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Praise like this makes it all worthwhile! Remember, guys, you only have to submit your stories once. It won’t show up until I post it. I’ve got 72 pending ones in queue, so it could take some time!

I stumbled upon this website by chance. I believe I was searching for a reputable medium and found the youtube videos with Jamie first. Next thing I know I was pouring through all the Erik archives that Dr. Medhus had transcribed and posted. When I was about 11 my mother died and that or she opened a doorway. I had too many experiences to count but basically got older and just stopped paying attention to it. After my sister died in 2009, things started happening again and I had to figure it all out. I have learned so much and have connected so many things that just used to elude me. The information Erik has told to us is so invaluable to me, words cannot express. I know I have grown exponentially spiritually and I have a much better, if not precise idea, of what will happen when I die. I was shut down for so long, being such a child and dealing with so much grief. I did a LOT of things wrong. The books and the work that Dr, Medhus, Erik and Jamie are doing is helping to wake up our planet. I am eternally grateful, please keep it up!! It has also brought my daughter and I a lot closer. We oftentimes watch the videos and read about Erik together. I want her to grow up and understand all that I didn’t. Again, a big thanks to all!!

Lisa Lomax

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