Erik on God, Part Two

I’m so grateful to all of you who have volunteered to help me with the transcriptions! I’m working on my guilt feelings about being an imposition, but all of you have said you’re happy to do it, and that makes me feel a lot better. If you want to be added to the list, email me at So it looks like the blog will have more variety and will be both text and video based. Something for everyone!

Now this is WAY off the subject, but have any of you had a roach friend? Yes, I said it. A roach friend. Well, my husband and I do, and his name is Freddie. Every evening he crosses from one part of the pool deck to the next and dives into the ground cover. Recently, a friend of mind saw Freddie and almost squashed him. My screams stopped her in her tracks, and she was a bit perplexed by my attachment to the little guy. So, don’t squish any roaches. They might be one of Freddie’s relatives!

Here’s Part Two on our God series.

Kim: Oh, jeez. Now he’s talking about the pineal gland! He’s talking so fast!

Erik: That is the point of consciousness, and first you have to accept and allow the idea, the knowing that you are the creator. How could it be any other way?

Kim (laughing): I’m sorry, and I truly hope—look, I’m just the messenger, so I hope this doesn’t offend anybody!

I chuckle.

Erik: Mom, do you really think that there would be a man sitting in Heaven that could control billions of people?

Me: No.

Erik: No! How could that be?

He laughs.

Erik: Of course, God is almighty, God is in and for everything and by everything and of everything, but God is that thing in us that gives us life. If there were no God, there’d be no “us.”

Me: Mm.

Erik: I want you to be able to live it in yourself, to be it. Yeah, I said it! BE GOD!

Kim and I laugh.

Me: Well, to be awake, you have to be able to be awake in order to do that, I’m sure, so what does it mean to “be awake?” Just real succinctly because I have a bunch of questions that I need to get in.

Erik: Okay, you said to keep it quick because you have a bunch of questions? To be awake is to let go of your questions.

Kim laughs.

Me: Oh, I see!

Erik: I’m not talking about your questions, Mom. In life in general, when we question, when we question our being and everything around us, we’re not awake. We accept everything and we allow ourselves to be in that natural flow. It starts with the pineal gland.

Kim: He keeps referring to the pineal gland as the point of consciousness.

Erik: We need to foster its health to open up the gateway, the byway back to your divine nature.

Me: Okay. How do we do that? How do we make it healthy?

Erik (touching each of his fingers one by one): There are all sorts of things you can do. You can change your diet. As humans, changing your diet is going to be the most important thing because you are living, breathing bodies affected by other tangible things, food and drinks and so on. Oil, oil. You gotta talk about oil, Kim.

Kim: He’s showing me my bottle of frankincense oil that I have.

Me: Okay.

Kim: He’s also referencing –

Erik: I know. Sometimes this shit is weird, but it helps, I promise.

Kim: He’s showing me cilantro. I don’t know what’s in that.

Me: Okay, I love cilantro.

Erik: But any time you’re going to use food as medicine because it breaks down the calcification [of the pineal gland], you need oil as a carrier.

Kim (clenching her fists): He keeps doing this with his hands. He’s really passionate.

Erik: You need an oil that can actually carry those nutrients and break the barrier to the pineal gland in the cells.

Me: Okay, so you can’t just have cilantro in your salad. Maybe you can toss a little olive oil in it or something. Is it that or are you talking about essential oils?

Erik: The potency isn’t the same between olive oil and frankincense oil.

Me: Oh, okay.

Kim: I don’t even know what he means by that.

Erik: If you can get an oil, try frankincense.

Me: Okay. Can you eat that? Is that edible?

Erik: Yeah, it comes in a lot of forms.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Lemons, too. Lemon oil.

Kim: He just keeps saying all sorts of lemons: lemon juice, but natural, though. Fresh squeezed.

Erik: Not the shit you get in the store.

Me: Okay. Now, does God look like anything?

Erik: Mom, God looks like you.

Kim: Aw!

Me: Aw, how sweet!

Kim: That about made me want to cry.

She fans her face, tears welling up in her eyes.

Me: If you were to meet God in Heaven, what would He look like? She! It doesn’t have a gender, right?

Kim (Smiling): Yeah, that’s so funny. Right before you said “He” he goes, “Nuh uh. It’s not really a he! And then you went, “She.”

We both laugh.

Me: That’s funny! But no, it’s genderless, right?

Erik: Right. Right. God is pure and strong. The purity is almost tangible.

Kim: When he shows me what God looks like vs. just different forms of God, of energy, over here (she puts her hands to her left) there might be a regular person. I know that sounds terrible to say that!

She laughs.

Me: A regular person, huh?

Kim: I know! That sounds so bad. I’m sorry! You see all of these little balls that move and swirl, and there’s space between them, but then over here (she moves her hands to her right) when he tries to show what God looks like, the energy is solid. It’s solid like. You can’t see space between the little moving things.

Erik: That’s where the strength is, and because of the strength, it’s often perceived as masculine, but God is not man; God is not woman; God is All. God embodies all light.

Kim (her arms far apart in front of her chest): He’s going from here to here and talking about a light spectrum.

Erik: These are colors that have music.

Kim: Aw.

Erik: These are colors that have their own life, and they’re the makeup of God. You’re one of those colors, Mom.

Kim: Man, I have chills.

Me: Cool.

Erik: Because of the all-encompassing, you can’t see all of the colors, not with your kind of eyes.

Kim: So can you show me with the third eye? Is that possible?

Erik: It’s more of a feeling. To feel the color is to understand it. Sometimes with seeing you analyze it, and that gets in the way of actually experiencing what it is.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You can feel what It does to you.

Kim: That’s why he’s calling it like music.

Erik: Music lifts the emotion and carries you. So, that’s what God is.

Me: Wow. So, everything is light, everything is energy, everything is God, and God is the spectrum from very bright to very dark. That means evil must be whole and part of God, too.

Kim: Let me get to that in just one second. I want to share what he’s talking about.

Me: Okay.

Kim: He’s continuing to show these colors, this solid light, and he says:

Erik: God is self-repairing, self-healing.

Kim: It’s because I asked, ‘Can that light ever be damaged or does it need repairing like we do?’

Me: Yeah!

Erik (in a matter-of-fact tone): No, no. It’s self-repairing. When we accept God in us, as us, we accept healing, too.

Me: Then we’re self-repairing, yeah.

Erik: Exactly, and that’s how we can overcome illness, Mom.

Kim: This like makes me want to cry because he’s actually crying while he’s talking.

Me: Oh!

Erik: So many people go through so much unnecessary illness because they have long ago rendered themselves powerless and Godless because they’re conditioned and taught to believe that God is something outside of them, that they worship something out over there, you know, instead of bringing it in here. (He puts both hands on his chest.)

Kim (crying): Sorry. I did not expect to cry this morning!

Me: Aw! I wish I was there to hug you, baby.

Erik: Allow that without question. Three are no questions in that process. That way, we overcome, Mom. We overcome. No matter what illness it is, we overcome.

Kim (Trying to compose herself): He’s showing me–my neighbor was just diagnosed with Guillian-Barre, if that’s how you say it. Oh, a terrible, terrible thing!

That’s a disease that entails paralysis that starts in the lower legs and slowly ascends up the body.

Erik: Even something in that case, it’s a matter of presence, becoming one and present. When we live in patterns where we’ve given our power away and we’ve given our God away—the God within us—then there’s no presence in the cells, in the physical body, and that’s when illness can manifest.

Kim: That’s when he’s coming in and talking about these darker lights, dark energies, it’s just the absence of light. It’s not a darker shade.

Me: Is it a complete absence or is it less light?

Erik: Less light.

Me: Okay, because I thought everything is light.

Erik: Yeah, it’s not complete absence; it’s just less. That’s why it gives us the effect that it’s darker. And by the way, let’s go ahead and bust up that myth that because it’s dark, that means it’s bad. That’s not true. That’s not true. So don’t associate dark colors or shadows or whatever with bad. Let that go.

Happy Solar Eclipse, peeps!

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  • 403LEC

    More on the Pineal gland, please!

  • Patrick

    Not a cockroach but I have a “pet” frog named Charlie, who hangs out with me on the back patio. He lies in wait for bugs, hops over so fast you wouldn’t believe it and ZAP! The tongue is so fast you never see it. He even lets me pet him.

  • Great post, Elisa. I like the part about colors, about the power they have (as does music). I’ve been wanting to get back to painting (actually, doing ANY artwork) but have not been able to since my husband died 2 years ago. I sort of feel like one of those seeds in the desert that doesn’t bloom for decades (or centuries) until the conditions are just right. So far, the conditions are not quite right for me. Instead, I lie outside and stare at the beautiful changing sky and trees and branches and those colors — blue and green — restore me. I know if I pick up a paintbrush and twirl it over a blank canvas, it will be thrilling. So what am I waiting for? If I am God (and I am “), I can create anything. I need to embrace that.

    btw, I have some frankincense crystals I purchased on the advice that they could cure bladder cancer (they can’t), but they smell interesting and have a very soothing presence.

  • Celeste Starbird

    Can we talk more about the oils and foods that help the Pineal gland?

    • Have you seen the post about the pineal gland? I think it covers some of that.

  • Aubrey

    I love how inclusive the information Erik is giving is, if we breaks it down, it’s medical, philosophical, legal, psychological… it’s crazy good! There’s no boundaries of science. Because we are all God. It’s beautiful.

  • scarlett

    Hello Elisa,
    Firstly i want to thank you for sharing your life and
    stories with the world. I just found this website and its fascinating!!
    I intend to “study” each post youve ever made, and take notes, so i remember it. Im at sept 2010 so far:) Reading your posts about eric and spirituality really help me and im sure a lot of other people feel alot better in life, and being alive. i feel calmer and more “safe” in the world. Ive always been very curious about spirituality and i find alot of answers here as well as incredible revelations about history, aliens etc…absolutely mindblown!
    But, i would like to ask…as humans… arnt we supposed to be “kept in the dark”? is human beings really meant to have these answers? Can having answers like this “hinder” our natural path to “enlightment” or our path to learn for ourselves in our lifes…?
    I asume erik wont say anything his guides/friend souls wont let him say/wont let us know but
    I still think hes given us a lot of information and I find it fascinating, but the
    question remains.
    I hope you understand what i mean, english is not my
    first language, sorry. Also give my love and admiration to your wonderful and
    handsome son who has helped so many!

    Thank you

    • What an amazing question! I don’t think Erik would tell us things that would hinder our growth. Instead, he only shares things that will help our growth. There have been a number of occasions when he refused to answer a particular question!

  • Anonymous

    The Freddie story is the best! Cracked me up. I feel the same way about the bugs, plants and butterflies around my home.

  • Anonymous

    Can you ask Erik if putting frankencense on topically helps? What about burning it as incense?

  • A G

    I really resonated with the statement when Erik said “colours have music”. I read some years back “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander and I remember when he described his account of heaven he associated “colours and music” together numerous times. He writes,”Then I heard a new sound: a living sound, like the richest, most complex, most beautiful piece of music you’ve ever heard. Growing in volume as a pure white light”.

  • Joe Gunn

    My parents had a set of books called Life and teachings of the Master of the Far East by author Baird T Spalding. In these books these Masters would say that the word God was the highest vibration in the Universe and to repeat the word ” God ” would raise the vibrations of the physical body. I was wondering if Erik has ever mentioned this topic.

    Thank you

  • Nancy Antia

    This is awsome, Elisa! The part where Erik says that we can heal ourselves no matter what disease we might be suffering from is the best part for me.

  • Liza

    Please can u tell me more about the oils and the pineal gland? Do we have to use it topically, where?

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