Interview with Dolores Cannon

Thanks to medium, Patrick De Haan, our wish has been granted! He channeled the profoundly influential psychic medium, Dolores Cannon. If you’re interested in his eBook of celebrity channeling, click HERE. He also has a series of 7 books, all free, called the The Amendment Channeling. Check them out on Amazon! Enjoy Dolores!

Dolores Cannon (1931-2014) was a psychic medium, healer, hypnotist (hypnotherapist?) and author of seventeen books. Attempting hypnosis for help with health and diet, she first experienced a connection in 1968 when asked by a doctor at a US Navy base to hypnotize a patient, for calming effect. Past lives were revealed for the woman the subject of the hypnosis.

Mrs. Cannon’s husband was severely injured that year in a car wreck near the military base; they moved to Arkansas to raise their four children on his military pension. She began hypnosis again in the late 1970s, continuing with hypnotherapy, book writing and mediumship over what became a forty five year career. She passed away in October 2014 after an accident and brief hospitalization from which she was expected to recover.

Reader question: Thank you for speaking with us today Dolores. You have been doing past life regression and uncovering lost knowledge for over 40 years and written many books on these subjects. I have read and am currently reading your books which I find fascinating. I was saddened to learn of your passing. 

Q:        Based on your work, is the afterlife what you thought it would be?

DC:      It isn’t an afterlife, it’s a continuance! After only applies to a view of bodies and funerals humans have, where Heaven isn’t seen. I know what you mean, of course, but the after part fades away “after” you pass it!

Other than that, no. I could not have imagined home and remembering it the way it really is, that wasn’t possible in my books and works. It’s much more wonderful.

Q:        In one of your books, an ET speaking through your vessel stated that you would be here when we moved into the 4th density and the Earth “shifted”. Why did that not happen?

DC:      I’m still here and it’s happening. The visitor was right; I assumed as did many readers that dying meant gone. Life on Earth is a two way mirror and from Heaven everything is seen.

  1. Were you able to gather all the lost knowledge you were seeking and did you hold back any secret knowledge?

DC:      No holding back and I wouldn’t say lost or gathered, I’d just say remembered.

Q:        What does the date October 24, 2029 mean to you?

DC:      Nothing anymore. It might mean a lot to some humans who witness things on Earth that day, if they happen that day but those things can happen any day. Most humans will have an altered view of Earth timelines when a calendar entry with that code falls due.

Q:        Were you working on a book when you passed on? What was it about?

DC:      I was always working on a book, and even before I knew that in what Earth terms would suggest, right up to and through death. The one I was planning to have finished when I died had to do with society’s values and expectations.

Q:        Have you met any of the ET’s or humans you engaged with during your regressive sessions in the afterlife?

DC:      Not ETs except the souls of a few. The majority, they’re still “alive” in Earth terms and so I communicate with them but don’t really meet them as you understand. There is as vast a curtain between Heaven and an ET as there is for a human. Humans and ETs are much more similar, what with the body and everything. I don’t have one.

The souls of humans who died and came home before I did, YES!

Q:        Have you been able to speak with Nostradamus and was he pleased with your book?DC:      Yes and yes!

Q:        Was Jesus happy with your books on that time in our history? (although time is not linear)

DC:      Yes, very pleased but he is very pleased with almost everything on Earth. The only sadness he sees and feels is when humans mistreat one another. He’s quick to jump into the fray and love it out of them, but he’s very happy with everything else he sees.

Q:        Will you be reincarnating again? Will it be before the 4th density shift and when will that happen?

DC:      I have planned it in Earth linearity but have not restacked the files to make it happen in these current times. I might, that possibility is here. No decision to do it is close.

Q:        Have you finished with your Karma cycle and is it 25,960 years long? 

DC:      A big question and in a nutshell, yes. I have accomplished most of the experiences I chose to have BUT it’s not a balance sheet subject or a year-end closing on a calendar, that I can’t control. No budget or forecast is involved. I could add to it. In Earth terms it seems both shorter and longer than that.

Q:        Was one of your past lives in Atlantis? Tell us one past life that had direct influence on your life as Dolores Cannon.

DC:      Yes, several. None of my Atlantis lives had much influence as Dolores and very few did away from Atlantis. You have to admit, I did strange, unusual things by most human measure and not like any past life. Few souls do or did what I accomplished because of a past life; more like past lessons finished cause a desire to seek out the unknown, to boldly go where no woman has gone before! I hope you like Star Trek, a really popular show for us Heaven-ites to watch!

Q:        What were you here to learn? 

DC:      Perseverance against tragedy, to appreciate assets in the face of loss. My husband’s near death and how it shifted our lives.

Q:        What was your greatest achievement during your time in this life on Earth?

DC:      Finishing it! Everything I did as Dolores is either an achievement or failure as others choose to label it. For me, it was all good.

Q:        Do you have any advice for humanity?

DC:      Yes, always. Stop smoking if you do. Cigarettes at least. Then stop worrying. Like the reggae song said, don’t worry, be happy. I’m borrowing that advice, tell me where to send the royalties but….I’m not selling it so……

Sorry for the joking around on serious advice but that’s my main idea. Worry begets itself. You learn it and so it can unlearned. How do you do that? Want it and it will happen, just like that.

Q:        Thank you so much Dolores for the wonderful knowledge you have passed on to all of us. I learned so much from your work. We send you love!

DC:      Thank you and mine is returned in great and copious amounts!

Just what Erik says!

                                                                    Just what Erik says!


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