jennifer: You’re welcome.

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