Kundalini Awakening, Part Four

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Motivational speaker and life coach, Jamin Olivencia, will be discussing how to deal with others who are in different phases of understanding. I’m sure most of you have had such experiences so this should be very helpful!

As you probably know, the solar eclipse is just around the corner. I’d like to do a group guided meditation during that time to help heal a struggling world. I’ll fill you in on the details soon! Now for the last part in our series on kundalini awakening.

Erik: With the earth, it’s going to be a little bit different. When you intend this healing, it’s going to be little bit different because the energy is going to feel different and the things you see are going to look different.

Kim: He’s actually showing me black.

(Long pause)

Kim: Okay, so I guess black represents the obvious: death or dying. This is in relationship to the planet, Earth.

Erik: There are many places that have that type of energy, and it comes from—

Kim: He’s talking about humans and the awareness that we have like our thought processes and the type of beings that we are and what we do to the earth.

Erik: The same way we push that energy from our heart, we can push that energy into the earth. I’m reminding you that you’re more of an electrical current than you realize. You can send energy down into the earth through your feet, so if you walk around all pissed off and you’re stomping, that energy emanates to the earth.

Me: So, emanate kundalini energy through the feet to the core of the earth and spread it up to the crust? How do you want us to heal the planet? Give us a simple technique and keep it simple because we be simple.

Kim: Yes, keep it simple. I like simplicity!

Erik: Simplicity is the key to awakening. The simpler you are, the more awake you can get and the higher your consciousness can go.

Kim (laughing): I don’t know how this makes me feel about myself!

Erik: You can get as transparent with it as you want meaning, “I’m willing to do or be whatever I need to with this energy to allow it to heal wherever it’s needed.” When you talk to the universe that way, remember that thing, Mom? Cause and effect. You’re the cause, and now your intentions with the effect are the earth, so the earth will capture that. It can’t be any other way. When you send that out, energetically, so it will be. But you can also be specific with it. There’s a certain place that had a mass shooting, well you can send energy to that collective because that collateral damage can harm the earth.

Me: Sure. Well, let me ask you a couple more questions. Can you use this kundalini energy to manifest for yourself? If so, how? Like a new job, a better relationship with your spouse or even something tangible like a boat.

Erik: You can because you’re in a heightened state of awareness or knowingness and in that higher vibration, manifestation occurs quickly because you’re not bogged down with this.

He points to his head.

Erik: When you’re in that energy, you’re not bogged down in thoughts. When we are bogged down in thoughts, you have less capacity to manifest. In that heightened state of consciousness, you have a deeper sense of knowing that whatever you put your intentions to, you create. You know that you are your creator.

Me: Okay. So it’s basically about intention. That’s how you create it.

Erik: Right, and that super-consciousness in the kundalini, again you have a deeper sense of knowing—

The video freezes.

Me: We’re back! It was raining cats and dogs, so she lost her Internet! Is everything okay and safe?

Kim: Oh, yeah. That was crazy. It poured for a minute and now all the fields are flooded! My dog is here because he freaked out because of the storm. I’m going to let him sit in my lap.

Me: Oh, poor thing!

Kim: He’s whining and scared to death.

Me: Our black cat, Ringo, is scared of any type of rain. Poor little baby! All right, well I have just one little question. Well, actually one really quick one and then another one. If we use kundalini energy to do things, does it run out or does it get replenished from Source?

Erik: No, it doesn’t work out. Think of it as a station that you tap into like a vibration that you tune into, plug into and allow or become. Some people might think they run out if they “use” it because they’re not using it correctly. They’re not channeling it or sharing it correctly. They think they use themselves instead of using the energy by channeling it, letting it flow through you to help another in whatever way you want. Be mindful that you don’t do that. All the time, people think, “Oh, I gotta get all happy and lovey-dovey and I’m going to send you my happiness. I’m giving you my happiness.”

Me: I want to keep my happiness, thank you!

Kim: Yeah!

Erik: Then, all of a sudden you’re super tired. Since we’re channels, we’re affected by everything around us like for energy healers, as soon as they touch someone or are just in their biofield, you can easily absorb them. Be careful that you don’t give them all your good shit and in turn you take all their bad shit!

Me: No way! All right. Last question. How do we awaken our kundalini. What do you want us to do? Do we go to YouTube and look up, “How to awaken my kundalini?” Do we listen to special music from iTunes? Give us a simple step one.

Kim: He’s going to use himself as an example.

Erik: Step one: Step away from the Erik! In other words, step away from the egoic self. Then you’re in a clean, pure place to have this realization occur. You have to set yourself aside. It also means mastering the mind. This is why guided meditations are so good. Find them on YouTube or listen to one that’s a podcast. It’s good because, number one, people can’t quiet their own thoughts enough. Some can, but for the ones who can’t, use a guided meditation. Also, there are some people who are stuck on doing it “right.”

Me: Yeah, like step one, step two, step three.

Erik: Yeah and they get so bogged down in the steps that they’re not even open. They over-think it. So allowing yourself to be guided is very beneficial to a lot of people. It also helps those who have expectations of a certain outcome to let go of those expectations. So for the majority, practice with guided meditation. Remember it can also happen spontaneously so if you feel like you’ve had some radical energetic changes and you’re not sure what the hell is going on with your body, do yourself a favor and do some research. Look into what you’re feeling and see if it matches up with the most common things that happen with this awakening. It’s not going to be the same set of “symptoms” when this happens, but you’ll get the point.

Me: So google “awakening kundalini energy” or something like that. That sounds good! Okay.

Kim: He keeps referencing yoga, too. Kundalini yoga.

Erik: Kim, why is it so hard for you to pronounce it like that?

Kim: I guess I’m just used to saying kun-dalini (not koon-dalini.)

Me: Well, that’s probably the right way! It might be!

Kim: I should google that when we’re done.

Me: Anything else you want to share?

Kim: He’s showing like with yoga or if jujitsu is your thing or Kung Fu or Tai Chi, all these body movements like meditation with body movements are even more effective in moving energy. It’s a more effective way to have that awakening.

Erik: Wait.

He thinks.

Erik: Yeah, that’s safe to say.

Kim and I chuckle.

Erik: When you’re moving the body, Mom, like with yoga or whatever, you’re required to be present. You’re more aware. You’re more present. Mind, body and spirit are all engaged. So get up and move.

He snaps his fingers.

Erik: I think more people should try jujitsu.

Kim laughs and shakes her head.

Me: What about somebody else awakening that energy for us? The lazy man’s way to awakening the kundalini. Can somebody move our kundalini around and “wake up!”

Erik: They can. Other people can do this for you, too, especially those who have had this epiphany or have realized this energy. They can basically help you shift your awareness to it. It’s not like it’s silent until you discover it and then it happens. It’s there, but your awareness perceives it. Other people, through different traditions and rituals—


Kim: He’s showing this—I don’t know what this means. Have you ever heard of a labyrinth walk?

Me: No.

Kim: Am I saying that right? It kind of reminds me of the medicine wheel, but it’s not the same. It’s someone walking in a circle like a spiral motion like the walking is meditation.

Erik: This is a guided thing. Energy healers can awaken it in other people. You can have facilitators. A facilitator can have you walk in the labyrinth and that can raise your awareness, too. You consciousness, your vibration raises. The presence required in the walking, in the yoga, in the physical movement gets you in the Now. Usually, when you’re doing yoga or walking in that circle, you’re focused on what you’re doing because if you focus on something else, you’ll lose your balance and fall.

Me: I would!

Erik: When you’re in the Now, then you’re not thinking as much.

Me: Okay, that sounds good! And of course there is always Ayahuasca! That’s great, Erik. If there’s anything else you’d like to share, go for it. Otherwise, I’d like to hear what Kim has to offer everybody.

Erik: I love you, Mom.

He blows me kisses.

Me: I love you.

Erik: I love you.

Kim: He always gets so mushy when he says that. His shoulders seem so strong to me, and when he says that, he kind of softens his shoulders.

Me: Aw.

Kim: It’s really sweet.

Kim shares about her book and upcoming events. Check it out at www.kimbabcock.net.


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