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When Erik told me, on the eBoard, that his wish for me is to heal and that to do so I need to let go of him, I thought of something that might help everyone (alone with the brilliant suggestion in the comments section.) When we lose someone, even knowing that their spirit still exists, we miss their physical presence, the bodies meant for hugs, kisses, and, yes, spankings. (LOL) I realized that Erik’s body at the time of his dead wasn’t at all the body he had three months earlier, because the cells of our body’s turnover at such a high rate. The real  Erik is that never-changing spirit that has become our wise little rascal. I don’t know. That just givers me comfort. 

Erik is really “hardcore” raunchy with this one so don’t leave your kids alone with the computer! (Sorry. He didn’t get it from me. Well, not all of it.)

Me: Let’s talk about emotions, Erik. What did you think, when you transitions, about the differences in emotions compared to when you were on the earthly plane?

Erik: The first thing that you notice is how real your emotions feel, cuz you know how sometimes your mind can fuck with you and say, “Oh, you’re just feeling that because you want revenge or you want something out of it.” Not true anymore. Now when you’re feeling it, you feel it hardcore.

Jamie blushes and laughs. I think I know why.

Me: He’s not going to let up on you, is he?

Jamie: No, he’s not. He just took the word “hardcore” and went down a rabbit hole for a second.

I figured.

Me: Well, he knows you’re easy to tease.

Jamie: I’m so easy right now. I need to do some Zen prep stuff before we start to film.

Me: He’ll just ratchet it up a notch.

We both laugh.

Jamie: Maybe if we say that it’s going to be rated R, I’ll let loose. I’ll say everything that he puts out at me.

She laughs. I have my doubts.

Jamie: No, I will. I will.

Me: Really?

Jamie: If we tell everybody that’s about to watch it that it’s rated R.

Me: Okay. It’s rated R, people. Go ahead.

Jamie laughs. I think she just dug herself a hole.

Jamie: Are you serious?

Me: Yeah. We got it now; let’s go for it.

Jamie (with pursed lips): Okay. Next question then.

Me: Well, no. Let’s talk more about emotions. That’s not enough. Emotions are a big deal! I mean, what else did you feel about emotions.

Erik: What else did I “feel” about emotions?

Me: Well, yeah!

Erik: Good pun, Mom.

I don’t know if that would be considered a pun, actually, but we’ll let it slide.

Jamie: So he was talking about the clarity to begin with.

Erik: I just want—

Jamie (laughing and, of course, blushing again at what she’s forced to translate): God dangit! He says, there is, in the afterlife obviously—you still have your character, your personality, your creativity, and with Erik right now, he’s just a nasty little poet! And he’s so on the sex topic and is just teasing in conversation with all kinds of metaphors and images about sex and this… He’s not hitting on me or anything. It’s not that.

God, I would hope not, but I’ve always wondered if he had a crush on her.

Jamie: It’s just a little bit of a jab to get a reaction, and when you’re talking about emotions, he immediately goes to, “Oh, you know when you’re having sex, and you’re really into it, you’re just about to climax—“

Jamie really gets uncomfortable now.

Jamie: –but, you know, the orgasm doesn’t stay right— (she falters and laughs.) The orgasm doesn’t just stay and (she laughs again. I know every cell in her body must be wincing.) I’m just going to close my eyes to get through this!

Me: Close your eyes; close your eyes! You’re turning red!

The ol’ head in the sand trick. Works for ostriches, so…

Erik: So the orgasm doesn’t just stay in the penis or that region. Imagine that your orgasm just creeps out all throughout your body and up around your ribs and your heart, your chest and your face. That explosion of energy and emotion, that’s how you feel every emotion that comes your way. No mind fuck.

Jamie: He’s like—(to Erik) Right, Sure. Whatever.

Erik: The reason I’m talking about this in terms of sex is that you can’t think of anything else when you’re having sex or else it ruins the moment.

I don’t know about that. I know women who can balance their checkbooks, plan dinner and spank the kids throughout that “moment”.

Erik: Come on. All of us guys know about the baseball trick.


Erik: And when you’re in spirit, it’s kind of the same thing. When you’re feeling an emotion, there’s no room for mind space. You’re not going to sit down and analyze it. It’s just that the emotion that you’re going through is way more valued than any other experience that you’re about to have. That’s why sex should be way more valued that than any fucking thing that you should do.

Jamie leans forwards and laughs.

Jamie: He’s teasing, but he’s saying it, so I’m going to try to say it. He’s trying to get the upper hand.

Me: What about negative emotions? Can you feel negative emotions like jealousy, resentment, things like that over there?

We’ve covered this before, but for the newbies, I asked him again.


Jamie: Uh, he’s just rearranging himself in his seat.

Me: Rearranging himself?

Jamie (laughing): No, he actually wasn’t doing that!

Me: Okay. I’m surprised.

He used to do that all the time.

Erik: No, no, no. All the negative shit, the jealousy, the anger, you can have those emotions if you want them, but you really have to take more time in creating it and focusing on it. It doesn’t –

Jamie shakes her head and giggles in embarrassment.

Erik: –come over you—

Jamie: Just think of an image.


Jamie: This is the problem. We’ve gotta find some way where whatever I can see in my head, I could just show it to you, just show it to you and just keep on talking.

I’d rather they stay in her head, frankly. But it’s like, imagine you’re being filmed kind of like this and somebody’s on the other side holding up visual cards, like cue card things and they’re just so out of the ordinary. You try to keep a straight face and succeed in the task you have at hand.

I chuckle.

Jamie: This randomness just keeps popping up!

Erik: Jealousy, anger, you can create it for yourself, but it’s not given to you by somebody else.

Me: Ah!

Erik: Because, you know, we’ve talked about this before. These different dimensional planes that we’re on don’t hold on to these lower or denser emotions. They survive more at the bottom of the ocean, the bottom of the dimensions. (Raising up his arms and shouting: We’re bottom feeders!)

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: On Earth. People on Earth are bottom feeders.

Jamie: He’s teasing.

Erik: It’s so exciting to get there, because you can’t get that once you rise to the top of the ocean. You can’t find that darkness. You can’t get that mysterious vibe and anxiety and need to strive and succeed and survive. It just doesn’t exist here.

I’m fine doing without all the mystery. Can’t they just write a book I can read?

Erik: It doesn’t make it better or worse. It does make it extremely different, and it does make it extremely exciting to be on Earth.

Mm hmm. Right.


Jamie: Oh my god. That’s a true pause. Nothing is said, no images in my head. It’s just a pause!

God knows she needs a break.

Me: Wow.

My sister, Laura, sent me this video. This beautiful song, created and sung by a angel of a girl will tug at your heartstrings, especially if you have someone waiting for you in Heaven. The embed code doesn’t work, so you’ll have to click on the URL:


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One last thing: Mark Ireland wanted me to share these two links. I’ve already gotten a lot of feedback about his wonderful book!



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