I had my Yag laser surgery for the cloudiness of the right lens capsule yesterday, and it went well. No pain. It took all of 20 seconds. There’s some clouding on the left side, too, but my doctor wants to monitor that for now. The only thing I’m slightly concerned about it I have a new floater, a very dark black spot. I’m guessing that will go away. I didn’t have it before the surgery. Because I have such bad astigmatism and severe dry eyes, he’s going to fit me with scleral contact lenses, ones that cover the entire surface of the eye. Now I ask myself, ‘Why in the hell would you think people would be interested in your freaking medical health? Yawn!’

Thanks to Daniel Lucas, we’re all set for designer tryouts for Channeling Erik promotional items: t-shirts, jewelry, caps, mugs, and anything else you think people would enjoy having. As Erik says, this is important to help spread his wisdom, love and mischief because products can be great conversation starters! Here are some guidelines set by Daniel. To submit to the tryout album or to vote on designs, please click HERE. Or you can click on “photos” on the lefthand side of the Channeling Erik Blog Members Group and select “albums” from there. Once the designs have been selected, each designer will then create their own albums in the store featuring the designs, their descriptions and links for people to buy.

Me: So, what do you think about Euthanasia, Erik?

(Long pause as Jamie listens, then bursts out laughing)

Me: What?

Erik: I think Asian children are very smart, but I do feel that they might be malnourished.

Jamie (giggling): He’s just making up shit, now.

Me: What?

Jamie: The “Youth in Asia”!

Me (laughing): Oh my god, Erik. I was thinking, ‘Where are you going with this?’

Jamie (laughing): I know!

Erik: Nah, it’s totally the right thing to do, and we should have it for human beings. Ding.

That’s his, “I have nothing else on the subject” signal.

Me: Oh, come on! I need more than that! What’s holding us back? Why isn’t it legal in all states? Why does it even have to be any of the government’s business?

Erik: Well, it’s the same thing with the abortion stuff. What’s holding us back? Why are we still doing this? The masses are okay with it, but the people in the government feel that if they give us this right, then we become God and we become murderers.

Me: Oh, god.

Erik: Right? How can you get pregnant, and you decided you don’t want it for whatever reason—how can you be God and a murderer and decide that that life wasn’t worth it, so we’re going to get rid of it. Ah, they don’t understand it in the spiritual sense, that’s why. You know, and it’s like the five men controlling the 5 million who are deciding this bullshit.

Me: Oh, wait. Can I put you on pause for a little bit? I want to give the garbage men their Christmas money.

Erik: Go hug ‘em, Mom.

(Long pause)

Me: Okay, I’m back. Had to give them each a hug.

Jamie (chuckling): He wanted me to bet whether you were going to grab ass or not!

Me: Erik! They’re cute. I guess I could have, but no. And they were holding my new little puppy, too.

Jamie: Aw!

Me: A little 12 oz. Yorkie. Okay, Youth in Asia. Go for it. Where were we, even?

Erik: About the five people high up in the government being the one that’s really controlling. The rest of it is such bullshit.

Me: Well, is there any other reason why they’re making this decision for the masses who are for it other than they don’t want us to be murderers?

Erik: To keep people in line, Mom. To keep them in control. And if Euthanasia was out there and legalized then here we are taking healthy people’s lives cuz they’re ready to go.  Oh, what a shame to give something what they fucking want! Imagine that! Whoa, America!

Me: Well, what’s it to them, though. It’s not like we’re killing their grandma!

Erik: Exactly. But no, Mom, it’s just old school thinking. How to keep your peeps in line so that they create a better income and a better lifestyle for the masses. It’s so medieval. It really is. For centuries, it’s how we’ve been trained that you don’t fuck around with this. But you know what? We do! And sadly enough, the label is suicide. That’s bullshit in itself. I hate that it’s “Commit suicide.” Fucking “commit.”

Jamie: Oh, Erik! He thinks that it should be changed.

Me: What do you want to change it to?

Erik: Anything but being committed. People are committed to prison. People commit crimes. I’m not in prison. I’m fucking happy!

Me: You’re free.

Erik: Thank god.

Jamie (howling with laughter): He’s making of a slave song. That’s terrible. Bad humor! That’s terrible, Erik.

I laugh nervously, thinking about the response this might get from blog members.

Me: Yeah, but what about these government officials? They’re part of the masses, too!

Erik: Yeah, but if they keep everyone in line, then they have a healthier system. Think about it. When, um, in the medieval days, when you used to own your people and they took care of your land, and if one was old, but they could still peel the potatoes, you don’t want them to die. You want them to do their job!

Me: Ah!

Erik: And if they were giving money to the church and they were sick, you wanted them to keep giving to the church, believing in the church instead of going, “Okay, it’s my time to go. I don’t need to pay the church to get to Heaven.” It’s just a bunch of old school thinking. But if you’re sick and you want to go, you should be able to go.

Me: Yeah. I agree.

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