The Afterlife Interview with Nikola Tesla and Royal Rife


These two geniuses were far ahead of their time. Nikola discovered and harnessed Scalar Energy (Zero Point or Infinite Energy) and powered the entire city of Colorado Springs with his Scalar Tower. He even created a Scalar Energy car that could go 90 mph and never run out of energy.

Royal Rife developed a machine using electromagnetic frequencies that could cure pretty much everything, even cancer. But they both met head winds. After all, big oil companies want Scalar energy suppressed and the AMA and FDA raided Rife’s laboratory and destroyed everything, equipment, research papers and all.

It’s time we demand the release of ALL suppressed technology that can cure diseases and save our planet. Greed needs to get out of the way!

Michelle Gray interviewed both men beautifully. (Thanks, Erik, for bringing them in!) Learn more about her at

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If you missed the show last night, this one is a must. Erik spent the entire hour answering questions from callers, again, channeled by Michelle (see her link above.) Some of them were so poignant and many received the healing validations they needed for their troubled hearts. Enjoy.

And now for the main event. Sorry about the frame freezing. Poor Wi-fi signal on Michelle’s side or mine.

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

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