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Thanks to medium, Patrick De Haan, our wish has been granted! He channeled the profoundly influential psychic medium, Dolores Cannon. If you’re interested in his eBook of celebrity channeling, click HERE. He also has a series of 7 books, all free, called the The Amendment Channeling. Check them out on Amazon! Enjoy Dolores!

Dolores Cannon (1931-2014) was a psychic medium, healer, hypnotist (hypnotherapist?) and author of seventeen books. Attempting hypnosis for help with health and diet, she first experienced a connection in 1968 when asked by a doctor at a US Navy base to hypnotize a patient, for calming effect. Past lives were revealed for the woman the subject of the hypnosis.

Mrs. Cannon’s husband was severely injured that year in a car wreck near the military base; they moved to Arkansas to raise their four children on his military pension. She began hypnosis again in the late 1970s, continuing with hypnotherapy, book writing and mediumship over what became a forty five year career. She passed away in October 2014 after an accident and brief hospitalization from which she was expected to recover.

Reader question: Thank you for speaking with us today Dolores. You have been doing past life regression and uncovering lost knowledge for over 40 years and written many books on these subjects. I have read and am currently reading your books which I find fascinating. I was saddened to learn of your passing. 

Q:        Based on your work, is the afterlife what you thought it would be?

DC:      It isn’t an afterlife, it’s a continuance! After only applies to a view of bodies and funerals humans have, where Heaven isn’t seen. I know what you mean, of course, but the after part fades away “after” you pass it!

Other than that, no. I could not have imagined home and remembering it the way it really is, that wasn’t possible in my books and works. It’s much more wonderful.

Q:        In one of your books, an ET speaking through your vessel stated that you would be here when we moved into the 4th density and the Earth “shifted”. Why did that not happen?

DC:      I’m still here and it’s happening. The visitor was right; I assumed as did many readers that dying meant gone. Life on Earth is a two way mirror and from Heaven everything is seen.

  1. Were you able to gather all the lost knowledge you were seeking and did you hold back any secret knowledge?

DC:      No holding back and I wouldn’t say lost or gathered, I’d just say remembered.

Q:        What does the date October 24, 2029 mean to you?

DC:      Nothing anymore. It might mean a lot to some humans who witness things on Earth that day, if they happen that day but those things can happen any day. Most humans will have an altered view of Earth timelines when a calendar entry with that code falls due.

Q:        Were you working on a book when you passed on? What was it about?

DC:      I was always working on a book, and even before I knew that in what Earth terms would suggest, right up to and through death. The one I was planning to have finished when I died had to do with society’s values and expectations.

Q:        Have you met any of the ET’s or humans you engaged with during your regressive sessions in the afterlife?

DC:      Not ETs except the souls of a few. The majority, they’re still “alive” in Earth terms and so I communicate with them but don’t really meet them as you understand. There is as vast a curtain between Heaven and an ET as there is for a human. Humans and ETs are much more similar, what with the body and everything. I don’t have one.

The souls of humans who died and came home before I did, YES!

Q:        Have you been able to speak with Nostradamus and was he pleased with your book?DC:      Yes and yes!

Q:        Was Jesus happy with your books on that time in our history? (although time is not linear)

DC:      Yes, very pleased but he is very pleased with almost everything on Earth. The only sadness he sees and feels is when humans mistreat one another. He’s quick to jump into the fray and love it out of them, but he’s very happy with everything else he sees.

Q:        Will you be reincarnating again? Will it be before the 4th density shift and when will that happen?

DC:      I have planned it in Earth linearity but have not restacked the files to make it happen in these current times. I might, that possibility is here. No decision to do it is close.

Q:        Have you finished with your Karma cycle and is it 25,960 years long? 

DC:      A big question and in a nutshell, yes. I have accomplished most of the experiences I chose to have BUT it’s not a balance sheet subject or a year-end closing on a calendar, that I can’t control. No budget or forecast is involved. I could add to it. In Earth terms it seems both shorter and longer than that.

Q:        Was one of your past lives in Atlantis? Tell us one past life that had direct influence on your life as Dolores Cannon.

DC:      Yes, several. None of my Atlantis lives had much influence as Dolores and very few did away from Atlantis. You have to admit, I did strange, unusual things by most human measure and not like any past life. Few souls do or did what I accomplished because of a past life; more like past lessons finished cause a desire to seek out the unknown, to boldly go where no woman has gone before! I hope you like Star Trek, a really popular show for us Heaven-ites to watch!

Q:        What were you here to learn? 

DC:      Perseverance against tragedy, to appreciate assets in the face of loss. My husband’s near death and how it shifted our lives.

Q:        What was your greatest achievement during your time in this life on Earth?

DC:      Finishing it! Everything I did as Dolores is either an achievement or failure as others choose to label it. For me, it was all good.

Q:        Do you have any advice for humanity?

DC:      Yes, always. Stop smoking if you do. Cigarettes at least. Then stop worrying. Like the reggae song said, don’t worry, be happy. I’m borrowing that advice, tell me where to send the royalties but….I’m not selling it so……

Sorry for the joking around on serious advice but that’s my main idea. Worry begets itself. You learn it and so it can unlearned. How do you do that? Want it and it will happen, just like that.

Q:        Thank you so much Dolores for the wonderful knowledge you have passed on to all of us. I learned so much from your work. We send you love!

DC:      Thank you and mine is returned in great and copious amounts!

Just what Erik says!

                                                                    Just what Erik says!


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  • steveatl


  • I’ve had a session with one of Dolores’ QHHT practitioners in my area. I learned a lot. Author Carla Rueckert, author David Wilcock, author Wynn Free, author Erik Medhus and author Dolores Cannon together have taught me about the group soul concept, intelligent infinity, the law of one & the law of forgetting. That the creators (plural) of our physical universe and our physical bodies are numerous. Some call these beyond 3rd density groups god, but I’ve been taught otherwise.

    Yesterday I got a reading from Kim Babcock and Erik and I asked Erik which of these group souls he belonged to, naming only two I ask, the Elohim or RA groups? Erik said he has a hand in all of them.

    • Maya

      How was the reading with Kim? I am curious. Does she give you hidden/surprise answers you never think about? Or just confirming what you already know?

      • New paradigms brought in via Erik. I am never dissatisfied with Erik and Jamie and as well with Kim.

      • Maya

        Ooh, thanks for answering. Hmm, I’m thinking if I should have reading with Kim.

      • You should. She’s awesome!

      • Maya

        OK, thanks!

      • Preeti

        Thanks for all that you do Elisa.

      • You’re so very welcome!

      • I do fine with my sessions.

    • Maya

      I had QHHT session with a dedicated level practitioner in my area. I had waiting list for 1.5 months. She had been told to be nearly as close to Dolores’ quality. And I was completely disappointed with the session.

      • Angie Copeland

        I did as well! I don’t think it was a real experience and no answers or healing that I needed:/. I’ve never anticipated and been let down so hard in my life! I’ve been extremely stuck in life decisions and purpose!

      • Maya

        Me too. The QHHT practitioner stopped me in the middle of session, because I didn’t give the answer that she thinks suppose to come out from my mouth. It’s like talking to myself.

        I found a session with Kim Babcock is way more beneficial, and I would do it again.

      • Angie Copeland

        Yea, I just want higher self info! As much as I’ve tried and am very open minded to these things, I can’t seem to contact it myself or if I have, didn’t know it!

  • Maya

    Thank you Elisa & Patrick!!

    PS: To be honest, I am extremely curious. Dolores was in her 80-s and in great health, she said she has more books coming, and she knew she would be here on earth for a long time. But why the death & accident?

    • Patrick

      I asked the “former Mrs. Cannon” and she came right through with this answer:

      “It was my time, but I didn’t know it. Very few of us as humans ever do. We all know we’re going to die but never when. If that were possible, wouldn’t everybody skip that final appointment? Sure we would, and Earth would overfill, overflow and mess up the whole thing!”

      She’s a very gracious and humorous person, I should also say. She radiates warmth and affection.

      • Maya

        Thanks Patrick!
        Does she has a message for me? I mean, I went to QHHT session searching for the answer: “What’s next (in my life)?” But the session didn’t turned out very well, and I am still stuck. In case she has a message, I’ll appreciate it.

  • Patrick

    It is an honor that Dr. Medhus posts these on this great website and I have no true words to express proper gratitude, beyond “thank you, doc!”. I hope that was sufficient.
    I must apologize if I suggested the e-books are free; Amazon doesn’t offer that. There has to be a charge for Amazon’s contribution to the process, and the benefit is their file format. It allows e-books to be read on any device; the application itself is free of charge.

  • Maya

    Don’t worry be happy……..
    After all we are all God’s children, why worry anyway? 😀

  • Eloise

    I’m a big fan of Dolores Cannon’s many, amazing books and teaching of QHHT. I’m elated that we got to hear from her! Thank you!

  • Tortuga62

    Thanks for doing this, Patrick! I’m a fan of hers. Her answers seem consistent with her style/ voice as I’ve experienced her on YouTube videos, etc., so it’s validating to me. “Don’t worry, be happy!” — great words to live by. Apparently Bobby McFerrin’s song title is taken from a famous quotation by the Indian mystic/ sage Maher Baba.

  • Gail Thornton

    Love Dolores Cannon’s books!! Thank you so very much for the interview 🙂

  • Paulette Roberts

    Well thank you for putting her on, I’d ask about her recently, but I wish there was more, hopefully there will be of her, she can teach a lot I think on here. Thanks folks!

  • Lelabelle

    This made my day. Thank you Elisa 🙂

  • Kathy

    Star Trek. She said that souls in Heaven watch our TV shows ? What on a big TV screen ? Why would they do that when they can make their own entertainment ? This makes me think that something is not right with this channeling.

    • Maya

      Yes. I often listen to Bashar. And he said the similar thing. They are interested in Earth, because we are the one who has the biggest expansion/contrast at this moment. We are not boring. We are the superstars!

  • darlene

    What did she used to say would happen in 2029?

  • M&M

    Thank you Patrick! I just adore Dolores and her work. Would love, love, love to hear more from her. She had so much to say in her human life, would love to read more channeled from her in her after life.

    The comments that she made about the afterlife being a continuance, and how they love to watch Star Trek, that paints such a clear, concise visual. She is such an amazing communicator. Again, would love to hear more if you have it. Thanks again!

  • A.M. Suyasheii

    Thank you for another great interview 🙂 Elisa and Patrick, and madly looking forward to the coming YouTubes. This site pampers us, well at least me. Also just amazed at the momentum and energy with which Dr Elisa keeps it going (and keeps us returning). Thanks again for all the effort. Kudos.

  • Judith F.

    I’m having trouble entering posts on Disqus. Here goes; hope it works. This was a real pleasure and privilege to read Patrick’s interview with Dolores Cannon. I have one of her books that Ash recommended on my e-reader, but haven’t read it yet. Mrs. Cannon was privy to much astounding information. Her quote above speaks eloquently about our separation from our other “splinter” lives, and how that enables us to function in this earthly plane. Just what Erik has shared with us. These interviews are always so wonderful and insightful.

  • Kiara


  • Marie Klaszky

    Thanks for sharing – great job Patrick! I totally enjoyed this interview!!! Sending love to you Elisa and Erik as well as all of the CE family

  • Nancy Antia

    I love this woman! Thank you so much for this post!

  • Tara Valentine

    I emailed Elisa about how I was reading one of Dolores Cannon’s books and her book about Erik and how much was the same. I was so excited because I started reading them both since I usually have two books going at once. My ADD and I didn’t even know they were so relevant to each other. I really enjoyed Dolores’ books that I have read so far. Very interesting and mind bending.

    • Which one do you think I should read first?

      • Kate

        Keepers of the garden and Convoluted Universe!

      • Okay!

      • Lelabelle

        I recommend Convoluted Universe…that’s where I started (in her series)…prepare to have your mind blown 🙂

      • Yeah, that’s the one I’ve heard about the most.

      • Tara Valentine

        I have read a few so far. They are mind stretching. I really enjoy reading them.

  • Tara Valentine

    After I read her book. I did a QHHT with a practioner in Florida. To my surprise some very interesting things came up and I was blind in one of my lives. When I came out of the hypnosis. I kind of rushed to wake myself up because I was a little nervous after I realized what I had seen during the QHHT and my vision was still terrible. To the point where I had to wait an hour to get the courage to drive and to tell the truth I probably should not have. I really couldn’t see well until the next afternoon and I was so frightened to tell anyone what I did. I still wonder why that happened. That was a pretty crazy after effect of the QHHT.

    • Tara, you said you rushed your waking up, so I wonder if you heard the hypnotist tell you that you would have no ill effects carried over from the lives visited. It’s one of the safeguards Dolores learned to include, after a couple of her clients had residual experiences such as yours. It’s a great help to take the time to allow the therapy of wrapping up the session, letting the other lives go back to where they belong, and including sitting for a few minutes to make sure you are fully awake, able to drive.

      • Tara Valentine

        I can’t remember if she said that to me as far as ill effects not being carried over in this life. I actually waited in the lobby for over 45 min until I drove because I really couldn’t see. To tell you the truth. I really should not have drove. It was like looking through cloudy glasses. Plus I had not told anyone what I had done so I was afraid to say anything to my husband. Luckily it came back the next day. It was an excellent experience but I have not listened to the audio since I went. I was kind of afraid it would trigger the experience again. LOL!

      • It’s very therapeutic to listen to the recording every day for some time. You can make yourself a recording to play immediately after listening to your session recording, each time. In it, say, “Now, I ask all the people experienced in the other lives I saw, to recede back to where they belong, with gratitude and no ill effects to them, and I carry no ill effects with me from those lives observed. All those conditions are released. They belong in another time and place. It is “June 22, 2016”, and I now experience only appreciation, greater understanding, and healing from my QHHT session. I am wide awake, feeling fantastic!
        Love, Rosalie

  • Amy

    You know who would be interesting to interview, psychic Sylvia Browne. It was rumored that she made a lot of stuff up, was often wrong, and harmed some people in the process. I’d be curious to hear the truth from her, and what exactly her purpose was.

  • Cosmic-Jungle Desiree

    Thank-you for this- beautiful!

  • D Mom

    Interesting that her advice was stop smoking. I believe smoking caused my son’s premature death. I am glad I am reading this today because I have been loosing hope. Would you ask the question, “Does prayer work?”

    • That has been asked and he said it does. It’s all about thought creating reality.

  • Iason

    Atlantis = corruption – newagers 🙂

    Its not a common secret that Atlantis eaten by fish is it. There must be a reason.

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